Episode One: The Way It Used To BeMature

Ava Oliver, daughter of Erwin Smith, was given up at the age of 6 to live inside Wall Sina. Erwin did so in hopes of his daughter having a seemingly "normal" lifestyle. The last name Oliver is actually her middle name. She is raised as practical royalty, living in her own settlement near the King's. Ava takes a venture to The Underground one afternoon...how will it change her?

**Just wanted to start off by saying that this is the Prologue and will be told in Ava's POV. This happens a few years after Ava is left to live in Wall Sina by her father, Erwin Smith. A deeper description will follow this announcement. Also, see https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/62/cc/d8/62ccd8cd6a026bdee3ea6ab5dacf8646.jpg for a picture of the dress mentioned. ALSO, THIS DOES NOT STAY ENTIRELY TRUE TO THE MANGA OR THE ANIME. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON INACCURACIES, AS THEY ARE INTENDED.** 

Ava Oliver Smith, daughter of Erwin Smith, is sent into the royal, higher up place of Wall Sina. Erwin's reason for doing so is he hopes his daughter can live a "normal" life and not get involved with the horrendous events that are known as the titan onslaughts (this takes place before the fall of Wall Maria). On a seemingly normal afternoon, Ava decides to venture down into what is known to the people of Sina as "The Underground". She's always heard people talking about it, and has decided to take a trip there herself. Ava is 14 now, and not having seen her father in near a decade, is astonished when she is met with a tall, built, blond man in a forest green cape, chasing after a group of mischief makers (of course, we all know it's Levi, Isabel, and Farlan). Ava gets tripped by things the trio knocks onto the streets, and falls face first in the mud. Upon trying to stand back up again, Ava is smacked in the back with another body, forcing her once more, into the mud...what she is faced with, could turn her life for the better or worse. Ava has 2 parents, and an older brother, whom is the age of 15. Of course, these are her un-biological parents, but she is unaware of that.

"Ava, dearest, please come down! It's lunch time!" My mother, Alisha, yelled at me from the kitchen.

"Ugh, mom! Let me finish this chapter!" I called back, scanning my eyes down the rest of the page.

     My name is Ava Oliver, I'm 14 years old, and live inside the most fortified wall of all, Wall Sina. It's also known as the district of the king! He lives extremely close by. Sometimes, his gates are open and I can see inside them to his large stone castle. It's guarded by these awfully rude people known as the "Military Police". Trotting downstairs, I greeted my family with huge smiles. My older brother, Jared, was sitting at the table, pounding eagerly with his silverware while awaiting his meal.

"Good morning, brat." I joked, sticking my tongue out.

"Morning, short stuff!" Jared retorted, laughing at me.

"Hey! I'm only 5'4! And I'm not done growing!" I groaned, not phased by his remark.

"Children, children. Ava, Jared, I'm going out today. I should be back tomorrow evening." My father, Lennord, walked into the dining area.

"Len, please, be careful." My mother planted a kiss on his lips, to which my brother and I voiced our disgust playfully.

     My father took his leave from the house, as the rest of us began eating our meal. My father works for the Garrison, making sure the walls and gates are always in tip-top shape. I finished eating, going to grab a washcloth to wipe my bowl down. My mother came over to the sink next to me, placing hers and Jared's bowl in and washing them. I scoffed, turning my head to my brother who had his shoes propped up on the table.

"Jared! Wash your own dishes for once! And get your feet off the table, you'll get it dirty!" I threw the cloth I'd been using to clean my bowl at his face.

"Shut it, Ava." Jared quipped, darting upstairs.

"Ava, sometimes you just have to excuse your brother. He's a boy, and boys will be boys." My mother smiled, planting a kiss on my forehead.

"Mom, I think I'm going to go out today." I smiled, beginning to climb up the stairs.

"Just stay out of The Underground!" She yelled back at me.

     I had heard this term before. The Underground was a city below ours that housed all the people too poor to live in luxury where my family and I did. What was so bad about it? Poor people like them should be interacted with! That way, the rich people like us aren't seen as badly. It was final, that today, I'd visit The Underground. Of course, my mother couldn't find out or she'd have my hide... Walking into my room, I swung open my closet doors and picked out my favorite dress.

     The dress had long, white sleeves with fluffy cuffs and a collar that hugged halfway up my neck. The torso part was solid black, sucking in my stomach a little. The skirt was why I loved it so much, the blue poof extending a few feet in front of me. Slipping into some flats, I walked downstairs once again. My mother caught sight of me, and smiled.

"You're forgetting something, darling." She walked over to me, hands open.

"What do you mean?" I asked curiously, tilting my head to the side a little bit.

