Episode Eleven: RemembranceMature

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     My body is...cold. Nothing will move, but I can tell I'm cold. If I can't wake up soon, I'll miss the departure time for Shinganshina. I'd best hurry up...

"Ava? Are you with us yet?" I heard someone call me. Opening my eyes finally, I was met with Levi.

"L-L..." Words wouldn't form.

     As my vision became more clear, I noticed that I wasn't seeing out of just one eye...but both of them. I quickly started to flail around, but found my wrists and ankles bound to the bed I was on. Snapping my head in all directions, I noticed my entire squad was in here. All that was missing was Eren and my father. Levi sat next to me on the bed, his hand on mine.

"Ava, do you know where you are?" Ignoring the question asked by Jared, I attempted to mumble a sentence.

"Sh-Shi-Shiga, I'm going to miss the expe-exp-expedition!" Clenching my fists, I tried futilely to rip myself free from the bonds.

"Jared, Jean, Mikasa, could you give us a moment?" Levi turned to everyone, who slowly filed out the door.

"Can you understand me, Ava?" Levi leaned closer, undoing the leather that kept my wrists to the bed.

     I nodded, leaping up to a sitting position, my head landing on Levi's shoulder. I felt him brush through my hair, which calmed me down. Levi pulled me away, undoing the wraps around my ankles. He got in the bed, and propped himself against the back. He outstretched his arms, to which I curled up in his embrace.

"Levi, we're going to be late for the expedition." I muttered, twirling a stray hair.

"We won't, I promise." Levi hugged me tight, which both made me happy and worried me.

"My dad won't get mad, will he?" I puffed up my cheeks, tilting my head to look at him.

"Trust me, Ava. Erwin knows we're here." Levi sniffled, which caused me to exit his warm grasp.

     I was still baffled as to why and how I had both eyes, but for now, I didn't question it. The room I was in had barely anything, including no windows. All that was in here was my bed which was suspended using chains, and a large, wooden and metal door with bars. Wait a minute...this isn't the base... I turned my head back to Levi, who was now holding a hand in a fist to his mouth, and a hand to cover his eyes. 

"Levi, what's bothering you?" I asked, crawling back to where I could lay on his chest.

"A-Ava..." He choked, just before the door opened and a man in a soldier's uniform entered with a shorter female at his side.

"Corporal Levi, it's time." The man stated, nodding.

"Yes. Come on, Ava. We're going somewhere." Levi looked at me grimly, taking me by the hand and leading me to the pair by the door.

"It's protocol. You'll have to wear these." The short female took out handcuffs, and fastened them on my wrists. Inspecting their uniforms closer, I noticed the green horse with a white mane.

"Annie!" I exclaimed, bending to look at her.

"Ava." She stated, staring into my eyes. With that look, she appeared pained.

"Corporal, please make your way to the courtroom. Annie and I will escort your companion there ourselves." Levi looked to me as if he was about to cry out of anger, but obliged.

     Courtroom? Why the hell was I going to the courtroom? Thinking all of this, I came to the conclusion that I was in Wall Sina, my old home. And I was going before the grand court, and I would face the overseer of all the military forces... Darius Zackly. My hands became clammy in the metal cuffs, as Annie walked next to me and the other officer behind me. Just before we neared the court entrance, the male walked ahead of Annie and I to open the doors. I felt Annie shove something into my pocket, but when I looked down at her, she kept staring forward.

     As I was rudely shoved through the massive doors to the court, my eyes failed to drink in the sight before me. The room was filled, with probably 100+ people. There was one metal thing in the middle on a tiny raised platform, which is where I assumed I'd be sent. As Annie fastened my cuffs and locked the metal contraption to the ground, I sat propped up on my feet and awaited someone to speak.

"Ava 'Oliver' Smith, adopted daughter of the Lennord and Alisha Oliver, biological daughter of Erwin Smith. Do you know why you are here?" Darius Zackly began, shuffling some papers.

"No, sir. I don't recall anything." I admitted, slumping down against the metal pole.

"She's lying! That thing is a ruthless monster that has invaded our God-sent Walls!" I look over for the source of the outburst, to find a Reverend all steamed up with an ugly frown.

"Ava, it says here, during the recent expedition to Shiganshina, Squad Levi and Commander Erwin witnessed you fall after being devoured by a titan in an attempt to save Eren Jaeger." My eyes widened at the information I was being given, and soon, some memories came back.

"Eren Jaeger, are you present?" Zackly asked aloud.

"Yes, I'm here." Eren stepped forward from behind other Survey Corps members. He looked at me with woeful eyes.

"Is it true, that when Ava resurfaced from the titan whom ate her's body, and became one herself, she devoured you as well?" Zackly sat down a stack of papers, and the crowd of people all seemed to simultaneously gasp.

"...yes, it's true." Eren turned his gaze, not looking at me anymore.

