Felix woke up, sharply. Something told him this wasn't quite right. He sat up, looked to his right, then realised what was wrong.

'Kat?' He looked over to his best friend, who was still asleep.

But nothing about her sleep was right.

She was sat, bolt upright, green eyes wide open yet unblinking. Her long black hair was wild, messy and sticking up at odd angles but at the same time looking like it should be that way. Her hands were clasped together, the desperation in her face causing her knuckles to grip tightly and turn white.

'Kat!' He shouted, a sense of terror crawling up his back, turning his spine to ice. 'Kat, you're scaring me now. I'm scared, Kat!'

She dropped, like a bag of stones and crumpled up onto her sheets. Felix wasn't sure whether to run over to her or run away. She let out a soft sigh, and he knew she was still asleep.

He slowly edged over and put his arm round her shoulders, shaking her to wake her gently. When she didn't react, he gathered his courage, moved his mouth to her ear, and whispered:

'Katrina, you are still sleeping when I want you to be awake.' He saw her shift slightly, then a smile played across her mouth.

'I want never gets.' She replied smoothly, turning to face him.

They were close enough to kiss.

Kat moved forward.

Suddenly, a flash of something wild crossed her eyes and Felix stopped himself from reeling back. Quickly, Kat smoothed down her hair and regained control; like it never even happened.

'I had a bad dream.' She began, and stood up. 'It was horrible, everyone died.'

Felix saw her pyjamas, cute short shorts and a baggy T-Shirt of his, and quickly did some random maths in his head to stay focused. It only just worked and he looked up to see her staring at him.

'It sounds pleasant.' He replied, and got up as well, gathering his clothes to change.

'Don't get changed now, we'll go have breakfast!' Kat exclaimed happily, before turning around and walking out of the room.

She knows, he thought angrily. She knows her wearing my clothes drives me crazy. This is deliberate.

Pushing the scary image of a sleeping Kat out of his mind, Felix followed her downstairs to eat.

The End

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