Chapter 2Mature

Her high heels clicked silently as she crept along the damp gravel underneath the black, starless night sky. Today was the day Flower was going to meet a girl she had met yesterday, Punk, at some club called 'The Cage'. Gripping onto a plotted map of all the alleys in town, she diligently followed the directions while staying well hidden by the worn out white and mossy plank walls that bordered her on her route. Beside her were her only two friends, Strawberry Forrest and Pup Tailor. As recommended by Punk the day before, Flower had brought the two people she knew who were homosexuals like her for the journey – not just for company, but for protection as well. Also, all of them had especially remembered to wear hats and keep their tails tucked into their pants.
Strawberry Forrest was the one responsible for causing Flower to become homosexual in the first place. She had kissed Flower four years ago on a Valentine's Day behind the school yard when they were both nine years old. As her name suggested, Strawberry's hair was a strawberry blond color and her eyes were a dazzling shade of violet. She had an hour glass body and walked with a trot in her step. Ever since the day she kissed Flower, she had sprouted white rabbit ears and a cotton tail. But her disguise for the night was wearing skinny jeans that covered her tail and a designer hat made of denim material that hid her rabbit ears from sight.
Pup Tailor wasn't into girls – he was into boys. Technically, it was boys that were he into him. Like Flower, he had been kissed by someone of the same sex that made the decision for him, and therefore, he was now an enemy of the country. Hence his name, Pup had physical qualities that a young dog would have; his ears and tail even resembled that of a Chocolate Labrador, matching nicely with his ruffled brown hair. There were also personality qualities that made him appear 'doggish' – he was loyal, playful, loving and could at some times be a little rough. His disguise for the night was a blue baseball cap that covered his floppy dog ears and a pair of baggy jeans that hid his bushy tail.
Finally, for about the hundredth time, Flower spotted the sign that read 'Brokeheart Ave'; it intersected with another sign that said 'Lyric Ln.' on a pole at the brick corner of a worn down house structure. Flower sighed and turned back to her friends who had been silent the entire time. "Well, this is Brokeheart Avenue like the card says. The entrance to this place should only be up a bit further," she explained.
"It better be," Strawberry said as she wrapped her arms around herself, "the temperature's dropping, and my legs are beginning to ache." Although despite her remark, she continued walking ahead of the group. Pup simply nodded to Flower in understanding and together the two went on walking as well. However, it wasn't long before they heard Strawberry belt out a high pitched shriek. Instantly, Pup and Flower ran over to her side.
"What's wrong?" Pup asked, worried. There in front of them was a suspicious grimy looking door with only one moldy step and a foul smelling trash can that rotted beside it. On the wooden door were the words written in red ink:
'The Cage'
Beneath it were the words 'Beware Animals'.
"You could not pay me enough to step inside that dirty club!" Strawberry spat. Flower hesitated than very cautiously went up and pressed her ear against the door. "Ew..." she could hear Strawberry whisper. Ignoring the comment, Flower listened intently to what was going on on the other side of the door. Inside, she could hear the sounds of loud music, people talking and laughing, and much more. She smiled and giggled at the thought of how much fun it sounded. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
Pup and Strawberry gasped as their eyes widened, watching blankly as Flower twisted the rusty knob and popped the door open. Leaving the door open, Flower got behind the two and herded them inside, closing the door when they had all finally stumbled in.
The scene now in front of them was eye catching. To their right was a dance floor crowded with people who had animal ears and only half of them who had animal tails. They were dancing and shouting wildly to a rock band that was playing in the background on a boxed stage. Next to the dance floor and straight ahead from the door was a bar counter where a few more people who sat with glasses of soda and other beverages. Lastly, to their left were a number of booths lined up against the wall. However, there was only one both – the one closest to them – at which one male was sitting at. The male who looked about eighteen years of age was wearing a sky blue hoodie with black stripes running across it and had black silky hair with a an electric blue bang that covered his left eye. He looked down when a female's voice from somewhere had called out, "Yo, Friday!"
Flower immediately recognized the voice. It was Punk's.
She snapped her head in the direction her voice was coming from and realized it had come from under the table where the boy, Friday, was sitting. Upon further inspection, Flower noticed two girls coming up from beneath the table, laughing hysterically; one girl was Punk. Friday had simply rolled his eyes and chuckled lightly. By the time the girls were firmly sitting back down, their faces were red as they obnoxiously sang along to the band, "From the taste of your lips on a ride~ you're toxic; I'm slipping under!" The girl Punk was all over had long black hair, icy blue eyes, blue cat ears with white dots on them, and she also wore a crystal tiara, a tight strapless indigo top with a star over her chest area, along with a denim mini skirt.
"Wynter..." Punk giggled, attempting to steady her breathing.
"Eh?" the girl, Wynter, responded as she rubbed her eyes; they had begun watering from laughing too hard.
"Look," Punk sighed. She pointed in the direction of the doorway at Pup, Strawberry, and Flower. Knowing she had been discovered, Flower gulped as she felt a shiver run down her spine. Turning her head towards Flower, Wynter's expression changed from excitement to disgust.
"Who's she?" Wynter questioned Punk, kissing her cheek seductively. Playfully pushing her away with her hand, Punk smirked.
"That's the new girl I told you about that I invited," she answered her. Wynter scooted away from Punk on the booth seat and sat closer to Friday.
"Oh," she responded, flipping her hair. "So that's Little Miss Daisy Dukes." Without another word to Punk, she rested her head upon Friday's shoulder. Friday just tried to ignore her.
"Whatever," Punk shrugged. She turned her attention back to Flower and motioned to her with a wave of her hand.  As Flower saw Punk's gesture, she became frantic and her head had begun to spin. Also noticing this was Strawberry who was beside Flower.
Raising an eyebrow, Strawberry asked, "Who's that?" Feeling flustered, Flower couldn't take her eyes off of Punk, nor could she move. Then she sighed and took off the army hat she used to hide her mouse ears and revealed her tail out from her red plaid skirt as well. Strawberry and Pup followed this example.
"That's Kit-..I mean 'Punk'. She's actually the adopted daughter of Mr. Adam Lambert and Ms. 'Lady Gaga'. She invited us here," Flower told them.
"Wow, an actual gay celebrity of our time," Pup proclaimed. Strawberry smiled.
"We might as well get acquainted," she said as she grabbed Flower by the shoulders and started pushing her towards the booth. Pup reluctantly trailed behind them. But just as they were about to go over to the three older teens, an M.C's voice on the stage near the dance floor boomed over a microphone.
"Our next performance will be by our favorite group in the club, Fooly Cooly!" he announced. Everyone on the dance floor immediately cheered as they all threw their arms high into the air.
"Well, that's us," Punk summoned Friday and Wynter, stretching her arms and getting out from the booth. Wynter and Friday smirked at each other before getting up and striding along at Punk's sides, making their way towards the stage and walking right past Flower, Pup and Strawberry. Although Flower was certain that on her way to the stage, Punk turned around and winked at her.

"Huh...that's interesting," Pup pointed out. "They're a band too."

The End

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