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Jane finds some fairies in her house, and they badly want to see Ellen their old friend again, so Janedoes every thing she can to find her, and finally mananges to track Ellen down. Um as you can see it's not finished yet but I would gladly welcome some ideas on what, where, when or whatever, so long as it has something to with the story(no creepy murderesses chopping husbands heads off in this book I'm afraid...)

As Jane lay there she watched as the moon shone down through the gap in her curtains. She could hear her mum’s bed creaking.  As she glanced around the dark room she caught sight of a little light on the landing. At first she ignored it thinking it must be her brother but it was starting to annoy her. Carefully she picked up her torch and crept into his room but he was fast asleep. Jane went back into her room, closed the door and switched on the light.  Wrapping her duvet round her she sat down at her desk and thought about the light. What ever could it be?  she thought.  Turning off her bedroom light Jane opened the door. To her astonishment the light had now multiplied itself into three and all three dots were now in Jane’s room. But now Jane could see that they weren’t dots they were three fairies.

“Um….” said Jane. What on earth do you say to fairies in the middle of the night?

Fortunately for Jane one of the fairies spoke.

“Hello” said a fairy in a white dress.

“Ummm hi”

“Oh I see” said the fairy. “Not used to seeing fairies are you?”

Jane shook her head.

“Why are you here?”

“We live here. Oh I nearly forgot to introduce us all. My name is Charlotte. Lottie to my friends.”

“I’m Lavender” said a fairy in a lilac dress.

“And I’m Mollie” added a small fairy in a sky blue dress the exact colour of Mollie’s eyes.

“I.... I … I don’t understand you live here? But how I mean when I mean….” Jane trailed off the words stuck in her throat.

“Get back into bed Jane and we’ll tell you” Obediently Jane climbed into bed and snuggled down.

“We, all three of us live in your old dolls house and really it would be most helpful if you could bring it up to this attic floor. But anyway we have lived in this house since it was built and when you moved here and put your old dolls house in the basement we lived in that. The reason you have never seen us is because we are fairies that make sure all the dreams you have are nice ones. So we only really come out at night because we don’t need sleep like you do. We just need the occasional rest.”

Just then Jane became aware of the fact there was a light coming from her mum’s room.

“Quick” she whispered urgently “hide my mum thinks I am asleep she’ll be cross if she knows I am talking to you three.”

The three fairies dived into the dark corners of her room as Jane lent over and turned off the light. Just as Jane lay down her mum came out of her room and came up the creaky attic stairs, she stopped at the old oak door the led into the attic floor that only Jane was allowed on mainly because Jane owned it.

            After she had gone the fairies came out again only to find that Jane was now fast asleep.

            At school the next day Jane could hardly keep still in her seat she was so exited about the fact that last night she had had a conversation with some fairies. She knew it would be silly to mention it to any of her friends she knew they would only laugh at her and whisper silly things behind her back in the playground. She knew one person and one person only who would believe her. Tom. The schools gardener, the person who when she had joined the school two months ago had helped her make friends. So, at lunch time she slipped on her thin coat and ran outside and down to Toms little hut at the end of the school road.

“Tom Tom you’ll never guess what happened to me last night” she cried as he opened the door. “I had a conversation with three fairies Lottie, Lavender and Mollie.”

“Well I never of thought it you meetin’ Lottie, Lavie and Mollie. Aye yes I know them.” He spoke like that because he was a) a Scottish man and b) had lived in the hut for all his life. “Me great gran used to live in that house, many’s the time I met them when I woke up in the little attic bedroom.”

“Wow” she murmured.

 “Aye I know what you’ll be saying next that’s your room isn’t it?”

Jane nodded in awe at the old man.

“The whole top floor is mine it is quite large.”

“Aye, I know lassie. One last thing could you please give them my love and a big bar of chocolate but tell Mollie not to eat it all as she did once.”

“I will. I’ll see you tomorrow maybe.”

“That would be nice but don’t you waste all your precious time on an old man like me.”

“You’re not old” she cried.

“Just a little wrinkly round the edges.”

Jane laughed. “I’ve got to have my lunch now.”

“You can stay here and have thick ham and cheese sandwiches and a large slice o’ cake and a nice hot cuppa tea.”

“Do you really mean it?”

“Course I mean it I wouldn’t have said it if I didn’t mean it. Why don’t you ring your mum just in case she’d rather you have it at school.”

“We…. we don’t have a phone” Jane looked at Tom seriously. “We, my mum my dad, my brother and me we don’t have that much money. My mum only just scraped up enough money to pay for my school tuition and my uniform.”

“Well now you should have said something I’ve got something your mum can have for your brother when he starts school in a couple of years.” Tom went over to a wooden chest and pulled out an old Hetfield High uniform. “I found it buried in a hedge by the school gates. I knew it would come in handy one day.”

