Chatper 45 - 'One day, when I was less of a coward'

“Can you give me some advice?” He asked, and if blushing were possible, he would be scarlet by now.

“Sure – about what?” I asked, though naturally, I already knew.

“It’s about Rebecca, or Bexy, as I like to call her.” He smiled when he said her nickname. “I want to be close to her, but I don’t know how – how were you and Joe close?”

“Erm… well, he did a bit of saving my life,” I giggled, remembering my near-death accidents “and then we spent lots of time together, and well, it went uphill from there.”

I smiled as I realised how far uphill we now were, and we could be possibly even further; it all depended on the test, though with being a vampire, it might not work, and with being a vampire there’s probably no chance whatsoever of being… I just can’t physically think that word to myself.


Morning came, and Joe disappeared to the Chemist, while I made my way to school; it felt really weird going places without Joe, as he had always been with me for over two months now.


“Hey – where’s you husband?” Paul asked, as I walked in the School grounds, and he would know of course, seeing as he had been one of my many friends at the wedding.

“Erm, at the chemist’s I think, buying some throat lozenges.” I half lied.

“Well he’d better hurry up; late bell’s about to go.” Paul shrugged and we walked into the school together.


Joe wasn’t there all through Chemistry, he wasn’t there all through French, he wasn’t there all through break, and he wasn’t there all through form. Was something wrong? Had he been hurt?

He wasn’t there all through Trigonometry either...

I went to the lunch hall, to sit with the other McIvors’, as all but two friends had abandoned me, and just stared into space.

“Where is he?” I wondered aloud.

‘Coming, dear!’ Joe thought, sarcastically.

“Apparently coming” I answered my own question.


At that moment, he walked through the canteen doors, and it was as if my whole world had tipped upside down.

We hugged when we finally got to each other, I was conscious of everybody watching – I mean what is it with everybody? It’s like they’ve never seen a married, young couple before; mind you, in a town this small, it’s not surprising if they hadn’t – until now of course.


Joe slipped the test into my bag so discreetly that even I wouldn’t have noticed if it weren’t for his thoughts screaming it at me, and we broke apart.

The morning had dragged on until Joe got there, and I found all the work easy, as Joe had said I would, though I had known that all along, in the back of my mind.

‘When are you going to take it?’ Joe thought, eagerly.

‘After school’ I smiled, but apparently that wasn’t soon enough.

‘Fine then, I’ll go and do it now.’ I corrected my thoughts, and now he smiled.

‘I’ll meet you by the car when you’ve done.’ He grinned.


I went to the toilets, and got the test out of my bag, and did it. I shook it a bit, to help the results come faster and then just waited a bit.

I was well aware that the lesson bell had gone, but I didn’t actually care – all I cared about now was the results.

I looked at the test again, and it confirmed that I actually was…

I slipped it into an airtight bag, and sealed the bag; I thought I ought to show Sally.

I walked out of the toilets, signed out at reception, and went to meet Joe by his car, with a broad smile on my face.


“I suppose you’ve already seen.” I grinned.

“Yeah, but it’s nice to hear it all the same.” He said.

“Let’s just go tell Sally and Dougie; I’m sure they’ll want to know.” I sighed, rolling my eyes.

“What about telling your Mum?” He asked.

“What about her?” I was confused.

“Won’t you want to tell her?” He replied, as if it were obvious.

“Not yet – remember this is sped up; I don’t want to frighten her.” I explained, but wished I could tell her.

“Oh, I see...” He said quietly, barely more than a whisper.


We got into the car, and sped off, up to the McIvor residence.

“Did school finish early?” Sam asked, looking around for Jordan.

“For us it did.” I grinned, not even bothering to dislike her – I was high on estrogens.

“Where’s Jordan though?” She asked, not caring, obviously, about us.

“He’s still at school.” I replied, and Joe led me inside by the hand.

We found Sally and Dougie in the kitchen, talking about investment plans, or something financial like that.

“Oh hello you two; why are you home so early?” Sally asked sweetly.

“We wanted to tell you some extremely good news!” Joe replied excitedly.

“Don’t you think we should wait until the others get home?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I suppose so; I’ll go to my room until then – coming Beth?” He asked.

“Okay, last period is about to start; the bell’s just gone, and Freya’s noticed that we’re missing.” I informed him, and we went up to Joe’s room.

We sat fantasizing over who it would look more like – Joe or me? I hoped it would be Joe, because it would spoil the novelty of having it if looking at it just felt like looking in the mirror at a younger self.

I started thinking of names, old names, modern names, unusual names, made-up names, unisex names, double barrelled names, girls names, boys names, combined names… all kinds of names.

I thought the name Milagrobebé sounded nice, meaning ‘miracle baby’ in Spanish, but then remembered that it would live forever, and would probably hardly be a baby for long, so that name was out the window.

We talked about possible names, and we came up with Sophie-Leanne, Sienna-Marie, Oliver-Jamie and Daniel-Steven. I remembered the Oliver-Jamie one being inspired by two guys I used to know when I lived in Bigfoot.


Finally, the school day ended, and everybody came home.

We went downstairs, and called everybody to order at the dining-room table.

“Hi everyone,” I beamed. “Last time we gathered around this table, we discussed the topic, and I’m sure you all remember, of not being able to have children.”

There were murmurs of agreement, and then all was quiet, so I let Joe continue for me.

“Well, on that note, myself and Beth, have managed to prove you wrong because Beth is…” He said, but got a lump in the back of his throat, with pride.

“Pregnant” I whispered, finishing his sentence for him.

I checked to see if he okay, but he was, and it was only because he had trouble getting his head around the word, as to why he had trouble saying it – just like me.


You should have seen the look that Sam gave me – jealous, or at least something like that.

I suppose I should have guessed that something like jealousy would happen with Sam, but at that moment, I didn’t care. Though it wasn’t much of a jealous look; more of a ‘daggers’ look… There was definitely something in that look… It sent shudders all over my body.


“Are you alright? Are you cold? Do you want my jacket?” Joe fussed.

“Of course I’m cold, duh, we all are; I’m fine.” I dismissed my sudden shudder.

“You will tell me if you need anything or are hurting…” Joe made me promise.

“Fine, just stop worrying – you’re treating me like I’m crippled.” I laughed.

“Your face looks it.” Sam muttered, sniggering to herself, but Charlie hit her hard over the head and she burst into a coughing fit, which sent Jordan into a laughing fit.

I was going to have to have words with Sam… One day, when I was less of a coward.

The End

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