Chatper 44 - New Aquaintances

When we landed, the McIvor's were at the airport to greet us.

“Hey Beth, you look pale!” Jordan teased.

“Oh very funny” I smirked.

“We’re all pale, idiot.” Joe hit him over the head.

“It’s nice that you’re back; we’ve all missed you both!” Emily cried, running over to hug us.

“Hi!” Samantha, Jordan’s new girlfriend called unenthusiastically, though there was an edge to her voice that made it sound sinister.

“Hi – nice to meet you” I smiled.

‘No it’s not, you stuck up cow.’ Samantha thought.

“I should probably tell you that I can read minds.” I informed her.

“Yeah, and I’m the Queen of Sheba.” She replied.

‘What a load of rubbish.’ She thought.


“Listen here, Samantha” Joe spat her name. “Don’t you dare ever talk to her like that again.”

“It’s Sam, and I’ll talk to her however I want.” She replied, purposefully stamped on his toe, then quickly turned around, so that her long brunette plait whipped him round the face, then she stalked off, and into Jordan’s arms, who looked at her adoringly – obviously blinded by love.


“Honey – are you alright?” I asked, kissing Joe’s cheek where her plait had whipped him, whilst he moved his toes to get rid of the pins and needles.

“Yeah, but you might want to watch your back, and I honestly don’t know hat Jordan sees in her.” Joe sighed.

“I do; she’s hot, and he’s obviously been made stupid by love – you’ve heard the saying ‘blinded by love’, haven’t you? It’s the same thing.” I shrugged.

“I’ll be having words with him.” Joe muttered.

“He won’t listen so I wouldn’t bother.” I warned Joe.

“He will if I get Finty to ‘talk to him’, and I’m sure Freya wouldn’t mind causing some hatred between Jordan and Sam.” He plotted and I chided him for thinking evilly towards his brother.


“Anyway, let’s enjoy our time together, and not let anything waste it.” I tried to be the peace-maker.

“Okay, sorry, I won’t spoil it – Scout’s honour.” He put his three fingers up, like a Scout saying his promise.

‘I should probably tell you that I was never a scout.’ He chuckled internally.


We walked out to Dougie’s Mercedes Sedan (E-Class – 2010 edition), and climbed in, well, sliding rather, on the comfy leather seats, then we were driving naturally too fast on the way to the McIvor’s house.

Apparently Finty had a surprise for me and Joe, but we weren’t allowed to know what it was until tomorrow.

I wonder what it could be… A ‘his and hers’ gift set? No, that is way too modest for the McIvor’s likes. Oh, the possibilities are endless…


“Beth? Hello? Earth to Beth” Joe was waving his hand in front of my face, breaking into my daydream – I hadn’t noticed that we were now back at the house.

“Sorry, what - I was just thinking… Never mind” I said, shaking my head to clear my mind of all thoughts.

“I was going to ask you if you fancied going to school tomorrow, seeing as it’s the final day before the finals, if that made any sense whatsoever.” He smiled my favourite smile.

“I suppose we really should, so we don’t fail…” I groaned, and pulled a face, and then he laughed at the sheer impossibility of failing, and at my face.


All of a sudden, there were loud screams of horror in the kitchen, and we got out of the car and rushed to see what it was; I bet it would be Sam, but we’d have to wait and see...

There lying on the floor, completely colourless, and evidently drained of blood, were my best friends Danielle and Hayley, from Bigfoot, and surprise, surprise, kneeling down next to them, licking her lips, was none other than Sam!

Her eyes were a deep burgundy colour, and she had dried, crusty blood in the corners of her mouth.


“What have you done?” I asked, horrified.

“They wanted to surprise you, by staying for a little while longer, but I got thirsty, and they were just sitting around looking tasty…” She shrugged, and I felt sick to my stomach.

“So you decided to drink them?!” I screamed in her face.


I had to dart from the room, and run as fast as I possibly could to the toilet, and was then violently sick.

I was heaving and heaving over the toilet for about an hour, and eventually, I was able to wipe and rinse my mouth out, and go back downstairs.

The sickness faded away, and I felt absolutely fine, and as if nothing had ever happened.


I went back downstairs and Joe was standing by the banister, looking worried.

I felt suddenly sick again, but before I could run upstairs, Joe shoved a bucket under my chin, just in time for me to throw up noisily into it.


“Sorry” I apologized, holding onto the bucket.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, though he had suspicions of Sam poisoning my prey, though that couldn’t be it. Could it be some weird Amor Island disease? Not likely.

It’s probably just a delayed reaction to the Aquanorns… an extremely delayed reaction.


It could even be feeling hatred to Sam for drinking my friends.

“I’ll be fine; better keep this with me though.” I said to Joe, indicating the bucket, and smiled faintly.

“Yeah – I don’t think you’ll be going to school tomorrow; well, not if this is anything to judge by.” He laughed.


I threw up again, as if to confirm what he had just said, and Joe went to fetch Sally so that she could fix me and so Joe could get away from the smell of the vomit; he didn’t say anything, but he was unconsciously thinking it.


He came back with Sally, just as I threw up again, into the now three quarters full, bucket.

“Oh my!” Sally cried as she saw how full the bucket was.

“I’m fine; it’s nothing.” I tried to shrug it off.

“No you’re not, come on, lay down and I’ll heal you.” Sally sighed, and I did as I was told.


Despite how many times Sally tried to heal me, I could not be healed.

‘It can’t be…’ Sally was thinking.

“Is it possible?” I asked quietly, not loud enough for Joe to hear.

‘I don’t know; the symptoms are all right, but the timing is all wrong.’ She thought, so I started hoping – probably in vain, but I started hoping anyway.


I started chewing on my lip, as I imagined future possibilities that may or may not happen – I really should have taken care to block my thoughts from Joe, because he understood all too well now.

“It probably won’t even that – it’ll probably just be some weird, rare, unheard-of disease from the Parakeets on Amor Island.” I shrugged, getting to my feet.


“You do realised you’ll have to do a test, to see if it really is-” He started.

“I can’t just go out and buy one! People will think things!” I interrupted.

“Shall I go and get it for you then?” He asked, smiling slightly.

“It’s your reputation.” I muttered, and he happily took that for a yes.

“I’ll get it as soon as the Chemist opens up – that way it’ll look like I’m going just before school.” He winked.

“We might as well go to school; I’ve got nothing better to do, unless of course, you’ve made other plans.” I sighed, wishing that he did have other plans.

The rest of the day passed, and darkness soon fell.


I decided that I would try to forgive Sam for drinking my best friends, and that I would find out what her problem is; it must be psychological because nobody is nasty like that for no reason, and she obviously holds a grudge against me, as she is hurting (and destroying) things that I love.


I had stopped throwing up now, so maybe it had been a disease after all, and I wouldn’t have to take that embarrassing test, that was sure to disappoint myself and Joe.

“You look better.” Charlie commented.

“Thanks – I feel better too.” I smiled.

The End

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