     My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I ate Eren?! And what the hell...I'm a titan?!?! Erwin cleared his throat, bringing forward a stack of papers.

"Please consider, that although it is confirmed that Ava did in fact swallow Eren Jaeger, that when she collapsed in her titan form, Eren was regurgitated in a sac, with fluid all around him, which appeared to heal his wounds." I shifted my gaze so I could watch my father talk, and noticed Levi wasn't there next to him.

"Slander, I say! His judgment is clouded by emotional ties! That girl is his daughter!" The preacher would not let up, to which I got angry.

"Shut up! Just...shut up! You know nothing about the titan's relentless fury! You barricade yourselves behind these walls you worship, because you're soft and weak!" I yelled, pulling futilely against the cuffs that bound my wrists.

     Everyone in the crowd gasped, and some stepped back. I heard a click, and turned to see a rifle being aimed directly at me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact. That, however, was different than what I'd expected. Instead of a bullet, I was met with an extremely brutal boot to the cheek. I yelled in pain, to which 3 teeth fell out. They looked like molars. Glancing up, I saw Levi preparing for another kick. That one, came to the back of my head. My face was forced to the cold metal ground, where blood began to accumulate.

     The blows kept coming, one after another with now signs of letting up. Once I caught a break, I was choking on the blood pouring from my nose and mouth, gasping for air. Being forced once more to the ground, I looked over to see my father with his eyes shut, attempting to avoid what was happening.

"Levi, you son of a bitch! I'll fucking get you for this!" Jared blared, needing Mikasa and Jean to hold him back.

"Let her go, that's uncalled for!" Eren added in, being pulled away from the railing by Armin.

"L-Levi..." A Military Police officer called from the other side.

"What?" He scoffed, picking me up by my hair.

"What if she gets angry? And turns into a titan?" The officer lowered his hand, still staring at us.

"Don't you see? She's already a weak little pup. I could easily put her down." Levi threw my head against the metal beam keeping my cuffs to the ground.

     Zackly had decided that the Survey Corps would keep custody of me, since I had originally joined on my own free will. I liked this, since the Military Police only wanted to cut me up and run tests. Levi undid my chains, and waited for everyone to leave before starting to walk me out.

"We'll head back to the base tonight. We should get there in time for dinner." Levi patted my shoulder, which made me wince.

"Hey, you were kind of rough. It's still sore." I ruffled the barely-shorter mans hair, smirking.

"It was needed. You don't resent me, do you?" His question was almost pitiful.

"Tch. How could I?" I added lastly, as we mounted our horses and made way outside the walls.

     As we were leaving the city, I waved to some people I'd known back in my times living here. Markus, the guy at the cafe, recognized me first. I couldn't talk, but he knew immediately what had happened. My mind wandered back to when Annie had pushed something in my pocket. Reaching for it, I noticed a shiny, silver ring. I slid it onto my right ring finger, and pressed on through the gate that lead outside the walls. Since it was just Levi and I, we had to work swiftly and avoid titan combat.

     We were now halfway or so to the base, and I got curious again about that ring. Using now one hand for the reins, I brought the other closer to my face so I could inspect it. The ring seemed to have a little compartment in it, but I couldn't tell what it was. Levi was yelling something at me, but I was too distracted to listen. My body had a muscle spasm, and I flicked my wrist, making a my hand into a fist. I felt a sharp pain in my hand, before blood started trickling and I blacked out.

*Levi's POV* 

"Ava, look alive! We can't afford to be distracted when we're alone out here!" I yelled to her, but it appeared she was distracted by something on her hand. 

     Before I could stop and turn around to check, blazing steam rushed over me, and electricity crackled into the air. Son of a bitch... I was knocked a great distance off my horse, as I skidded and bounced across the earth. Once my body had finally stopped, I shook my head and looked up at the sight before me. Ava's 25 meter titan form stood about 50 yards away, slumped over with the sunset as a backdrop.

     Panicking, I searched for my horse. I yelled in alarm when I saw its body impaled on a nearby tree. It was almost night, and I had no form of transportation on a flat land. My mind was racing, as I stood staring at Ava. How did she transform? Why? I retraced memories, until my mind brought one that had just happened. Ava was distracted by something on her hand...what was it, now? My thoughts were cut short by thundering footsteps racing towards me at an alarming speed. I had nowhere to use my 3DMG, so I tried running to the side.

"Shit! I can't make it!" I screamed, as Ava's monstrous hand scooped me up. She had stopped running, and held me to where I was directly in front of her soulless, pale eyes.

     Her cursed titan form appeared to smile, which chilled even my bones to their very marrow. I was definitely not one to be afraid, but how was I to know a titan's capabilities? Especially one being piloted by a human...I stayed there, hanging for a few minutes. Ava lifted her head, to where a small cavity surfaced in the middle of her neck. She placed me there, and soon, the cavity was sealed off with a crystal material. I stared timidly as she turned away from the shadow of the base in the distance, and ran West of it.

The End

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