“Oh Tom” Jane cried giving the old man a hug. “It is just what mum needs.”

            Just then Tom noticed the time on the clock. “Now would you look at that we have spent all this time and know you have to go back to school. I’ll bring the uniform in my barrow later.”

            Jane ran down the lane her long brown plaits bouncing up and down as she ran.

She rushed into the school gate just as the bell rang.

“Where have you been” cried Susan who Jane sat next to at lunch and in class.

“I had lunch with Tom.”

“Tom” Susan cried. “But he’s the old gardener. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that you’ve got fairies living at the bottom of your garden.”

“Actually…” Jane stopped herself just in time Susan already thought she was a nutcase.”

“Actually what” Susan whispered as they sat down.

“Actually” Jane glanced around and caught sight of an old spade outside. “Actually I like Tom you ran off with Penny and left me alone and I wanted to speak to Tom about something.”


“Miss Sanbury and Miss Redington would you please listen to the lesson and not each other.” They jumped and faced Miss Hulling.

“Thank you. Now Joan what were you saying about the national anthem….”

Jane switched off. When the bell rang at the end of the lesson. Jane jumped put her stuff in her bag and ran outside to meet Tom at the gate but he wasn’t there instead there was a note that read: Dear Jane, I wil bring the uniform round to you howse at half five lov Tommy ‘green fingers’ XXX.

With the note in her hand Jane ran the ten blocks back to her old Georgian house. She knocked on the door and waited for her mum to open it. When the door opened she poured out all that had happened that day leaving out the bit about the fairies.

            Jane lay on her floor, sat on her bed, sat at her desk and decided to do some of what she called ‘Fairy Homework’. She was just about to start when there was a faint knock on the front door. Jane jumped up and ran down both flights of stairs and found her mother just taking the Hetfield uniform from Tom.

“Thank you very much I know Jane has told you that we are not very well off. And I am most grateful that you helped her make friends when she started.”

“Ooh, I don’t mind I like helping people out o’ tricky situations. Any way I’d best be off me mothers coming round in ten minutes and I promised her she could have a lovely hot tomato soup, a cup of coffee and a large slice o’ ginger cake, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow no doubt.”

                    When Tom had left Jane’s mum started dishing out the stew so Jane

washed her hands and laid the table.

After tea Jane went upstairs and started her ‘Fairy Homework’. She waited until

her mum went into the kitchen and started washing up and then she crept down

to the basement and switched on the little oil lamp. She looked around and

spotted: a bird cage, the dolls house, a shoebox full of candles and matches, her

great great great great great great grandmothers sewing box. She was just about

to pick up the dolls house when she stopped.

“Are you in here?” she gently tapped on the door.

“Yes. Why?” asked Lavender putting her head out of the kitchen window.

“I am going to take it upstairs for you.”

“Oh goody. We’ll hold on to a door knob each.”  Carefully Jane opened the door,

crept up the basement stairs and saw her mother knitting in the sitting room

and her father reading The Daily Times.

Jane crept back down stairs, blew out the oil lamp and piled everything into a

basket and, closing the door behind her went up the three flights of stairs to her

floor. She went into her room and picked up the key. Then Jane unlocked the

room next to hers which must have been a nursery/ playroom at some point as

there was an old table, a desk and the wallpaper had nursery rhymes on it. She

put the basket down on the table and went over to the window carefully she

pushed aside the thick satin curtains she looked out and gasped whoever had

lived in the house before must have spent hours at this window because there

was a big splash of colours painted on with the utmost care that it had made a

picture of three fairies and underneath on the window sill was carved three

names when Jane bent closer she saw that they were Mollie     Lottie 

Lavie.  By her left ear Jane heard something when she looked what it was she

saw Mollie crying.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Oh nothing I’m just remembering Ellen. She did that, it took her two months to

do it she wouldn’t let us in this room for that time then when she finished we

came in she told us it was a memory sheet. She’d been learning about it in

school. So she could never forget us even if we moved to another house. Four

days later she came to us and said she was going to boarding school, when she

went she locked the door so no one could destroy her window. One week after

she’d gone they moved.”

Jane looked at the three fairies and then at the window suddenly an idea struck

her. “Stay here.”  She ran to her room and prised up the loose floorboards. She

pulled out her box and found her pocket knife she had found under a bush when

she was four. She went back into the playroom and bent down by the window

ledge when she heard her mothers footsteps and her voice calling her.

“Jane, Jane darling time for bed it’s half eight.”

Jane ran out of the room locking the door behind her she ran into her room

where her mother was standing at the bed.

“Oh there you are. If you get into your night gown you may come down and have

a slice of apple strudel while your father eats his pudding.” She walked to the

door. Then she turned around. “Oh and Jane why have you got all this stuff in

your room again I thought you’d grown out of playing with your dolls house and

making sets of clothes for your dolls.” Luckily for Jane her mother didn’t wait for

an answer and went down the two flights of stairs to join her father. As she was

hungry Jane quickly got into her night gown wrapped a blanket round her

shoulders blew out the candle and went to join her parents in the sitting room.

