Episode Nine: Hidden (Ava's Turn: Part 2)Mature

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     This was it, tomorrow was the big day. No one really spoke to each other this morning, probably because the cadets were stressed to no end. Yes, I'm fresh meat too, but I wasn't as nervous as the lot of 'em. Hell, even Mikasa wouldn't talk. Jean kept his trap shut, and Eren tried to stay as close to me as possible. I haven't seen Jared, though, which worries me. I turned my head over my shoulder to find Eren at the table immediately behind me.

"Oi, Ava. Why do you keep looking back at Jaeger?" Levi nudged my arm, taking a sip of his tea.

"It's just...I don't like it when Eren's like this. I've known him forever, and he's never like this." I pursed my lips together, facing my gaze at the wooden table I was sitting at.

"Don't think too much. You're a Squad Leader, you can't afford to be distracted by minor affairs." Levi stood up, exiting the mess hall.

     I sighed, folding my arms and resting my forehead on them. I decided to just get up and leave, forgetting Eren. The castle had a huge open courtyard in the middle, a lot of fresh green grass with white roses and a fountain in the middle made for a peaceful scene. I took a seat on the bench, admiring the sun casting shimmers on the water in the fountain. Closing my eye, I immersed myself in the peaceful surroundings. Birds chirped, wind calmly breezed by, and the water splashed as it made rounds in the fountain. 

"C-Can I sit wi-with y-you...?" I heard someone barely whisper. Opening my eye, I turned to face the figure.

"Of course, Eren. You don't even have to ask." I patted the spot next to me on the stone bench.

"S-So, you think you'll b-be able to go t-tomorrow?" He twiddled his thumbs, staring off at the fountain.

"What do you mean by that?" I squinted at the boy, unsure as to what he was trying to say.

"Well, I've overheard Corporal Levi and your dad talking about that episode you had the other night. They're worried about you." Eren's green eyes finally met the gaze of my pale blue orb.

     They were concerned? Why the hell would they be concerned? There was nothing to worry about. I'm fine. Standing up, I turned my back to Eren, beginning to walk off angrily back to my room, across from Levi's.

"Ava, wait!" Eren yelled, but I picked up the pace.

     I made it to my room, shutting the door and throwing myself on the bed. Yes, there were tons left to do before tomorrow's early set out, but I didn't feel like doing a single thing at the moment. Laying on my bed, I rubbed my hands over my face. Tomorrow is the biggest day of my life...I have a squad to lead, and memories to face. I rolled over, to where I faced the large window. I decided to sluggishly leave my bed, walking over to the 2 double gigantic panes. Opening them, I climbed on the windowsill and faced outside.

    I noticed Mikasa and Armin going out to the stables, probably to ready the horses for our early leave tomorrow. I smiled at the way the sun fell on the hills in the distance. I was a soldier for humanity, and this is the kind of stuff I needed to protect. I brought my hands in front of me, unwrapping the bandages that had covered my knuckles. My skin was as it had been, no scratches, scars, or scabs. This still puzzled me, how every wound I'd managed healed almost immediately, except for my eye. Of all the damn trivial wounds my body could heal, why couldn't it do my damn eye... 

"H-Hello..?" I heard a muffled voice, along with a few light knocks at my door.

"It's open." I responded, not turning around.

     Footsteps approached, my eyes still taking in the sight of the sunset. Puffy white marshmallow clouds dotted the sky, making for a peaceful look. The person made their way next to me on the windowsill...it was Eren. I sighed, quietly enough to where he couldn't hear me.

"What is it, Eren?" I finally spoke, the boy sitting on the complete opposite side of me.

"I wanted to check on you. I know you're stressed and stuff, especially since you're a Squad Leader." He began, slowly sliding closer to me.

"I'm fine. Someone like me can't afford to be stressed." Even though I talked big, my body was beginning to grow abnormally hot.

"You know you can talk to me, right?" Eren reached for my hand, intertwining our fingers.

"There's no need. I'm fine." There I go again, deceiving myself.

"Oli, please..."

"I said I'm fine! Leave me alone, Eren!" And with that, my body was sent into a spasm which threw myself over the edge of the windowsill to the earth below...8 stories down.

*Time Skip* 

     What's happening? Why can't I move, or see? Why do I feel like I'm floating...? My eye won't open...I hear voices, they sound like they're underwater. Hearing seems to be the only thing that works right now.

"Corporal, listen! I'm telling the truth! I didn't push her!" Was that...Eren? And why was he yelling at Levi?

"I can see through you, Jaeger! Tell the fucking truth or I'll eject you from this expedition!" It was Levi, but why did he think Eren pushed me? And from what?

"Corporal Levi, with all due respect, I did not push Ava from that window." Eren sounded like he was about to cry.

"Goddammit, Jaeger. You're being moved to the support squad. I, nor Erwin, can have you in someone such as Ava's special ops squad. Get the hell out of my sight, you piece of shit." After the rant, harsh footsteps and a slammed door followed.

"O-Oli...pl-please wake u-up...you've got a big day tomorrow..." And with that, my sense of feeling came back, when I felt a soft, plush, and warm sensation upon my forehead. Droplets followed suit.

     Soft footsteps and a light door closing came after Eren's kiss on my forehead. I fluttered my eye open, nothing but a dull headache lived in my body now. There we go again, the mysterious fast healing... I darted my eyes around the room, not recognizing where I was. Once I saw the red cross on the white flag hanging above the door, I immediately knew I was in the infirmary. Sitting up in the bed, I ripped the IV's from my arm. Walking to the counter, I downed a few pills for my headache and walked out. Going to the staircase, I bumped into Levi.

