Chapter 47 - Evil...? Not any more

I was speechless, and Joe smiled, evidently already knowing but being appreciative at the same time.

“Wow – really?” I asked – I couldn’t believe it.

“Yep; unless you don’t want it” Emily laughed.

“Wow, erm, thanks.” I said, for both myself and Joe.

“Yes, thank you.” Joe seconded my ‘acceptance speech’.


Freya led us around the house, giving us a guided tour, and then everybody, apart from Joe and me, left.

“I suppose I should tell my Mum…” I sighed.

“I thought you weren’t going to.” Joe smirked.

“… About the house” I corrected. Lately Joe’s head was filled with one thing…


I called Mum, and she told me that it was okay, and then teared up, saying things like ‘my little baby’s growing up’, and ‘so mature but so young’… it was really sweet, and well, Mum-like. I hadn’t heard her say Mum-like things in a long time… Usually it was me giving her the Mum-lecture…


A few weeks passed, and graduation was approaching rapidly, and I was staying the same size, if you get what I mean.

Normally, you would have started seeing, physically, and visually, that I was pregnant, but nothing, zilch, nada… you get the picture.

Perhaps it was a fluke in the test, as they aren’t always accurate, but Joe had seen… If only I could see exactly what Joe had seen…? Maybe it was just a phantom-pregnancy… They’re quite common when you’d put your life on the line just to have a child… At least that’s what I’ve heard…


Sam had started being friendlier with me now, and I wondered what had changed. Maybe she had just, finally, grown up. Or perhaps the jealousy had disappeared, so maybe she was having something to make me jealous, for example: foals. Ha ha ha, that would be hilarious, but you never know – it might happen… probably in some parallel universe, but there you go.


“Hi – looking forward to graduation… shame.” Sam sniggered.

“Huh – sorry, what - I wasn’t paying any attention.” I replied, coming out of my daydream.

“Shame on the whole graduation front” Sam laughed.

“Yeah, well, shame on you – you’ve got a huge zit on the end of your conk!” I laughed as hard as I could, and I knew that she was so egotistical that she would look and be really fussed over it. Yeah, well, it serves her right for drinking my best friends, who have now been properly disposed of, no thanks to Sam, who I will have to see to…

Was I turning evil too? I hope not; what sort of a Mother would that make me? Yeah, I know – an evil one…


I keep losing my point, so I’m going to have to stay on track.

Now, where was I before I rudely interrupted myself? Ah yes, I remember:

I hadn’t grown at all, but then, the next day, after I’d hunted; there was a small but defined bump.

So it was going to do it in short bursts, was it? I could handle that…

Apart from people at school noticing… Maybe I would mysteriously disappear… Or not bother with college…


At school, it was all relaxed, because Finals were over and done with, and so the only thing I had to panic about was physical education, but I had an excuse now and I planned to milk it as long as possible.


I would probably move out to somewhere like Amor Island after graduation, because I’ve just allowed life to make itself complicated… again.

My life had a habit of doing things like that…

Oh, look! I’m going off-track – again!

You really should keep a better eye on me…


“You okay? You look worn out.” Charlie stated.

“I’m fine, just a bit achy.” I sighed, sitting on the floor with my aching back propped up against the wall.

“You’re lucky you know.” He reminded me.

“Yeah; just doesn’t feel like it.” I smiled half-heartedly.

“It will when you’re holding your own little baby in your arms.” Bexy smiled at me, wrapping an arm around Charlie’s waist.

I smiled back at her appreciatively. It’s nice to know that not all of people’s girlfriends were evil.


“GET SOME WATER – FAST!!!” We heard Jordan yelling, we all ran to see what had happened.

We all grabbed buckets and filled them with water, then ran over to where Sam was clutching at a wooden pole, whilst flames were dancing around her and licking her skin.

‘It’ll get rid of the evil in me.’ She kept repetitively thinking.

“She’s ridding herself of the evil – but it’ll kill her.” I realised, shocking myself.

“NO!!!” Many voices shrieked as she willed on her impending doom.


Right then, there was an ear-piercing scream, and it came from the fire.

She had disappeared, but I soon found her, crumpled up in a heap, next to the fire, looking very breakable, but she was still breathing… Perhaps the evil was gone and she had survived… but surely that was impossible… maybe…


“I’m alive?” She said, though it sounded more like a question.

“Yeah – go on; kick me as hard as you can.” Jordan said, and I knew what he was testing her for.

“I couldn’t do that! It’s hurt you!” She cried, getting up, running over to him, and then hugging him.

“Yup, all traces of evil gone.” He chuckled to himself, but it could just be a trap...

“But where did it go…?” Joe pondered.

“Embedded into the cinders” I murmured, examining the charred bits of wood, by the brightly-lit fire.


“Get away from there! You shouldn’t be near dangerous things like fires in your condition.” Sam chided me.

“I’d hardly call it a condition.” It annoyed me when people treated me differently because I was pregnant, and I’d hardly gotten used to it yet.

Joe chuckled to himself, reading my thoughts, and I laughed too, at the sheer impossibility of the events – I shouldn’t be pregnant, and Sam shouldn’t be alive and good.

Perhaps I was dreaming… but then that would be impossible too…


A few hours later, I had been sat down in the comfy recliner in mine and Joe’s little cottage, with my feet propped up and a hot-water-bottle laid across my stomach. None of which were my idea – Sammie (she decided that Sammie was a bit more innocent and appropriate now that she wasn’t evil anymore) had demanded that I get plenty of rest, and when I felt something inside me move, my hands dropped to my stomach, and Joe couldn’t get over to me fast enough.

I had kept insisting that I was fine, but they wouldn’t listen to me.

It was just Joe, Sammie, Jordan and I in the little cottage, and, of course, the little mover inside of me.


I smiled to myself thinking about how abnormal I was, when I thought I was just starting to fit in.

Sammie smiled back at me, and I shifted my position, so that I was sitting with a straight back.


I felt something move inside me again, my hands moved the hot-water-bottle from my stomach, and Joe’s eyes were the first to grow huge, closely followed by Sammie, and then Jordan. I was the last to look, and when I did look, I would have passed out if it were possible.


What was happening was obvious, my stomach was expanding, but as to why, it was unclear.

All I could think of was ‘holy cow, this isn’t going to slow down!’

I think Sammie was the only one that wasn’t frozen to the spot, and after 30 seconds, she leaped up and grabbed her mobile out of her bag, and then was punching in Sally’s number.

I could hear everything that they said, and the conversation went like this:

Sammie:        We need you to come to the cottage right away!

Sally:               What’s wrong?

Sammie:        It’s Beth!

Sally:               Calm down, I’m on my way; now tell me exactly what’s wrong.

Sammie:        Her stomach’s swelling up like a balloon and it’s not stopping!

Sally:               Oh dear, (car accelerating) I’m nearly there.

Then Sally hung up.

About 4 seconds later, Sally marched through the door, flanked by Dougie and Emily – great, the whole thing would be broadcasted to the whole of the McIvor family, and I wouldn’t put it past her to broadcast it to all the vampire families that they know! Of course she wouldn’t do that last part – she’s not that insensitive.

The End

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