Walk over to counter and wait

You walk over to the counter and jump up and sit ontop of the counter and wait. as soon as you sit down the doors are flung open with the owner standing there panting and scurrying to close the doors.

You: Wahts going on out there?

Owner: A guy out there, he tried to bite me.

You: You what?

Man: I told you not to go out there.

You: Shut up.

You walk into the back room and grab some shells for the desert eagle, and walk back into the main shop. You grab the desert eagle and load the gun.

Man: What are you going?

You take no notice of the man and walk outside and see a strange man standing there with blood dripping from his mouth.

You: OI, what do you want?

Strange man: Arrrgghhhhh..

The strange man strate to move close to you.

The End

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