Umm I am not sure what to have as the title please help, i am thinking about the Story of Enosh UthraMature

Well this is the book I have dreamed about writing so I am going to give it a shot. Make sure you comment on what you think
I write this not for glory, not for money. I write this to tell the journey of a young boy whose life was at first calm, peaceful and easy in year 7. Through the years his life starts becoming more and more chaotic, this story shows a child's change and a child's tough time as growing up.

So I woke up ready for school, it was my first day of high school and I was so excited. I walked the ten steps to our toilet at 7am.  I walked out of my room on the soft cushiony pink carpet floor. I walked two steps down the hallway then I turned left into our magnificent toilet, well as magnificent as a toilet could be. The toilet was on the left hand side and in the middle with the shower on the left of it and the bath on the other side of it with the sink on the opposite side of the toilet and so I pissed into the toilet that cleansing feeling felt so good. I washed my face the coolness of the water as refreshing as lemon soda on a hot day. It cleansed the dirt of my face. After I walked down the rest of the hallway and turned left into the family room. 

The End

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