Unbelievable, it can't be true

A girl, and her dead best friend, and her thoughts.

I felt dazed. I felt empty, congfsed. How could this happen? How could she be............................................

It felt like hours, standing there on the hills, staring at the beach, the white sand, the fiercelt blue waves, splashing on the shore.

She loved the sea. I didn't, that much, but I liked it for her sake. She went on and on about building sand castles, going surfing, paddling. I just nodded and said "yes" and "I love it too". Was I lying?

I have lied to her sometimes. That day, when she came back from school to my house, asking whether I had her homework (we had been doing it together the previous evening), I said no. I don't know why I lied. I did have her homework, I had been copying from it. Now I feel so bad, bacause I never got to tell her the truth.

I wanted to tell her so many things. I wanted to tell her about my new jumper. I wanted to tell her about the new book I read by her favourite author. I wanted to tell her about that funny incident at my aunt's house the ther day. I wanted to tell her abut the new recipe I downloaded from the net. She would have loved it. Cheese, almonds, chicken, lettuce and tomatoes? Whjat else, some olive oil and spring onions. We used to invent our own recipes.  We added olive oil to cream cheese. We mixed watermelon pulp and butter. But some of our recipes were really good. Yeah, speciallty the chocolate pudding and Green salad.

We did it all together. I still can't believe that we'll never be together again. I really don't.

The End

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