“Now Jane” said her mother as she walked in. “Your father has had a busy day

and he’s tired so he is having his dinner in here you may have your supper in

here if you are careful or if you don’t feel you can manage as it might be crumbly

you can have it at the table.”

“Oh let the girl sit in here then she can tell me what she did today.”

Jane sat down next to her father and in between mouthfuls of apple strudel told

him what she had done that day.

When the clock struck quarter to nine Jane said she felt a little tired so she would

go to her room and read till nine then she would go to bed.

“Okay darling when I have finished my dinner I’ll come up to tuck you in” said her

father as she got up.

“And I’ll come up with him” added her mother.

As Jane went upstairs she popped her head in the door of her brother who had

been in bed since eight thirty and was now regretting it.

“It’s so unfair he moaned you get to go down stairs and eat cake with dad when

he gets home.”

“Well you’ll have that luxury when you turn ten in three months time.”

“Still not fair” he moaned.

Jane laughed and went up the last flight of stairs to the attic floor.

Picking up a book from her desk she climbed into bed. At nine fifteen her parents

came up to kiss her goodnight.

After they had gone back down Jane waited for five minutes then picking up the basket and the playroom key. She carefully opened her bedroom door crept next door and turned on the light turning her light off and pulling the door too.

Carefully she opened the door the fairies were not to be seen. She pulled her pocket knife out and slowly and carefully carved the words: BY ELLEN in her best copper plate writing which wasn’t very good because they weren’t taught anything like that at her school nowadays.

Then she went back into her room read a little bit more then went to sleep. In the morning she was awakened by something prodding her nose. Jane opened her eyes it was Mollie, poking her with what looked like Lavie's shoe.

“Thank you. For putting By Ellen under the picture.”

“It’s ok” replied Jane.

That day Jane couldn’t stop thinking about how longingly the three fairies had spoken of Ellen. St Moniva’s.  The school had Ellen had been sent to. At lunch Jane went into the computer room. She clicked on the search icon on her webpage and typed in ‘Pupils at St Moniva’s’.  A long list appeared and the first name in the E’s was Ellen Engrington. Jane clicked on it. She pulled out her purse printed the page off and paid Miss Dayber ha’penny, the price of a piece of paper. As soon as the bell rang Jane shoved her stuff into her bag and ran all the way home. She ran upstairs and showed the piece of paper to Lavie, Lottie and Mollie. “Is this Ellen?” she asked running into the ‘Fairy room’. “Why yes that is Ellen” cried Lottie astonished. “Ok thanks” said Jane running out of the room. She ran down the stairs, out the back door and all the way to the little library on the corner near the shop street. When she got there she sat down at the computer feeling lucky. There was only one computer in the whole town apart from the ten school ones and it was the one Jane was sitting in front of. Quickly she typed in her search title; Ellen Engrington. A few minutes later an info sheet popped onto the screen; Name: Ellen Kate Engrington, Date-Of-Birth: 12/4/1945.

“Blah de blah” Jane mumbled as she scrolled down. “Aha.” She clicked on House and Area. “Henridge, West London” she clicked the print button and waited for it to upload to the printer. She grabbed the piece of paper and, putting down a twenty pence coin ran all the way to her big Georgian house.

Just as she was raising the big knocker her mum opened the door to go out.

“Darling, where have you been? I was getting worried, your bedroom was empty and I was about to go to the shops. And your dad’s at work so you wouldn’t be able to get in if you came home when I was out.”

“Mum, mum calm down, if you get me a front door key then I could go to a friends after school and you could go out.”

Jane held her breath she’d had this conversation with her before it had always ended in strops and Jane being sent to her room. “Well, I’ll speak to your father about it after he’s had his tea this evening.” Jane felt sure her father would say yes, he always did.

“Oh, thanks mum. You go do your shopping now and I’ll get tea ready.”

Jane ran indoors and shut the door before her mum could say anything else. She ran up to her room and showed the three fairies the picture she had found.

“Is this Ellen?”

“Yes, it is Ellen! Not a very good picture I’m afraid, but yes it’s a picture of Ellen.”

“Well, I found some good news and some bad news. Hang on, I’ll read the whole thing to you. Ellen, who went to school at Henridge Elementary, has become one of the most high achieving pupils in the whole of England schools. Therefore… Oh you don’t need to know all this blah… Ah, the good news, she lived in The Cottage, Potley road, Henridge.”

“Why, that’s wonderful news we can go and visit her, oh there was bad news wasn’t there?” cried Molly.

“Yes…um.. well, er you see she moved away from there due to all the publicity she was getting and they didn’t tell anyone where they were going or where they were.

The End

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