Chapter 1

Since she was 12 years old, Jessa has wanted to be a doctor and her boyfriend Callan seemed to always had the goal of playing for the NFL but when she ends up getting pregnant... it changes everything- can they make it through this?

The lights were dim in his bedroom as Callan pressed me against the wall, kissing me deeply. You could still hear the party going on outside the door but somehow we ended in here.

"Hey... Cal y-you're drunk." I manage to get out when we break apart, staring inquiringly into his brown eyes. Callan laughs softly then presses his lips against mine again.

"You're drunk too Jessa." He whispers in my ear before kissing the front of my neck, sending shivers down my spine.

Now that he mentions it the floor does seem to be spinning... wait how many drinks did I have again? I thought I stopped at one.I let out a giggle and kiss him again but this time press myself against his firm chest.

Callan's eyes widen in surprise and he takes down my ponytail, making my hair cascade down my back. Then he starts kissing me again, starting near my shoulder until he reaches the crook my neck.

I let out a soft moan of pleasure, closing my eyes to enjoy it more."Jessa I want you." I hear Callan murmur. His lips feel warm against my skin.

I slowly open my eyes and lock my gaze with his.

"I want you too..."

Those four words we said that night changed our lives forever.

The End

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