Chapter 53 - 'She knew'


“So... Awkward silence...” I muttered after a while.

“Yeah, so what are we going to do now?” Sophie wondered aloud.

“We’ve missed a lot – we have so much to catch up on!” Joe laughed.

“Like who’s been killing your Mum.” Sophie joked, carelessly.

“Yes” I muttered, hearing Sophie’s thoughts; she knew.

The rest of the day carried on like that, pretty much, and thankfully, Sophie and Dad got tired and went to bed.


“You can’t leave me to talk with them like that.” I chided Joe.

“It wasn’t my fault; they’re your parents.” Joe shrugged.

“No, Dad is my parent – Sophie is trying to be.” I argued.

“Sorry” Joe held his hands up in surrender.

“Sorry I’m so snappy, it’s just -” and how ironic it was for Danielle to start crying at the right time, I rocked her, and she went back to sleep.

“It’s okay; you’ll be on edge all three days, won’t you?” Joe realised.

“Yep – maybe they’ll go home early.” I laughed with a vain hope.

“What was that face you made when Sophie mentioned about your Mum?” Joe asked – he’d noticed that, had he?

“Oh, she, erm, knows about the unicorns and us – she’s a Fairy Godmother.” I laughed.

“She’s a what?” Joe asked.

“Fairy Godmother” I repeated.

“Have the myths gone to your head?” Joe laughed.

“No honestly; they’re really rare or something. Her mind is absolutely fascinating!!!” I enthused.


Joe laughed and muttered something about my life being just like Cinderella, and I told him to stop being melodramatic.

I went to the bathroom and got showered and then changed, seeing as Danielle was asleep.

I started singing to myself, and hadn’t noticed Joe come in, listening to me.


“Are you happy or something?” Joe asked, smiling as I hurried to cover myself up with a towel.

“When the old fogeys are asleep; yes.” I laughed, and he went outside the bathroom to give me some privacy.

I got changed quickly and went back to join him.

“So what was that song that you were singing?” Joe asked me casually.

“You heard that? Oh no…” I groaned, letting my head fall back, closing my eyes.

“It was good – nice melody.” He complimented, though I thought it was to show that he didn’t want to offend me.

“It was just something that I wrote – before I changed…” I replied.

“It talked a lot about immortality and death.” He laughed.

“Yeah; I was trying out some lyrics and chords – just immature stuff really.” I shrugged.


“Matt, Amy and Joanna are coming after your family have gone.” He mentioned casually.

“Oh, cool. Why?” I wondered.

“They wanted to see Danielle – I emailed them.” This comment was so normal, it sounded so weird coming from Joe’s lips. I smiled to myself when I thought this – I hope he was listening… It might make him laugh…


We went back down to see if Danielle was alright, and I sincerely hoped that he wouldn’t bring up my terrible singing again; especially in front of my Dad and Sophie.

‘I can’t wait to see her face when she comes across Nichole.’ Joe smirked to himself.

‘Hello?! Have you forgotten something? There is a psychic over here!’ I thought back, internally laughing.

‘Oh yeah, shoot. Sorry – Nichole’s really nice.’ He smirked.

‘When you say ‘nice’ - how nice?’ I was suspicious.

Too nice – honestly, you’ll see what I mean when you meet her. Oh no, Danni’s crying.’ He realised.

‘Well done – it’s you, you scream your thoughts.’ I thought sarcastically and smacked him over the head (playfully).


Danielle stopped crying as soon as I picked her up. We would know her powers soon and I was starting to feel anxious – what if her power was exactly the same as mine, or exactly the same as Joe’s? Would she feel like a clone? Would she be happy with her power(s)? We’d just have to wait and see…


Dad and Sophie came down in to the living room at about 11:00 and apparently this was usual for them – they have all the luck (being able to sleep at all).

I made them toast for their breakfast, and got out of eating by saying that we’d already eaten.

Maybe for dinner time Joe and I could disappear over to the McIvor’s house until it was an acceptable amount of time to say that we’d eaten… or maybe they’d go into the town…


“This is good toast.” Dad complimented my culinary skills; over the time-span of my life, I had noticed that he only did this when he was going to try to break some bad news to me.

“What’s wrong Dad?” I asked automatically and he mocked being shocked, probably knowing that he was predictable.

“Oh come on Dad, the toast is crozzled.” I laughed.

“Well, Sophie and I have to leave, like straight away… my job is in danger…” He seemed reluctant to say it.

“He’ll be made redundant if he doesn’t go…” Sophie intervened.


“Well of course you must go – there’ll be other times when you can come to visit.” I shrugged.

“No there won’t – I have to move to England, and once I’ve moved there, I won’t be able to come back to visit.” Sophie was gracious about telling me, and I knew that wherever Sophie went, Dad would follow.




“So this is sort of goodbye, I guess.” Dad seemed ashamed.

“Forever” I muttered, the word getting stuck in my throat.

“Yes. I’m sorry that it has to be like this.” Dad muttered, hugging me tightly and kissed my cheek.


Then we went outside, helped them put their things in the back of the taxi, I called ‘I love you’ so the last thing that I would have ever said to them was ‘I love you’, and then they drove away, taking part of my heart with them.


Now all that was left to worry about was this Nichole person that I had never met, and that really was worrying. Why hadn’t he told me about her before? Why would he say that she’s too nice?

So many questions, but I’d only be able to get answers to them when the time actually came to meet her.


“They’ll be here in about five minutes – they don’t live so far away.” Joe laughed, seeing my tension and hearing what it was about.

“You know, if she’s like Sammie used to be, I am honestly going to murder you right here on the spot.” I swore.

“She’s the complete opposite – when you meet her, you can’t help loving her. Like when you met Sammie, you couldn’t help but hate her, they’re opposites.” He laughed, and I took an oath that he shouldn’t rely too much on having a head if he is pulling my leg (so to speak).


We chatted for a bit whilst changing Danielle’s clothes, and I tried not to think about what was coming, though it kept entering my head, no matter how hard I tried not to think about it.

The End

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