the Red Brick Café

That's right I like red.  Or was it just this particular piece of bright red bricks standing in complete contrast to the drabness that was the stores on either side?

Whatever the reason, it looked inviting enough, so I went in.  I put the phone back in my pocket, more out of habit than anything else.

"Can I help you today?" The cashier looked as though she was trying very hard to be friendly.  She hated her job, I could tell.

I doubt she could help me with anything immediately relevent.  The odds of her knowing who I was seemed about a trillion to one.

"Oh hi Jacquie.  Your usual?"

Well that's a new piece of information, I have a usual.  I wonder what it is.  At least I have money in my wallet, so I suppose I'm about to find out.


The End

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