Chapter 1Mature

  Scarletta Helson strode through the Peasant town, a strong scent of the nearby factory hung in the air. It made the atmosphere even more unbearable. She was beautiful, everyone stared at her. Everyone envied her. They called her 'The Black Fox' because she always wore nothing but black. She wore black high heels, and was so elegant in them.  She wore a black fox fur, that her brother killed in the real world.              Under the coat, she wore a slick body suit that helped her fight. But was mostly extremely  comfortably.  Her long black hair flew wildly in the wind, making her growl to herself. The only non-black thing was her skin, which was pale white, and her eyes, which were golden. 

       Her shoes clicked and clonked as she walked swiftly up a flight of stairs. She knocked gracefully on the door, feeling utterly pissed off. The door was a beautifully designed wooden door, that cost less than fifty cents in american money, but more than a million in Goblin money. Goblin money, was Dragon scales, and...those are rare. 

     When she knocked again. 

      Getting impatient, she silently thought, Idiots, before she raised her foot. She was prepared to knock down the door. Suddenly, the door swung open, and there stood Simon Bolivar. He was a genius, well, for a Drokin. Drokins are humans who could change into Dragons, but pure blood dragons were the most powerful. Drokins usually were ugly beast, who thought nothing but food. 

    But in Simon's case, he had been blessed. He was tall, fit, smart... He had black curly hair that almost covered his eyes. He had to-die-for brown eyes. "Hmm, Well Scarletta, You are back? And what are you doing?" He asked as she lowered her foot and straightened up. 

    "Just a gesture, At first I was under the impression that something bad had happened to you. " She let out a sigh," And do not call me by that name. You have always called me Scar, I don't see how me going away for two years has changed anything." 

      "Scar, A lot has changed." Simon gave a small half hearted smile and let her strut passed him, into the small brown house. She walked swiftly through the narrow hallway, struggling not to trip over broken glass, pieces of plants, and paper. She finally stumbled into the living room. On the far left part of the living room was a large picture of Simon's father. He was a fat, messy looking man with a long bushy beard.  A beautiful fireplace sat on the middle wall, two chairs and a love seat surrounded it. 

    Simon immediately went to the fireplace, and started putting in wood.  Scar sat down looking around. "Where is Mr. Jackson?" 

    "Mr. Jackson? Why so Formal. Mrs. Helson, Mr. Jackson has arrived." A tall guy with blonde hair came into view, he had Silver eyes... Scar stood up suddenly and ran to hug him. "James!" She said, excitedly.

The End

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