Chapter 49 - Don't Mock the Ancient

Danielle started crying, and I wasn’t sure what to do, so I rocked her gently but she still wouldn’t stop, so I tried feeding her, but it wasn’t that. Maybe she was tired, but she had been asleep since she was born. I tried to get her to sleep, but she wouldn’t sleep, so I thought I should ring my Mum, but then remembered that she didn’t know – I would ring Sally, but would she know what was wrong?

It would be so much easier if I could read Danielle’s thoughts…

I couldn’t be bothered to ring Sally, so I decided to go and see her instead – I’d need to go into town to get baby supplies anyway, seeing as we hadn’t anticipated her coming just yet; she was still wrapped up in the hand-towel!


“Hello dear – aww… she’s crying.” Sally said when we arrived at the McIvor house, about two minutes later.

“Yeah – I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do!” I wailed.

“Now, now, calm down, everything will be alright.” Sally calmed me.

Joe took Danielle from me until I’d calmed down.

I calmed down a lot, but Joe still wouldn’t give her back.

“Maybe you should go and ask Kat – she’s been human longer.” Sally suggested.


‘Not such a good idea.’ Joe thought.

‘Why not; she’s my Mum!’ I thought back.

‘Because she’s… turned unicorn, I’m so sorry.’ He thought quietly.

“No!!!” I shrieked which made Danielle cry even more.


Everything seemed to be happening at once, and it was all hurting my head; my head felt like it was going to burst.

About a year ago, I had a pretty firm grip on my sanity, but now, I’m not so sure. It feels as if it’s slipping, inch by mere inch, through my fingers.

I fell to the ground, clutching my head, curling into a little ball, clutching at myself to hold myself together. I should have kept an eye on Mum’s thoughts, I should have… never been born. Things would be so much easier on everybody.


Or maybe, maybe I should have just never met Joe. If I’d lived not knowing who he was, if I’d lived not knowing about vampires, about unicorns… Maybe I’d still be sane… Not happy, but at least I’d be sane… Well, no not sane… I’ve never been sane…


Joe handed Danielle to Sally, and then disappeared out the door, without a single word. What had changed? Oh… of course, I should have know; watching me lose it was driving him insane. Why was I so selfish? Why should my interference with ‘mythical’ creatures interfere with my family…? Interfere with my friends…? Innocent friends who had come by the wrong person, at the wrong time…

I unfolded myself carefully, so as not to lose my cool, again…

I took Danielle from Sally, after promising that I wouldn’t lose it again; well – not with Danielle in my arms.


I rocked her gently and eventually (finally) she let out a lot of gas, and then fell asleep. It had taken two hours, and three pairs of hands, but she had finally stopped crying and gone back to sleep, so now I could go to find Joe, and calm him too… or not…


I went outside, and found him sitting on a picnic-bench with his head in his hands, and I felt awful for causing him so much grief.

“Erm, are you okay?” I asked, sitting down next to him, cradling Danielle.

“Just your mind, so loud, it hurt…” He trailed off.

“I’m so sorry, I should have blocked you form that, you didn’t need to see or hear that.” I apologized sincerely.


“It’s okay; you’re forgiven.” He smiled, taking Danielle.

“At least she’s finally peaceful.” I giggled.

“Yes; it must be even worse for you” He murmured.

“What’s worse?” I’d lost the thread of the conversation with being mesmerized by Danielle.

“When there’s a public panic, or anger, and everybody is feeling and thinking the same thing at the same time.” He was thinking about the Great Depression when he said this.

“Come back to the present, old-timer.” I laughed, jokingly.

“Don’t mock the ancient.” He prodded me which made me squeal slightly, but not loud enough to wake Danielle; my [no, our] little Danielle Hayley McIvor.


Joe went then, to go to get some baby things, such as clothes, nappies, a cot, a pram, and other necessities.

It was really sweet, and he told me that I should go home to rest, or wait here for him. I told him that I would wait here for him, and catch up with the girls because we hadn’t had a really girly chat in months.


Joe was back about an hour later, laden with a ‘make-it-yourself’ cot (always a bad idea with me around, seeing as I’m not exactly a ‘DIY expert’), a pink and black spotted pram, three bulk-packs of nappies, lots of clothes, and tin after tin of baby-food.


“They sure know how to charge!” He complained, and I smiled.

“Yeah – baby things tend to cost a lot – mainly cots and prams and stuff like that.” I laughed.

“Where’s Danielle?” He asked looking around.

“Finty’s got some material, so they were playing ‘Dress-up-Danielle’ in the bedroom and I have to admit it was hilarious.” I smiled, but knew that they were being careful.

“Did they wake her?” He asked, getting ready to be mad at them if they did.

“No. Chill. She woke shortly after you left but didn’t cry thankfully – she did a little cute half-smile.” I beamed, remembering, and Joe watched through my thoughts and we laughed at being really proud parents, and that instantly made me feel old; Joe of course, was old.


We took everything back to the cottage (including Danielle!) and attempted putting a nappy on her – this is not an easy task when your baby is very fidgety, and won’t stay still long enough for you to put it on, but luckily, we had two pairs of hands present, so one pinned her down, but not in a brutal way at all, and the other affixed the nappy to her person.

The End

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