Browse the shelves

You walk over to a shelf containing holding many different types of weapons. A desert Eagle attracts your attention, you pick up the metal hilt and hold it out at arms length.


the front door is flung open and a young man stands there with glasses and stuck up gngery brown hair. He walks over to the owner and starts to talk to the owner. You overhear the convosation.

Man: Hi, I'm looking for a decent type of pistol.

Owner: I have just what you need my boy.

The owner walks to the back room and walks back with a small pistol.

At this point yu put the desert eagle in its place and pick up a large 12 gauge.

Man: I'll take this then please with 80 rounds please.

The owner walks to the back room and comes back with some shells and is given the money. The young man walks out of the shop.

The End

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