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Set in 2027, "Ultra" is the dominant means of entertainment. It is not a show or game, but rather a virtual connection between human beings. During one such session, the world is introduced to a serial killer named Psiman, who becomes all the rage. However, a 19-year old girl named Sember is the only one that stays connected- even when he goes offline!

With a criminal background, Sember fears going to the authorities and soon comes to realizes that she may be the only one that can stop him!

Sember was immersed within the mercurial magic of the Japanese painter known as Hyon. Her eyes were his eyes... and they were dancing between the tip of his paintbrush and the white beyond. She was in awe with the way he flicked his wrist so delicately, gracing the empty canvas before him in colors anew. It blended into something recognizable, but it was gone in an instant. No! she thought angrily. Her "Ultra" connection was expiring... in 3... 2... 1...

She needed just 15 more credits to continue and knew there was no choice. So the cute brunette flashed her bank-linked bracelet, or banklet, before the screen, beating the deadline with milliseconds to spare. Her heart raced as the canvas and artist that created it, re-emerged.

The live virtual reality program was called Ultra. It was a nightmarish new revelation in the industry to those called gaddicts. Gaddicts, slang for game addicts, were typically kids and young adults, but not this time. Not this "game."

RecCreation was overflowing with people of all ages, but older adults -the ones with the real money- swarmed the gaming and virtual reality venue like locusts... outnumbering their youthful brethren five-to-one. Because of Ultra, the thirty-somethings were becoming the gaming world's big spenders, and most catered to clients. Gaddicts were no longer looked down upon as wastes of air by society norms because Ultra had something for everyone. It was the ultimate game because you didn't play it, you lived it. It began over four years ago...

November 10, 2022
The world was rocked when Qor Virtual (QV) announced their latest technological masterpiece: Ultra. Ultra employs a highly-specialized electronic device that anyone over 18 can wear.

The End

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