     My mom sat me down at the table, her taking the seat immediately next to me. She made three large groups of hair, curling them inside and out of each other. After she was done, a perfect braid laid on my right shoulder. I looked in a nearby mirror, satisfied with the result.

"Thank you, mom!" I hugged her tight, leaving the house.

"Just be back for dinner!" She called, as I shut the door.

     Walking around the city, the people of Wall Sina waved at me. In this particular part where I lived, everybody knew everybody. I headed for the small cafe near the center of town, hoping to get an answer to where The Underground entrance was located. Taking my seat at a stool at the counter, I struck up conversation with someone on the other side.

"Heya, Miss Oliver. What can I do for you?" The man I knew as Markus asked me, wiping a glass.

"Uhm, Markus. This is a rather odd question, yes...c-could you give me directions to somewhere?" I mumbled, twiddling with my thumbs.

"Of course, Ava. Where does a fine lady like yourself need to go?" He smiled, resting his arm on the counter.

"I uh...I kinda need...directions to The U-Underground, sir." I looked away, not wanting to meet the judgment in his eyes.

     The people up here talk very horridly about The Underground. They say it's a putrid place of rotting food, rats, thieves, and mischief makers. That's what got my curiosity, however. I wanted to see it for myself. For some people, had said it was beautiful, but in its own way.

"That...that's very odd indeed, Miss Ava. But, I'm no man to deny a lady of her wishes. The nearest Underground entrance-way is an almost entirely blocked off opening in the far end of our Stohess district." Markus blinked at me several times, still unsure why I'd asked.

"Thank you, Markus. Oh, and if Alisha asks, I'm at the library." I cantered out of the cafe, trying to make sense of the directions I'd been given.

     After several twists and turns around awkward corners, I found a staircase that lead below the surface. Upon closer examination, I noticed the stone stairs immediately gave way to an earthy ground. There were signs advising that no one go further. Yup, this looks like the place. I began to descend the stairs, picking my dress up so it didn't touch the dirt.

     Every now and again, I'd look behind me. The stairs and light from the entrance got smaller and smaller as I walked further into the tunnel. Shielding my eyes, I finally entered the establishment below my home known as The Underground. Sure, it was beautiful in its own way. Yes, it was very dirty. People in clothes that just looked like simple fabrics and rags walked the streets. As I began to, each person I passed stared at me. Some looks were amazement, others disgust.

"Hey, stop that! Come back here, useless thieves!" I heard a nearby voice cry. Rushing over to it, I noticed a pair of bodies flying through the air passed the man with the cart on...3DMG?

"Sir, I'll help you!" I ran over, starting to pick up his dropped produce.

"Pft, all you nobles want is more than you're already taking!" The man derided, taking some vegetables in hand and walking off.

     Wow, to think I was only trying to help the guy... I began walking some more, but tripped on some food that had gotten left on the ground. Once I made my impact, the bottom blue part of my dress got muddied. No worries, mother won't suspect a thing with this little amount of dirt. I brushed my dress off, kicking the apple that had tripped me and continued walking. After a few moments, I was once again knocked to the ground by a much larger force. And to my dismay, I landed in more mud. Turning on my back to face the person responsible, my words stopped dead in their tracks.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I guess. Now come on, they're following us." A boy not much younger than I looked down at me, lifting my body up and into his grasp.

"Excuse me, sir, but what the hell are y- Woah!" I exclaimed as we rocketed forward. Looking down, I noticed he had the same 3DMG those crooks from a minute ago had.

     We flew forward above the rooftops, my black braid swishing behind me. The lights from the buildings looked beautiful up here. I held on tightly to the boy who was carrying me as we landed through a window in a house separated from the city. Two people were standing inside. A red headed female with short choppy pigtails, and a taller male with sandy brown hair. They had their backs to us, but turned around in unison.

"Levi! What the hell are you thinking?! You brought someone?! Not only do we have those Corps bastards, but now they'll think we have a hostage!" The male asserted.

"Calm down, Farlan. We've held them off before. We'll just do it again. Right, Isabel?" The black haired boy, now identified as Levi, turned to the female.

"Right!" She yelled, making her hands into fists and smirking.

     The 3 all stood talking to each other before Levi cleared his throat, gesturing to me.

"She is only here as bait." He finally spoke, pushing me forward.

"Bait, what for?" I asked, panicked and annoyed.

"Yeah, Levi. What's so special 'bout her?" Isabel tilted her head in curiosity.

"You see, she's the big guy who's been following us-" His conversation was cut off by someone kicking in the door.

