Texts and CallsMature

Sitting at home, Felix reached down, then pulled his heavy laptop onto his lap. He had 3 Facebook messages from Kat.

His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he pulled it out and looked at it.

3 missed calls, 5 texts.

This was strange, she was never this desperate to talk to him. Reading all the messages, he realised they all just said,

'Call me.' Or,

'Felix. Call me. NOW.'

He shivered involuntarily. Picking up his phone, he slowly put in Kat's number, saying them out loud to make sure he still knew them off by heart.

It rang...
And rang...
And it bleeped.

'Thank you for calling...' Felix hung up. Why would she be so desperate to talk then not reply?

She wasn't online on Facebook, either.

Pulling on his coat, he checked the light outside. Still a little bit left.

'Mum, I'm going to Kat's house!' He called, unlocking the door.

'Be back before 8!' He heard her reply, from some distant part of the house.

Pulling himself together, he grabbed his phone and set off.

The End

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