Unbeating HeartMature

This short story is about 3 girls who go on a camping trip together one night, and are then stalked by a strange man.

Wow. This girl, she was tall, brunette, slim, soft delicate skin and smile to die for. She wasn't into beauty though, more of an academic. Bella her name was. The sun would shine deeply down into the hairs of her arms, and a touch of silence would kill the fear. She had 2 close friends, Amy and Lucy I believe.

"Will you PLEASE hurry up Lucy?" Begged Bella.
"I'll take as long as I want". Lucy replied with attitude whilst slapping mascara onto her long eye-lashes.
"Once, just once I wish you could be on time". Sighed Bella whilst chucking her heavybag into the trunk of the car.
"Oh give her a break Bella, you know what she's like." Amy replied in a more sarcastic manner.
"Oh just smack your foundation on and lets go please". Requested Bella. Lucy eye-rolled and replied with "Fine".

Later on, the 3 of them were in the car driving to the supermarket to pick up a few drinks. "How long is it gunna take to get there Amyyy?" Asked Bella eagerly.
"About 2 hours I think, weather is looking hopeful." Answered Amy whilst concentrating heavily on the road.
"2 hours? Couldn’t you have picked a closer place to camp at Bella?!". Lucy moaned disappointedly.
"Oh shut up and deal with it". Bella demanded.
"Look, this is meant to be fun, right? So quit being bitches to each other." Amy told Lucy and Bella.
"I'll quit whining once I get some booze". Lucy said as she raised her voice in a playful way.
"Maybe if you weren’t such an alcoh- SHITTT". Bella softly spoke which grew into a scream as the car sharply swerved side to side. "FUCKK!" Amy yelled. The car banged to a stop. "What the FUCK was that Bella?!" Shouted Lucy.
"I DONT FUCKING KNOW! THE WHEELS WENT OUT OF CONTROL". Amy claimed in a stressful way. "Oh for cocks sake, I'll check the tires". Groaned Bella as she hopped out of the car. "What the actualhell?!"
"What??" Lucy asked in curious demand.
"There's a fucking arrow shit jammed in the back tire, like someone shot it at!" Bella yelled in disgust.
"WHAT?" Amy screamed as she jumped out the car to view the tire, along with Lucy. "Just my shitty luck." Amy said in a whinging way. A man in a car pulled over next to the car. "Need a hand ladies?" Offered the man. The man had a slight stubble, looked about middle-aged, had deep dark hair and glistening eyes. "Yes please! You've got a spare in the trunk right Amy?" Questioned Bella.
"Yeah." Amy replied sounding very dull.
"So you off to anywhere nice?" Asked the man whilst removing the tire.
"Oh yeah, Goosebridge, camping for the night, should be good". Replied Lucy.
"Yeah that's a good place to camp, you'll have a good time there". Kindly replied the man. "The names Joey by the way".
"Cool". Answered Lucy in a more uninterested way. Joey fixed the tire on, and the 3 of them thanked him dearly then he drove off.

The 3 of them got back in the car and carried on going to the supermarket, still feeling a bit creeped. They purchased 3 packs of booze and some snacks to entertain them for the night camping. They got back in the car and began to make their journey to Goosebridge. Two long slow hours past with a lot of whining and they finally reached their destination.

"FINALLY". Lucy let out in relief, like she'd be tensing it in for years.

They each threw themselves out the rusty car one at a time, taking a deep breath of the fresh breezy air. The night was young and the sun was set. The moon gloomed down onto the excitement of the cheesy grins and swallowed pride, and a glimpse of the soil with crawling bugs. They quickly set out their tents, campfire and blankets to enjoy a nice, peaceful and fun night. The night went on with a lot of drunken laughs, crazy photos and melted marshmallows.

Lucy swayed as she walked over to the tent. "I feelllll sick". She stated whilst arching over her back and clutching her belly. "Maybe you should, ummmm, go to sleep Lucy". Mumbled Amy. Lucy turned away from the tent quickly and bent over and threw up majority of the drink she had consumed throughout the night. Gross. Lucy then retired to the tent to sleep for the night.

