UnCaged: A Girl Love StoryMature

In the future, homosexuality is banned. Those who are are identified by having animal body parts. When two girls meet and fall in love, will they be able to change the way an entire country feels?

The abandoned alley way was desolate except for a particular figure lurking in the shadows. A young girl was crouched inside a cardboard box, trembling in the cool morning air; the thin red cloak that was pulled around her offered no warmth either. The hood hung over her face hiding all but her mouth as well as a few strands of brown hair that escaped from the cloak. Her skin was cream colored against the red cloth that she gripped tightly over her shoulders. After a few more minutes of sitting, she rose up out of the box and cautiously walked to the end of the street. Looking around frantically one last time, she then turned and scurried down the sidewalk, the velvet cloak flowing behind her at her heels.
At the same time, two men dressed in stiff black and blue police uniforms were walking down the opposite side of the street towards her. The girl pulled the cloak more securely around her and continued to walk at a faster pace.
"Excuse us, miss," one of the officers said, stopping her instantly. The girl paused as her heart pounded inside of her small chest, bound to explode any moment.
"Would you happen to have seen any runaways around these parts?" the other policeman questioned her; placing a hand firmly on the back of her cloak.
"Runaways? I..I'm not sure what you're talking about," she nervously responded. She bit her lip, bent her head low and began to once again flee. Unfortunately, a brass knuckle ring around the cop's middle finger caught onto the cloak; pulling the hood off of her head.  Both of the officers eyes widened in total astonishment.
The girl had groomed and shimmering brown hair that came up to her shoulders and her eyes were like hardened amber. Underneath the cloak she had been wearing a red and black plaid skirt and a clean white buttoned up top. She was a regular kind of beautiful. Except for the fact she had gray mouse ears on the top of her head and a gray, white tipped tail placed just above her bottom. The girl gasped and took off without hesitation, leaving the cloak behind her. One cop pulled out a walkie talkie from his uniform and talked into it as the other cop started chasing after the young girl.
"Stop, criminal!" the one cop called after her as he was chasing her.
The girl kept running.
"Forbidden runaway!"
She wouldn't stop as she continued sprinting on the balls of her feet and her white high heels.
"Hold it right there, prostitute!"
The small girl stopped in her tracks as tears began forming in her honeycomb eyes. Slowing down, the cop went up to her and shoved her into the brick wall of an abandoned warehouse. Grabbing her own two hands and thrusting them behind her back, taking out a pair of handcuffs. "You're under arrest for the crime of an act on a sexual oriented degree. Anything you say can and will be used against you in therapy and or anywhere else across the country with 'your kind'," the officer coldly stated. The girl felt weak. She was powerless under the control of the much stronger cop. All she could do was weep...
...until  'she' stepped out onto the scene.
"Hey, fuzz, what're doing with my little sister?" This tall female adolescent had ruby eyes, a perfect bust, and multi colored hair – naturally brown, bangs were rainbow highlighted, orange pony tail with a black tip; wearing ripped jeans, a black short sleeved top with a symbol on the side resembling a heart monitor reading with a pink heart at it's end, a rainbow arm sock and a beige army hat. As she stepped out of the shadows of an intersecting alley, both the cop and the younger girl looked up at her.
"What did you say, punk?" the cop snarled. The teen took a brave step forward and clenched her fists.
"I said: what're you doing with my little sister?" she repeated angrily. The policeman narrowed his eyes and turned back to the younger girl, causing her to tremble with a nasty glare he shot at her.
"Your sister's under arrest for disobeying the law as to becoming a homosexual –"
"My sister was involved in a gang rape. A prostitute had made out with her at the time," the adolescent interrupted him. The officer was silent for a moment until he talked again.
"How old are you?" he asked.
"Eighteen, sir," the girl answered with a smug smile.
"License," the cop demanded, holding out his hand. Shrugging, the teen reached into her pocket and pulled out an authentic driver's license with a picture on it of her from two years ago. In the picture she was also wearing a hat.
"Name:  Kit 'Punk' Lambert/Gaga. Birthdate: October 11, 2008. Adoption Date: June 4, 2010..." The policeman looked up from the license. "Are you serious? You were born on National Coming Out Day, adopted on Gay Pride Independence Day, AND your guardians are Adam Lambert and 'Lady Gaga'? This is some kind of joke." He threw the license back at the adolescent, Kit, grabbed the younger girl he was about to arrest, and pushed her into her as well. Kit wrapped her arms protectively around the small girl with mouse ears and tail.
"If I ever see the two of you around here again, I'm arresting both of you without question." Without that, the cop turned around and walked off.
As soon as he was out of sight and hearing range, Kit took off her army hat and dropped it onto the ground.
Under her hat she had two fox ears.
The young girl she had held close immediately took a step back and gasped in astonishment. "You really are gay!" she shrieked. Almost instantly, Kit's hand instinctively clasped itself over the girl's mouth.
"You're a lesbo, too. Don't think I don't see your ears – your tail!" she hissed as she removed her hand. The small girl looked down shamefully.
"I'm sorry," she apologized, "I just...well, thank you for saving me." Kit smiled at her.
"It was no problem. Just remember, it's not safe to walk alone on the streets anymore," she bent down to pick up the hat she dropped seconds before and placed it on the girl's head, covering her mouse ears. "At least not without a hat and your tail tucked in."
The small girl admired the hat for a moment. "So, your name's Kit?"
"Well Kit, Kitsune – that was the name I was born with. Kitsune means 'fox' in Japanese. But when those famous folks adopted me they named me Punk. It suits me better anyway," Kit/Punk replied, winking at the girl with mouse ears. The young female blushed. "So, what's your name?"
"Oh, my name's...my name's..." the child stuttered. Punk raised an eyebrow.
"You do have a name, don't you?" she wondered skeptically.
"Of course I do!" the girl blurted out. "It's just people give me a different name..."
"...what do they call you?"
Fire ignited itself in Punk's eyes, and suddenly she became tense. Feeling like she was about to punch the nearest person, Punk had to take a deep breath and sigh in order to calm herself. "That's disgusting. I hate hearing the way people in this country are made fun of," she muttered, gritting through her teeth. She sighed again, "then what's your real name?"
"Daisy," the girl, Daisy, answered looking away. Punk laughed silently.
"That's a cute name. However, in my opinion it's just too much of a formal name – I think I'll call you Flower instead,"Punk said. Daisy smiled.
"Flower?" she giggled. "That's funny...but I like it."
"I'm glad you do, kiddo, 'cuz that's what I'll be calling you from now on," Punk told her, placing a hand on her hip. Daisy, now known as Flower, blinked in naïve confusion.
"From now on?"
Punk smirked, and reached into her pocket, pulling out a small index card. She handed it to Flower and explained, "Meet me here tomorrow; there are more people like us there that can hang out and relax in a non-threatening environment." Flower took the card from Punk; it read:
"The Cage"
Brokeheart Avenue, Perth Amboy
New Jersey
Open hours: 1 a.m-12 p.m
Fridays and Saturdays
After reading it, Flower padded her outfit around looking for a pocket. Finally realizing she didn't have any pockets on her skirt or shirt, she neatly and securely tucked the card inside of her bra and smiled shyly. "I'll be there," she assured Punk.
"I look forward to seeing you. Also, feel free to bring friends with you that are like us as well. We're all friends there. Just make sure, on your way there you don't attract attention to yourself and make sure to cover up. We don't want word getting out to any uninvited guest," Punk concluded. She gave Flower one last wave of the hand and started going the opposite direction, down another alley.
And for the first time in a long time, Flower began to feel hope for the future.

The End

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