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Gaddicts referred to these faux gaddicts as “ultra's”. Ultra's often came to these gaming venues to avoid their spouses or other prying eyes. They wanted to get their Ultra fix; thrills that their lives may not have afforded them. Sember was no different, except that she had been a true gaddict but was now considered an outcast, a betrayer of her kind: a Receiver. Nineteen-years old and disgruntled with nearly every aspect of her life, she yearned for more... much more. 

It was in the midst of her foray into Hyon's masterful display of artistry that it happened. Her connection ended; went dark. She noticed that everyone else seemingly experienced the same issue, as they had also come out of their small VR booths. A few began yelling at the RecCreation staff to fix whatever it was. However, it took only moments for most to realize that it wasn't RecCreation's fault. That's because every booth started blinking an unfamiliar 24-digit code. This was the kind of code every receiver needed to connect to their specific sender. Curiosity reigned. Sember, along with the other Ultras, began typing the new code... connecting.

A name flashed on every screen -
Psiman- before the connection went live. The hidden face of what appeared to be a man came into view, as this sender was looking in a mirror in the faintest light of a dark room. He then spoke, removing all doubt, “Deep, so very deep within the cavernous essence of us all, creeps something we avert unconsciously. We're unable with our tiny minds to grasp its purity. It's buried, so very deep for most, but not me. Noooo, I'm special. I get it. I embrace it. Luckily for you all, I've invited you in. In, where no one has gone and breathed air afterward. Into the mind and life of a very active serial killer. So, be ready for my next code... it could happen at any time."

The image of the man began to fade as it appeared that he was moving further away from the mirror. He snickered a bit and added, "Besides, you wouldn't want to miss what comes next."
The connection ended.
The furor began. 


The End

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