Chapter 58 - THE END


It was okay. We could relax. It was only Jordan and Charlie. I went to open the door, and found that I was being gagged, so could not scream, and bundled away... But I daren’t think to Joe... I thought to him that I was just going for a nice pleasant walk... no need to worry him. No need to panic. Yet...


I was blind-folded, and stuffed into the back of a black Rolls-Royce. The type you see on films, and in musicals like Bugsy Malone. It all seemed to be for show. Nobody drives old cars like this around Mattawa; not that I’ve seen anyway.


I ripped the blind-fold from my face, and saw that we were heading straight for a wall... Nope, not a wall... a lamp post. The same lamp post that me and Joe had gone through to go to the Vamdeveri...

Oh my gosh! I was so blonde sometimes... We were going to the Vamdeveri! But I hadn’t done anything! Had I? Or was informing my family against the rules... Who knew, but what I did know was that they weren’t keeping me here... Well, not if I had something to do with it.


But I had something on my side that would help me really much, and that they didn’t know about… But maybe they did, seeing as they were thinking that they were Jordan and Charlie to fool me… But anyway, it was an advantage on my side, because I could get in contact with Joe, without the use of a telephone; because I could read his mind.


“If you even think about using those freaky psychic powers of yours, you’ll be on the menu at ‘Toil and Trouble’, you understand?” The woman said, with a heavy Tennessee accent.

I nodded, on account for being gagged and bound. Thankfully, she took the gag from my mouth, and untied me, now that we were inside, so I could give her a proper answer.

“Yes, Ma’am” I replied, mocking her accent, and giving her a salute. I was actually really scared, but I’ve found that giving them a confident or cocky approach lets you live longer. My poor baby didn’t have the ability to do either of those things though, so one thing had led to another.


She threw me against the side of the car, making a huge dint in the side of the car, and a fracture up my spinal cord… It’s a good thing that I wasn’t human, otherwise I’d be either paralysed or dead.


I could feel that when I turned over, a lot of my spinal cord had been crushed, and could feel the debris falling down, towards my whatsit, no, sorry, my coccyx (tail bone).


I stepped out of the car, shakily, and faced Jenny where she greeted me with a sickly sweet smile. I hated her. I had so much rage at what she was thinking about doing, I did one of those high-kicks, which smacked her in the cheek, and which point, she grabbed me by the throat, then plunged a dagger through my chest. That wouldn’t kill me. Until she lit her cigarette lighter.

I was a gonner. I knew that at once. The last thing I remember was the fire, licking itself around me, and the pain, torturing every cell in my body, and thinking to Joe: ‘I love you.’




The End

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