“Good evening, everybody!!!” Punk screamed into a microphone on the stage at the top of her lungs; Punk was center stage, Wynter was off to her right holding an electric guitar, and Friday was in the back behind a set of drums with ‘FLCL’ written in graffiti on the front drum. The crowd was instantly aroused as everyone began jumping, pumping their fist, and chanting. In the midst of the roaring audience, Flower, Pup, and Strawberry scrambled their way through to just below the stage and looked up eagerly at the three young adults who were ready to give a performance.

                That’s when Punk finally cleared her throat and said, “Tonight I would like to sing you folks out there a special song – a song my mother sang to me when I was younger as a lullaby.” She smiled as the sounds of some groans, whistles and claps wavered through the crowd. Looking back at Wynter and Friday, she nodded, giving them a cue to start playing. Once the drums started going, Punk took a step forward and began to sing:

        I can't believe what you said to me last night when we were alone. You threw your hands up; baby you gave up, you gave up. I can't believe how you looked at me with your Lindsay glossy eyes. In your tight jeans with your long hair, and your cigarette stained lies. Could we fix you if you broke? And is your punch line just a joke?”

                    “I'll never talk again; oh girl, you've left me speechless. You've left me speechless, so speechless. And I'll never love again; oh girl you've left me speechless. You've left me speechless, so speechless.”

        Meanwhile as Punk continued singing, people in the audience were waving their cellphones in the air so that the light reflected a sort of candle lit atmosphere. And just below the stage, Flower continued to stare at the fox-eared girl, dazzled. Her voice was hypnotic, captiviting, futuristic – one of a kind; one unlike Flower had ever heard before.

                 That’s when she noticed Punk was staring directly at her.

                During a short instrumental done with the help of Friday and Wynter, the eighteen year old girl bent down on her knees and held a hand out to Flower who still continued to be starstruck. Pup and Strawberry smiled at each other then at Flower. Together they nudged her until she reacted with a squeak, snatching Punk’s hand. In the moment, both Punk and Flower held their breath as each of them felt a spark run through their hands.

                After a few seconds, the singer gripped tighter to the younger girl’s hand and hoisted her up onto the stage. The crowd gasped. Still holding her hand and now looking right in her eyes, Punk continued singing.

                “And after all the drinks and bars that we've been to, would you give it all up? Could I give it all up for you? And after all the boys or the girls that we go through, would you give it all up? Could you give it all up? If I promise, girl, to you...”

                Following that verse, Punk carefully spun Flower with her hand as if they were about to dance. The audience fell silent as there was a break in the song, and the two girls took a step forward on the stage.

                “...that I'll never talk again ... and I'll never love again...”

Out of nowhere, that’s when Flower decided to break in with an angelic, yet powerful voice that made Punk look at her in wonder.
              “I'll never write a song, won't even sing along. I'll never love again!”

The crowd below them went into an uproar like they did when Punk first arrived onto the stage. Giggling and smiling cheerfully at each other, still linked, the two ended the song with both power and might.

“Will you ever talk again? Oh girl, why you so speechless? You've left me speechless - so speechless. Women may follow me, but you choose death and company.”
               “Why you so speechless?”

“Oh oh ohhhh...”


The End

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