"Feeling better now, are we?" He spoke, dusting off his uniform.

"Y-Yeah, just a migraine." I nervously rubbed my neck, avoiding eye contact with the Corporal.

"We can get you some dinner, and then head to bed. You've gotta be up earlier than everyone else." Levi wrapped an arm around my waist, guiding me downstairs.

     As we walked into the mess hall, I took note immediately that everyone was hyped up. They were louder, way louder, and no one was sitting in their usual spots. I flinched, grabbing my head in a fit of pain. The horrendous feeling dropped me to my knees, causing Levi to immediately bend down and check on me. I whined that I couldn't take the noise, to which he nodded and stood back up. 

"Attention, cadets! You better shut your shitty mouths, Ava has woken up and can't take the noise. So shut the hell up, or eat somewhere else." Levi helped me up, walking me through the sea of stunned people to get my food.

     I only settled on some bread and a couple cups of coffee. Some people had filtered out, going to eat their dinner outside. In the mess hall, it was just me, Levi, Hanji, Petra, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. All of us elites sat at our own table, while Eren, Mikasa, and Armin stayed in the back. I slowly nibbled at my bread. Smiling at the conversations my friends were having around me. Levi kept turning back, glaring at whom I assumed was Eren. I don't even remember falling...did Eren seriously push me? Someone knocked on the open frame leading in here, and I looked up.

"Dad!" I smiled, getting up and hugging Erwin.

"Evening, Ava. It's already 10 o'clock, you should rest soon." Erwin walked over to the table with me, sitting on my other side.

"Commander, I heard there were squad assignment changes. How do you mean by that?" Petra asked, keeping in mind that she shouldn't talk loud.

"Ah, yes. Eren Jaeger has been moved from Squad Ava to the support squad, the one that covers Ava's in case stuff gets hairy." My dad stood, taking my coffee cups back to fill them up. Petra nodded in understanding.

"I still think my squad should stay near hers, Erwin." Levi interjected, standing in front of Erwin before he could sit down.

"Levi, if we could, let's talk about this somewhere else." My dad placed my coffee cups by me, leading Levi out.

     The rest of the time I spent eating, everyone slowly left. I waved as Armin and Mikasa departed from the room, acknowledging the wake-up call time for tomorrow. I hadn't paid much attention, but apparently Eren was still in here with me. As I finished my coffee, I got up to place them in the sink in the kitchen. Turning around, I was met with the extremely close face of Eren. He stared into my eye, placing his hand over my eye patch that covered my left. He sighed, lowering his head and sniffling.

"Y-You know...I remember when we were kids...and I'd always get you into fights, and you'd lie and say it was your fault, just so I wouldn't get in trouble." Eren brought his face back up, tears beginning to pool in his eyes.

"What're you saying, Eren?" I was confused, probably because of my likely concussion.

"Why didn't you tell Levi that I didn't push you out of that window? Why didn't you defend me?" His hand went from my eye patch to my upper arm, gripping it a little too tightly.

"E-Eren, please let me go. I don't even remember what happened before I woke up, okay?" I hardened my tone, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the situation.

"Ava, tell me! Why don't you care for me anymore?!" Eren was gripping both of my arms harshly, shaking me a few times.

"Ava, it's time for- what the hell?!" Levi turned the corner into the mess hall, he saw me by looking over the counter into the kitchen.

     Levi immediately slid over the countertop to where Eren was holding me. Levi pulled Eren back by his collar and threw him against the wall. Levi stood in front of me in an attempt to block Eren from returning, but he was shorter than him by 4 or 5 inches. But when Eren came back, he only glared at Levi before leaving entirely. I watched as he left, turning back one last time to look at me. I felt like absolute hell for not remembering the accident, but I couldn't help it.

"Come on, Ava. It's time for bed." Levi takes my hand, leading me to our floor. My father walks in front of us both, smiling down to me.

"Levi, keep in mind what we've discussed." He casts Levi a serious look, before walking down the stairs and back to his room.

     I tried to open my room door, but found it locked. Turning to Levi, he simply grinned and motioned for me to come in his room instead. Rolling my eyes, I did as he suggested and entered his always perfectly clean bedroom. Levi picked some pajamas from his closet, going into his bathroom to change. Glancing down at myself, I noticed a simple white gown with leggings to match. Must be from the infirmary. After that, I stayed standing, waiting for Levi to come out. Once he did, I put a hand to my mouth to stifle a laugh.

"What's so funny, Ava?" He walked over to me in his blue pajamas, with what looked like titans all over them.

"Nothing, Levi." I ruffled his hair. Being 3 inches taller than him was always fun.

"With everything that's happened today, I can't let you stay in your room. You'll have to sleep in here with me." Levi threw up his covers, making an area for him and I to crawl into.

     My mind wanted to say 'screw you' and just bust down my room door. But something else told me to stay, and so I did. Crawling next to Levi, I made sure to keep a comfortable distance. I had my back to him, and was hugging up to an extra pillow. I was about asleep, when I felt his body scoot over to mine, wrapping an arm over me. I felt his nose in my neck, which was cause for goosebumps.

"All these years we've been apart, and now you're in my bed.~" Levi chuckled, twirling some of my hair.

"Levi, are you drunk?" I furrowed my brows, perplexed as to where he had obtained alcohol, but there was no other explanation as to him acting this way...was there?

"No, just some things I've been forced to hide, since I'd only met you once before." Levi rolled back over, not speaking the rest of the night.

The End

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