A VisitMature

It was cold. Felix worried to himself as he walked to Kat's house. Every time he remembered the missed calls, texts and messages he walked a little faster. By the time he got to her house, he was almost out of breath from near running quite a way, so stopped a minute to catch it.

He turned and she was there.

'Hey Kat,' He stuttered, recovering from the shock, 'Why all the calls?' She smiled and took his hand. Her hands were soft and smooth and -

'Come with me.' The air of mystery in her voice cut off his thoughts. He was scared, yet intrigued. Turning to go to the back of her bhouse, she let go of his hand as they began walking down to the bottom of her garden. Whenever he asked where they were going, he either got told to 'shush' or she said, 'You'll find out where we're going if you wait and see.' She led him though two fields and they were quite a way into a forest he'd never seen before when she stopped walking.

'I have something important to say, Felix.' Kat turned to face him. Usually he'd be a ball of nervousness and hope but all he could feel was fear. His whole body was cold.

'What is it?'

Kat took two steps towards him and stopped, biting her lip in thought. 'I need you to help me with something.'

He swallowed and repeated, 'What is it?'

'I have a task to do Felix. You need to help me..' She trailed off a little and the world seemed to stop turning. No birds sang, no squirrels climbed in the tress above. The whole forest held its breath.

She placed a hand behind his back and leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

'I need you to help me kill.'

The End

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