Bella giggled uncontrollably from her drunkenness humour. Amy began to join her laughing and stroked the inside of Bella's leg slowly up, starting from the knee. The silence occurred as they quietly understood the moment. Bella leant into Amy and began to nibble her neck, then travelled up to her mouth, biting her lip and pressing her own lips gently against Amy's. Amy was a little bit took away at first, but had no problem getting into the moment soon after. Amy slowly poked her tongue into Bella's mouth and got a good sense of her taste. Bella cupped her hand over Amy's
firm breasts and squeezed a tad. She then assisted Amy with taking her top off, and Amy did the same with Bella's. They quickly unclipped each others bras, still passionately kissing. Amy then kissed down her neck to Bella's left breast and slowly began to lick it. Bella let out a quiet moan of relief. Amy then went further down and removed Bella's skirt, followed by her lacy thong. She kissed
downwards starting from her stomach then reaching Bella's vagina. She teasingly kissed it a few times then carefully and calmly licked her clitoritis causing Bella to give off a large and lustful moan once again. Amy continued to caress Bella's vagina, with both of them savouring the embrace of moment in no aware they were being watched.

A scattered sound in the bushes was heard, causing Bella to jump slightly with fright. "What was that?" Bella whispered quietly, sounding a little out of breath as the moment came to a pause. "What was what?" Amy curiously questioned not understanding what Bella heard. "Um, never mind, I think I'm just imagining things". Bella confusingly replied, and Amy carried on.

He slowly sneaked closer and closer, staying low. He watched Bella and Amy in large interest, holding grip to his large axe. He stepped so quietly and softly, like a goddess seeping into the ground. He swung the axe back and launched it straight to the back of Amy's head, stood behind Bella. The axe plunged deep into her head and blood was rushing and oozing hurriedly out. Bella stared at the scene in speechless shock. She murmured out a few quiet screams as she used her hands to soak into the mud as she shifted backwards quickly, with her back meeting the legs of the man. She screamed and stumbled as she rose to get up, twisting around to see the man, with a familiar view and her eyes meeting the ragged name tag "Joey".

Still naked, she screamed for Lucy who was still at this point sleeping in the tent. She ran quickly to the tent, knocking her feet painfully across all the empty bottles, glancing behind her every moment. She shook the tent viciously and fiercely in such power from the fear and unbelief. Joey was walking over slowly as if he knew she wouldn't be getting away. She cried in anger feeling destroyed and helpless; wet tears soaked down her face and jumped onto the floor. She couldn't help but just stutter out words like "Please", and "Why?" as she sweated from the anxiousness. Bella was stood right outside the entrance of the tent. Joey reached onto his back and pulled around what appeared to Bella to be a long point. She rubbed her eyes to try and focus her sight, and realised he was aiming a bow and arrow at her. She screamed with such disturbed thoughts and a scared soul. Lucy was silently crawling to the entrance of the tent, just woken up feeling very confused and still drunk. Bella dodged to the side, just as he shot the arrow aiming for her leg to begin torturing her. Ouch. Straight into Lucy's head. Through her eyeball actually, popping right out the other side of her head.

Joey chuckled to himself and stepped back enjoying the view. Bella was confused at what happened at first, then she soon realised; she screeched at the top of her voice. You could see the pain in her eyes. She knew if she hadn’t moved, Lucy would still be alive. She didn't know what to do. She felt so ruined and her heart gave up on her. So many thoughts were racing through her head, mainly guilt. She remembered about her girlfriend Sam. Sam was on holiday at the moment... Bella had missed her so much. She was disgusted with herself. Sam was everything to her, her world. Bella wasn't giving up now, she wanted this sickening moment to end, now.

Everything went dead, so still, like time had paused. She heard her heart beating like a stomping elephant in the summer. A light breeze blew from behind her, whistled in her ear and passed in front of her. She quickly picked up a bottle and threw it at Joey's head. Bang, right on aim. She brought all her emotional strength to surface, and clutched her hand on Lucy's dead head, gripping onto the roots of her soft hairs. She slowly slid the arrow out of her head, looking away as not being able to bare looking at the ill sight. Pop came out the arrow, so she grabbed it from the middle causing the blood of her best friend to be spread out on her hand. She sobbed. She shook as she walked over to Joey who was currently holding his head painfully in his hands. She did it. Stabbed him right through the heart. A heart she killed to save hers.

The End

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