Chapter 42 - Aquanorns

“You know what I mean.” He sighed, looking me intently in the eye.

“Do I?” I queried.

“Yes you do – you are beautiful, not ugly as you say you are; now are we going for a swim or not? He asked.

“Okay – there’s nothing more honeymoon-ish that a swim in the ocean.” I joked and then we plunged into the deep blue ocean.


The water was a lot warmer than what I was used to, and it was pleasant, swimming in warm water, though I couldn’t be entirely sure that the water was warmer than that at home, though I knew that we were closer to the equator line. Everything seemed warmer to me in this body, and I hadn’t been in the sea yet whilst being a vampire. How does Joe make the word ‘vampire’ sound so casual? It makes me cringe every time I think the word, never mind say it.


I saw a few dolphins a few metres away and I smiled to myself, as I had never seen a dolphin before, nor had I gotten so close to some before, but they quickly darted away as if they had seen a shark coming.

Well, actually, they hadn’t seen a shark coming, they’d seen me and Joe, and I started panicking, as I had read all about shark attacks on the Pacific West Coast.

‘Calm down, the shark is us.’ Joe thought, and I wondered, idly, how that could possibly be.

‘Sharks and other animals are naturally scared of us, though humans’ aren’t. Humans aren’t that intelligent.’ He chuckled to himself, though I was kind-of offended at his thinking that humans aren’t intelligent.

 “Humans aren’t unintelligent – it’s just that veggies are very beautiful; it’s deceiving!” I tried to convince him.

“Sure, whatever” He laughed, splashing me with water.


“There’s a lot yet to learn, isn’t there?” I predicted.

“Of course” He winked, and I pushed myself forward so fast that it created a mini tidal-wave that caught him off-guard, and knocked him under. It was only briefly though, not enough to drown him, and we don’t die other than being burned (like on a fire, rather than burning your hand on the kettle), so I had no cause to worry.


I found a rock sticking up out of the water, and swam over to go and sit on it, feeling a lot like the Little Mermaid.

“Tired already?” He asked, sounding shocked.

“No – I was just checking something.” I assured him.

“What?” He asked, now morbidly curious.

“How far I could see before the horizon” I answered him.

“Why?” He asked, sitting next to me.

“Well, I’m new to all of this,” I said, tapping my teeth with my forefinger “and I got curious.”

“Oh right – you can see quite a long way, can’t you?” He smiled patiently.

“Yeah, I can’t see another island for miles though.” I worried.

“Don’t worry – I can fly a plane, and I bet you could if you tried, and if anything happens, we can both swim and are strong enough to carry each other.” He calmed me down.

“Sorry – my irrational fears get in the way of everything.” I apologized.

“Not irrational – just cautious, that’s all.” He put a finger to my lips as if to prevent me from speaking.


I felt a stabbing pain on the sole of my foot, and then suddenly got really tired, and I didn’t know what had happened. I let my eyelids close, and laid back, though I knew that I wouldn’t be able to sleep…

When I opened my eyes again, the surroundings had changed – surely I hadn’t just dreamt the whole become a vampire, got married, honeymoon, splashing about in the water, and sitting on a rock thing; or had I? Nope – absolutely impossible (I was wearing my engagement ring and my wedding ring on my left hand [proof]); or was it actually impossible? I’d done it once before, though I was under the influence of drugs – well, medicines.


The room around me was hot and stuffy, and incredibly big, I don’t think I’d ever seen a bedroom so big in my entire life – because that’s what it clearly was: a bedroom.

I was laid on top of a huge double bed, and there was a sheet of netting laid over me.

The light was shining in through the windows, and glistening off the chandelier.


“Where am I?” I asked, sitting up.

“The cabin – on Amor Island” He tried to remind me.

“Oh – what happened, and who are you? Just kidding” I laughed, disorientated. “But seriously, what happened?”

“You must have fallen asleep.” He sighed, wishing that he were able to fall asleep.

“Yeah, but how? And how did I get here – I could have sworn that I was on a rock in the middle of the middle of the ocean.” I recalled.

“Yeah, I threw a stone at you, and when you didn’t stir, or smirk at me, I knew that something had happened, so I carried you back here, and now you’re awake.” He smiled to himself, and then sat on the bed, crossing his legs.


We were discussing possibilities for my sudden unconsciousness, and covered things like still being partly human, unicorn inheritance, and things even more ridiculous than that, but nothing really fit.

He phoned Sally, because if anybody would know, she would.


They were doing a bit of ‘um’-ing and ‘ah’-ing, which was making me nervous as he wasn’t even thinking about it, but then, finally, he hung up after a quarter of an hour.


“So? What is it?” I asked.

“Check the bottoms of your feet.” He instructed, his face showing no emotion – always a bad sign.

I looked, and sure enough, there were three cuts on the bottom of each foot.


“What caused these?!” I asked, extremely shocked; I hadn’t actually felt anything.

“Aquanorns” He whispered, and he, all of a sudden, lost all of his composure, and his face fell into his hands.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, putting my arms around him, trying to comfort him in some way.

He shook me off, and so I went to wash my hands and face, not knowing what to do, as he had never acted that way towards me before; ever.

The End

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