Chapter 55 - Taken


Because they were coming… The Vamdeveri were coming… And they were coming for my precious little Danielle…

Right then I felt anger, protectiveness, and most of all, worried. Not for my sake, not even for Joe’s – just for my little Danielle.


Joe explained that the Vamdeveri were coming, so they left, and told us to get in touch with them after the Vamdeveri left – providing we were allowed to live.

Providing my heart didn’t shatter after the Vamdeveri had left…

There was no way of telling how or when or what the Vamdeveri were coming for, but all Joe saw was Alexander, one of the Vamdeveri, was holding Danielle, and was not being the least bit careful about it.


I could feel anger on my tongue; I could feel the worry in my eyes, as my eyes were an exact reflection of Joe’s eyes.

Somebody would die – the Vamdeveri never let people go without one death. Who would it be? Me? Joe? Danielle? A unicorn? Somebody that I love? There was no way to tell… Just the fact that somebody was coming was reason enough to panic… Though panic was certainly not the best option – but what other options are there?

Sit around looking like bait? Sit around like lemons? What do we do? How do we do it? When do we do it? Where do we do it? The reason why and who were the only things that were clear…


So, I suppose we would only find out when the time came... When that was, was yet unclear. We would only find out when Joe saw – what he saw, I would also see. What they were thinking and their intentions would become clear, as soon as they came within a ten mile radius.

I thought that running away (the idea at least) should have occurred to Joe and when I asked him about this, he just murmured something about somebody called Eve, and somebody called Chloe.


“Eve can smell one of us from a thousand miles away; there’s no chance of running away.” He grimaced, remembering a time when she traced his scent all the way to Southern America.

“And Chloe?” I asked.

“She can torture you on the spot with just the tip of her finger. All she has to do is breathe on you, and you will be down on the floor, writhing in agony.” He whispered, holding me close.


“Oh!” He suddenly said, breaking the long silence.

“What is it? What’s changed?” I asked softly, because I knew that something had changed.

“They’ve changed their mind – they’ll leave us alone for another year; they’ll be monitoring how Danielle progresses, but the moment that they think that she will expose us for what we are, they will wipe her out, and the whole of the family, and then anybody who stands in their way.” He beamed.


“So we’re safe until she is a danger?” I sighed with relief.

“Yes; we should inform Sally and Dougie.” He decided.

“So they’re not coming at all?” I was still on a high.

“Nope; until she poses a threat to us.” He clarified.

I felt so giddy that I wanted to get up and dance. I wanted to smile and laugh and sing, and all because of Danielle – the last time I had felt this way was after the Vamdeveri had left after creating me.

I had felt alive, I had felt strong, and I had felt invincible. The precise way that I felt right at this very moment.


I felt as light as a feather – I felt giddy – drunk almost, though I’d only been drunk once, when I was a young teenager, and had had a hangover at school the nest day. There were good times when I was human, and seemed that only anxiety and wonder hung over me in these immortal times...

There would be a day when the Vamdeveri were wiped out, and I would be standing there that day, fighting, in the name of Danielle.


“Save your rejoicing for when they are completely wiped out.” Joe laughed.

“Do you see that happening any time soon?” I asked him, teasing.

“No – unfortunately, but I’d bet it’s in the next couple of centuries.” He laughed, and I giggled along with him.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. I went to answer it, with Danielle asleep in my arms.


Who should be standing there, in the pool of porch light, with a crooked grin on his face, but Paul?

“Hi Paul – what’s up?” I asked, and saw his eyes zoom in on Danielle.

“Oh, I was in the neighbourhood.” He shrugged, still staring at Danielle. What he was doing in this neighbourhood, I had no idea.

“I’m babysitting.” I lied – remembering that even nine months hadn’t gone by yet.


“Sure you are; can I come in?” He laughed.

“Are you trying to insinuate that I have had a baby in five months?” I questioned his sanity, letting him in from the rain. A normal person would have just let the subject drop, but not me – another problem that I have. I’m just too persistent.

“Yes I am actually; she looks pretty premature to me.” He noted her size.

“People won’t believe you, you know.” I warned him, my voice low and even.

“I wasn’t going to tell anybody.” He promised.


“So; what exactly happened?” He questioned me.

“I don’t think that I’m at liberty to tell you that.” I answered honestly.

“But she is yours? “He urged.

“Yes” I whispered in reply, scared that my voice would waver and let me down.

“And she’s beautiful.” He smiled, leaning closer to get a better look.


“What did you come here for – seriously Paul?” I asked him, going into the nursery, and putting Danielle into her cot.

“I was reading something – I wondered if it applied to you and Joe.” He looked at his hands while he said this.

“And this was about...?” I urged him to go on, scared of protecting our secret.

“It was about... vampires.” He reluctantly said, and I felt my stomach drop through the soles of my feet.

“You think I’m a vampire.” I laughed; it wasn’t a question.

“No – I think you’re a vampire slayer.” He shook his head.

“You’d have to ask my husband about that.” I sniggered.


Just then, Joe walked into the nursery.

“Hi Mr. Vampire-Slayer.” I laughed.

“Yeah – I can see that myths are just myths; sorry to trouble you.” Paul blushed.

“And not a word about Danielle.” Joe smiled.

“How did you know what we were talking about?” Paul asked.

“The walls have ears.” I winked.

“I’ll get going then.” Paul laughed, and then walked to the door where I let him out.


We went into the living room then, and sat down to chat.

“I thought he’d guessed about us then; maybe if he had, the Vamdeveri would have come to kill us without Danielle as an excuse!” I giggled, kind-of-hysterically.

“And you think that that’s funny?” His tone questioned my sanity.

“Incredibly” I agreed, and then we were both in hysterics.

The laughter stopped instantly when we heard a small click from in the nursery.


We both rose and ran into the nursery as fast as we possibly could – there were some papers scattered about the floor, like they had been blown by the wind – of course! The click had been the window shutting!

What could anybody possibly want from in the nursery?

I turned slowly, to look in the cot... And it was now empty...


The End

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