Ultimate Survival

You choose your path...

Jack Strike - an ex military commando, and SWAT operative, who was sent to prison for ten years after going on a grand theft auto which ended in hm stealing 5 cars reachign a total of $2,000,000. he had special military training with every weapon type known to man except bio-weaponary and nucleur.

Chaz Bral - a simply family man, ex military marine who now owns a gun shop filled with some of the most dangerous weapons known to man (except A bombs n H bombs of course). He has had weapons training from marines. Specialising in the use of shotguns and pistols. 

Lou Glitch - A young man around the age of 24 been at university in oxford for 4 years at a computing course. He moved to America after hacking into the British govournment mainframe. He did 3 years for that when he was 15.

Who's eyes are you going to see the story from?

The End

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