Chapter Two - Part 1Mature

Gwen was glaring at me. I took no notice of her expression as I walked with her to the form room. I dropped my bag onto one of the desks and sat next to it. Gwen sat down in a chair, still glaring at me.

"What?" I asked her.

"Max has fancied you for five years. You hardly know Seth and you're blatantly flirting with him in the corridor."

"I know him better than you think."

"Even if you do, Seth has a reputation with girls."

"You don't think I know that? And what's Seth got to do with Max fancying me for five years?" I asked.

"You lied to Max this morning; you told him your mum wouldn't like it. We both know your mum would be fine about it."

"Can you please just stop trying to force me to go out with Max? I don't even like him that way."

"Okay then. Now that we've stopped arguing, do you like Seth that way?"

I paused and sighed. "I don't know," I answered honestly.

"How did you meet him anyway?"

I gave her the 'safe' version, as opposed to the truth.

"Remember that maths challenge thing last year? I wasn't in school all day? Two year tens and two year elevens were invited to go. Seth was in year eleven at that point. We were put in a team of two and we got talking."

While we had both gone to that, that wasn't where we met. It was actually in my house, when he and his brother had been sent to break in to try and discover some of our 'secrets'. They'd expected no one to be home, as my brother and parents had left in the car. They were quite shocked to find me in my pyjamas watching telly.

I told them the truth: that I was a Grimm but I didn't want to be a hunter. Seth immediately took a shine to me and trusted me with his life - something I found very ironic - though Nash, his brother, wasn't too sure. He didn't like being left alone with me but he was better than he used to be.

"What are you smiling about?" asked Gwen. I wiped the smile off my face. I hadn't even realised I was smiling.


Gwen looked suspicious but left it for once.


We were in the changing room after PE, the last lesson of the day and week. A few of us wanted to have showers so that's what we were doing. One of my favourite things about the school was that, the showers weren't open; there were little cubicles.

"Gwen?" asked Maria from further down.

"Hm?" Gwen said from the cubicle next to me.

"Could you sing for us please?"

"Yeah, please, Gwen," said Eternity.

"Please," Lottie begged. 

"Oh, fine. What do you want me to sing?" Gwen asked, easily giving in.

"I don't know, anything," said Maria.

Gwen thought for a minute before she started singing a song I didn't recognise. She had a beautiful voice, though she didn't use it very often. About halfway through the song, Eternity and Lottie decided to screech along, making everyone burst out laughing.

The End

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