Chapter 52 - A Black Substance

“I told you not to go!” Joe yelled in my face.

“I’m sorry – I had to prove it to you, myself, and everybody else!” I reasoned.

“Well, you could have phoned.” He smiled, shyly, a lot calmer now.

“I could have – but then you wouldn’t have been worrying, and if I had been gone another ten minutes I bet you’d have rung anyway.” I teased.

“Yes, because I am your overprotective Mother Hen.” He laughed, and then kissed me quickly, locking his arms around me.


Sophie came over to us then, cradling Danielle to her chest. She handed Danielle to me, and I handed her to Joe; he’d hardly held her today, and I didn’t want to be ‘hogging’ her.

‘So, what are you going to tell your Dad about our little argument?’ Joe wondered.

‘That… things sorted themselves out, and you were only worried for mine and Danielle’s health.’ I thought back.

‘Diplomatic’ Joe complimented.

‘Not really’ I thought back, and outwardly let a giggle out, which made everybody else laugh too, because as far as they knew, I was laughing at nothing, or something that was in my head – and they couldn’t be more right.


“So… Shall we go in? I’ll put the kettle on.” I suggested, and everybody followed me in, though they stayed in the living room while I went into the kitchen to fill the kettle and switch it on.

I was just getting two cups down (for Dad and Sophie seeing as Joe and I don’t drink), when all of a sudden, there was a sharp stabbing pain towards the left hand side of my body, and it was so fierce that I dropped the cups, which smashed on the floor around me, and I keeled over, falling on top of them, causing serious injury to myself.


I heard Joe wondering what had happened in the other room, and then I heard him excuse himself to go to see what the matter was. I heard him standing by the doorway, and taking a huge gasp at seeing me there on the floor, with the black blood-like substance pouring from me, though it wasn’t blood because obviously I couldn’t bleed with having no blood inside me. It was the same thing as when I’d had Danielle. Maybe it was vampire-blood or something like it…


Joe scooped me up, and ran (at human speed, though he wanted to run faster, but couldn’t because of my Dad and Sophie being there) to the bedroom and laid me down on the bed.

He then disappeared again to tidy up the mess, and was back with me again, as fast as was humanly possible, though for both of us (me slightly more than him), humanly wasn’t fast enough.


Then, Charlie appeared out of nowhere – it was weird, but then again, my being able to read minds thing must seem weird too.

He took one look at me, and rushed into our en suite, grabbed four black towels (the same colour as the blood-like substance) and tied them around where my wounds were.


Joe came back in, but disappeared quickly with a nod, and came back, about a minute later, with Sally; I sometimes thought that I was so lucky having him able to read my mind, having her able to heal my many injuries, and having him as a husband. I loved him so much and I still felt like I didn’t deserve him, no matter how long that we’d been together, but at that present moment, I wasn’t thinking a lot about that, seeing as I was in a lot of pain, and I was just waiting for Sally to ‘cast her magic’ as Zach liked to call it.


Sally laid her hands on my wounds, and the pain ceased, and the skin healed over it. The stabbing pain also disappeared along with the gashes in my side.

“Thank you so much!” I exclaimed, sitting up, and hugging Sally tightly.

“It’s quite alright dear, as long as you are okay now. Nowhere hurts does it?” She checked, and I shook my head.

“You’ll have to get changed though – the blood stuff soaked through and there’s loads of tears in them – I don’t mind, but I’m not sure it’s entirely appropriate to wear in front of your Dad and Sophie.” Joe smiled.

“Stop it; you’re making me feel self-conscious!” I complained, jokingly.


I went into our huge closet, and Joe followed me. I picked out some scruffy jeans and a scruffy t-shirt, and then put on my Ugg boots that I just wore around the house.

“Ah yes, very nice.” Joe smiled.

“Okay – erm... thanks.” I replied, feeling awkward, before he wrapped me in his arms.

“Awkward” I said after a while – they were probably missing us downstairs.

“We’re married - not awkward.” He corrected, and I laughed, but we untangled ourselves anyway.


“It’s a shame you got changed – I would have liked to see their faces.” Joe sniggered.

“I’d have liked to see your face if you were in their position.” I retorted, though not in a nasty way at all.

We entered the living room, and sat down on the sofa – I abandoned the idea of coffee.


“What happened? Are you hurt?” Sophie asked, like a Mother, or at least, somebody who cares.

“I just dropped a few cups – it was shock more than anything.” I bluffed easily – they hadn’t seen the black substance.

“Well as long as you’re alright.” Dad said, sceptically.

“I’m fine – not a scrape on me.” I assured them, ‘Any more’ I added in my head.

“Have you got changed?” Sophie noticed, just when I was starting to think that I could get away with my lying.

“Yes – I spilt coffee down my other clothes.” I lied smoothly – they were not going to catch me out on this one.


“How long do you want us to stay?” Dad changed the subject – it was making him edgy talking about injuries. Probably because he was feeling guilty about injuring my Mum’s heart, when he left to go and love Sophie…


“Well – how long do you want to stay?” Joe asked.

“Don’t ask him that – he’ll never leave; he never stops talking about his ‘beautiful daughter’ and ‘when will I next be able to see her’…” Sophie laughed.

“Three days?” Dad suggested, so it was long enough, but not too long.

“Sounds good to me, how about you chief?” I asked Joe.

“Three days it is then, and you’re the one that runs this house – not me.” Joe laughed.

The End

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