3 years previously...


"Hey Harry, you alright? Been up to much recently?"


"Nah, just been reading that book you lent me Spence."


"Ah, you enjoying it then?"


"Yeah I see what you mean about it, it's a cracker isn't it?"


"Told you so mate."


"So what's occurring in the shop then? Anything need doing?"


"Well a new order of books came in, they need processing, and there's a stack of romance books that can be put out on the shelves. That's about it for stuff that needs doing I think. Apart from that it's obviously just customers mate. So I'll see you next shift then? Tuesday, isn't it?"


"Yeah Spence, 12-5pm, and you're coming to the pub after right?"


"Quiz night? Yeah reckon I'll be there, although I won't lie to you mate, you know that girl I told you about? Well I’m going on a date with her; see, so you may be seeing a bit less of me in these coming weeks."


"Say no more mate, well I'll see you Tuesday then."


"Have a nice one Harry"


"Will do mate cheers"


I remember that shop, a quaint little book store in Cardiff. I used to work there with my mate Spencer. We ran it together, and we were best friends. He died in the accident. I often think to myself that if he hadn't have died, I wouldn’t have gone as mad as I have. He used to keep me sane. He never did get that date with that girl. He wouldn’t have liked her though. I didn’t, when I met her. Stupid bitch. Trying to target my best mate then dobbing me into the police and allowing herself to fall in love with me and me with her. I always said that he'd have been better off with the girl he'd secretly fancied most of his life, and she loved him too. Everything that happened to him was such a waste of life, such a shame. And I can never forgive myself for that accident. For letting him drive in such a state after being at that pub, and for distracting him at the wheel. It’s all my fault.



"Hey Spence, you can't drive, you're over the limit!"


"Not schat musch..."


"Spence, you're slurring, and you know you're a lightweight. Let me drive."


"I'm FINE!"


"Okay...but I'll be keepong an eye on you."


"Good. Lessgo."




"Hey Spence look out for that car! No, to the right, it's coming straight at us! No, don't giggle; it's not funny, swerve left!"


"Leggo my steering wheel, s'mine"


The End

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