     After the dust had somewhat settled, a tall, well built man wearing a green cape stood in the doorway. He had combed over blond hair, and very luscious eyebrows. I kept myself from laughing. He walked to the 3 people behind me, taking Levi by the shoulder and throwing him onto the stone pathway outside. The other two were brought out in cuffs by accompanying people with the blond man.

     Levi was having his face smashed against the stone path, blood percolating from his nose and eyebrow. I wanted to interject, but found myself frozen from fear.

"One last time, you insignificant trash. Where'd you obtain the Maneuver Gear?" Levi's collar was being gripped by the mans hand.

"As if I'd tell the likes of you." Levi spat in the man's face.

"Commander Erwin, what with these two?" An older looking man with a horrendous two tone brown undercut asked, harshly keeping hold of Isabel's arm.

"Walk them down the street a little ways. I need to have a talk with this one." Erwin furrowed his monstrous eyebrows at Levi, who still wore a stern glare.

     I walked further out of the wooden house I had been in, now standing almost directly behind Erwin. He took one look over his shoulder, and his gaze instantly softened. He dropped Levi, who was thrown into a coughing fit in an attempt to catch his breath.

"Y-You're alive...after all these years..." Erwin began to tear up, his blue eyes starting to get puffy.

"Uhm, excuse me. Who're you?" I asked, sort of creeped out.

"Of course, you wouldn't remember. It's okay, Ava. I'll protect you from this scoundrel." Erwin turned around immediately, drop kicking Levi.

"Stop! Quit beating him!" I pleaded, throwing myself on the ground in front of Levi. 

     Not moving from in front of the bloody boy, I kept my eyes pinned on the towering Commander as he loomed over me. This man knew me, in some shape or form. But how? How in the name of Wall Sina could he possibly know me?! Erwin reached down his hand, to which I threw my arms out in defense of Levi.

"I'm giving you two choices, scum." Erwin began, picking up Levi by his shirt collar once more.

"What the hell kind of offer could you make that I'd accept?" Levi spat, blood dripping from his mouth.

"Either I end your life now, or you join the Survey Corps." Erwin furrowed his eyebrows once more, not breaking gaze with Levi.

"Then I'll join. I'll join the Survey Corps." Erwin pulled cuffs from his belt, fastening them around Levi's wrists.

"So, what's your name then?" Erwin stood Levi up, reaching a hand for me.

"Levi." Levi muttered, waling alongside Erwin and I.

     Erwin lead us to where his other people were waiting with Isabel and Farlan. They awaited Commander Erwin's orders, staring at him with intent.

"Mike, Hanji, take these three back to the Outpost. I will be leading Miss Ava back to her family." Erwin handed over Levi, to which the female established as Hanji took his wrist.

"Commander Erwin, do I need to show you how to get to my house?" I asked, twiddling with my fingers.

"No, Ava. I know where it's at." Erwin wrapped an arm around my shoulders, which still made me flinch, but not as bad as last time.

*Time Skip* 

     My mother was screaming relentlessly at me while my brother just stood behind her with his arms crossed. My face was strawberry red, and I couldn't stand to look her in the eyes.

"Ava Oliver! How dare you deliberately disobey what I said?! Oh, if your father were here right now, he'd have your head mounted above the fireplace!" My mother slapped my arm, leaving a stinging hand print.

"Uh, mom I don't think that was necessary." Jared interjected, trying to defend me.

"Jared, Ava, out of my sight! Go to your rooms!" My mother stormed off, entering hers and my father's room.

     I pushed in front of Jared on the stairs, slamming my door shut and immediately grabbing my pillow. Placing my face into it, I began to cry. What was so wrong with The Underground? I'm sure not all people are mean... My thoughts then changed to Commander Erwin, and the people in green capes. They weren't Military Police, so who were they? Wait...didn't they call themselves the Survey Corps? And didn't Levi sign up to join them?! I pulled my face from the pillow, snot dripping from my nose.

     Eagerly reaching for the nearby tissue box, I glanced down at my dirtied dress. Mud stains now occupied the once snow white top. Sighing, I went to change. My door swung open just as I was unbuttoning.

"Ava, grab your things, now." It was Jared, and he sounded rushed.

"I'm changing, Jared. Can't it wait?" I sniffled, trying to keep more snot from dripping.

"Dad's home. he says we're moving at this moment. It's urgent. Come on! You've got 5 minutes to pack." Jared left my door open, rushing back to his room.

     Not getting what he was saying, I still worked diligently to get as much as I can into a couple shoulder bags. Throwing them on, my mother was at my room door. She raised her arm, to which I flinched, but all she did was push on my shoulder. We all left behind our house in Wall Sina, and left for a place on the third outermost wall, the district of Shiganshina, on the outside of Wall Maria.



The End

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