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Once activated, the device sends a live streaming signal back to Qor and captures everything the wearer sees, thinks, and feels. This feed is what Sember and other paying customers tap into, whether through a home VR Console or at places such as RecCreation! The wearer's were called “senders” and the paying clients were called “receivers.” 

Every emotion, every lurid, sweet, or indifferent thought that the sender experiences is instantaneously experienced by the receiver. Every blink, every sigh, every orgasm... every and any thing the sender experiences is relayed directly to the receiver. Each flash of the banklet was another foray into the sender's world.  The more people dialed into a sender's life, the more the sender got paid, with attention-seeking and/or money-hungry celebrity's dominating the market.

Ultra was the hottest thing ever. It has been calculated that there were over a 660 million users internationally, with figures showing over 100 million users on at any given time. The record thus far was 213 million the day after this past Christmas, 2026.

The true gaddict despised the Ultra crowd because Ultra wasn't a game at all, but more like a souped up reality show. Most gaddicts left their homes and gathered together at places like the RecCreation to escape adults, and to escape the hectic world associated with them. But now their sanctuary was violated by posers.

The End

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