Curiosity Killed the KatMature

Kat checked the clock on her bedroom wall. 1:20 AM, and still no sleep.

Next to her bed, on a mattress on the floor, Felix slept uneasily, tossing and turning. It wasn't great, but at least HE was asleep. A sudden flash of jealousy made Kat want to kick him and wake him up.

'Don't hurt... knife, no... stop..' Felix softly muttered to himself, his unconscious body protectively shielding his face with blundering, sleepy hands. She felt sorry for him then, knowing how vulnerable people were when they had no idea what was going on. Knife? She thought back to earlier, his reaction to her little test with the bird and realised he was having a nightmare. About her. Hurting him.

She felt bad, though at the same time a smile of power played at the corners of her mouth, threatening to break out and make her look crazy. No, she decided. She had had enough of hurting things for one night.

The feeling of cutting into the pigeon and feeling the blood run over her fingers flashed through my mind again and she got up quickly, walking to look out the window.

It was a beautiful night. The nearly full moon was big, high and yellow in the sky. Kat would never usually look out the window at night, for a fear of a face popping up like in a horror movie. Now though, it didn't bother her. Not after her recent development in personality.

Looking back, she supposed she had always been fairly average, her life wasn't really out of the ordinary apart from her parents when she was young were very careful with her, after she nearly didn't survive birth. Kat was the youngest of three, with two older brothers that annoyed her to no end. One was moving out to go to University this year, the other in year 12, just one year above.

But as a child, she'd - like many others - questioned everything. What's this? What does this mean? Though unlike other parents, they never told her anything about death. The only reason Kat had found out was a science lesson in year 6 which had left her in tears for a week. Shortly after moving up to high school, both her grandma and grandad died in a car accident.

She didn't speak to anyone for a month after that.

At the end of year 8, her Aunt had died and the pain of losing another person she loved had driven her over the edge, screaming and shouting, throwing tables and chairs around. The memory always made her shudder, and every night she found myself laying awake thinking.

The thoughts of all the poems and songs she had written about death ran through her mind, along with the pictures and painful suicide attempts. Her efforts to end the anxious waiting had failed, miserably.

Now though, it was different.

Kat thought back to a few weeks ago, finding an old book, with a strange symbol on the front that she'd never seen before, it was like a witches pentagram, but upside down and she had had no clue what it meant. Inside was lots of scrawly red handwriting in a language she didn't know, apart from one short sentence that stated,

'Bring death to others, and you avoid it yourself'

Scared, she had closed it and put it back in the attic where she first found it. But after a while Kat began wondering about it. Could killing others make you immortal?

It was two nights ago she's first seen the pigeon she had killed that night outside her window, glowing red. Somehow, she'd had known. This pigeon had to die. When she had found it again in the field earlier, she had just known what to do. It still scared her, just knowing like that.

Getting back into bed, brief thoughts of possession and demons haunted her subconscious as finally, Kat slept.

'Bring death to others'

The End

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