Chapter Two - Part 3Mature

I grinned to myself as I quickly got dressed and stuffed the towel into my changing bag. I picked it up, along with my school bag. I walked round to Seth. He smiled when he saw me and stood up.

"I'll meet you outside the door," he said before disappearing.

I opened the door to the corrdior and there he was, waiting for me. He grinned and walked beside me.

"Am I coming to yours to help with... that French homework?" I asked, making up the details in case anybody was listening.

He smiled and shrugged. "If you want to."

"You seem really calm about all this."

He shrugged again. "He had it coming to him."

"I will never understand your society..."

"It's not our society, it's just that my dad was a right bastard."

We walked down the stairs and towards the exit. Seth opened the door for me and took my bags from me.

"Why, thank you, kind sir," I joked. He just rolled his eyes. He unlocked his car and put our bags in the boot.

"You have a brand new Porsche," I commented as we were getting in.

"I do," he said simply.

"How have you not crashed it yet?"

"Give it a week or two," he said in all seriousness.

He pulled out of the school car park and we drove for a short while in silence before I turned to him.

"You know, there's a rumour going round that we're going out," I told him. He looked at me briefly and raised an eyebrow.

"What, as in dating?" he asked.



"Surely you thought someone would start it at some point, with all the time we spend together. It was inevitable, always was. I'm sure you having me up against the lockers in the middle of the corridor didn't really help either."

He grinned. "You know who started it?"

"I do indeed, but I'm not telling you because you'll just have the same reaction you you always have about rumours."

"What, the violent one?"

"The very same."

"Damn, you know me too well," he smiled.

"What do you think about the rumour?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"How do you feel about it?"

"It could be very advantageous," he said, smiling crookedly.

"I'm not even goin' to ask," I murmured, turning back to the window.

We drove in silence again until we pulled into Seth's driveway. We got out of the car and Seth got our bags out of the boot. I took mine from him, ignoring his protests, as he opened the front door.

"Oh, hi, Lara," said Seth's mum, Lianna. Her eyes were a bit red from crying. I guessed it was about her husband.

"Mum, me and Lara will be upstairs," Seth said to her.

She nodded. "Leave the door open." I just knew Seth was going to ignore her instructions like he always did.

Lianna - as she'd once told her to call her - walked into the living room. Seth led me upstairs to his room, which was tidy as always.

"Just dump your bags on the floor somewhere. How about we go find out what killed my dad and then I whup your arse on the Xbox?"

"Ha-ha," I said sarcastically before smiling at him. "Sounds good."

"This way then."

The End

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