The Phone in my pocket! (i'm hungry)

I order a sandwich. Tuna on brown with red peppers. The red was working well, I feel safe in this cafe. Would the proprieter mind if Jaquie moved in I wonder?

I retrieve the phone and fiddle with the phonebook menu. It holds only six entries, one of them is 'Mum'. I have a strange sense of the word 'mum'. I know what it means; the female parent who grows you and then pushes you labouriously into existence. That is the extent of my understanding, is that enough?

On the basis that my 'mum' should be able to help my situation somewhat, I press the green button. The phone rings four times before:

"Hello?" A sleepy voice with an accent answers. Welsh? Scottish? Could I ever have known the difference?

"Mum?" Tentitively, I use the name I have just learned, but I can't keep my tone from questioning,"it's Jaquie?"

"Err.. Who?"

The End

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