Chapter 41 - "Yes, the flowers are really pretty."

Finally, we arrived at the airport, and we boarded a plane that could only fit two people in – it was a hire-plane (I’ve seen it all now: hire-planes!)

Luckily, vampires are good at everything, so Joe got behind the controls, and I sat in the passenger seat beside him, and we did our belts up.

“Well, this is… different.” I struggled for the right words.

“Its fine – I could fly it with my eyes shut if I wanted to.” He chuckled.

“That’s what I’m afraid of” and he stroked my cheek.

Put that hand back on that steering thing right now, Joseph McIvor!!!’ I thought, and he started howling with laughter, and it was kind of funny, seeing as we hadn’t even started driving down the runway yet. It embarrassed me, so I decided to change the subject.

“Has all the luggage fit in this tiny thing?” I asked, and he nodded, checking the fuel gage, still laughing.

“Are you ready for lift-off?” He asked enthusiastically, and I laughed, lightening up.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” I grinned, though it looked more like a grimace. He started the engine, checked that everywhere was air-tight, and then we headed down the runway. It was a soft take-off, and I barely felt it, though my stomach was disagreeing, and turning topsy-turvy flips.

He put his hand on mine, to try to release me grip on the seat, and I relaxed, immediately. Well, almost immediately...

I risked a glance down at the earth below, and we were already flying over South America.

We must have been flying extremely fast, but then, what else is new? Joe liked to speed in every single vehicle he drove; it was a fact that I just had to start accepting, taking in my stride...

His driving frightened me beyond words’ capacity, yet I couldn’t deny how safe I felt in his presence – whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, I had yet to decide...


“Okay – why so silent? In speech and in mind” He demanded of me.

“Just thinking – blocking you from my thoughts – about... never mind; I’ll get over it, I guess...” I shrugged, the corner of my mouth twitching up into a half-smile.

“I didn’t know you could do that.” He said, folding his arms over his chest.



“Chill” He said, dramatizing the putting of his hands back on the steering device.

“And anyway, do what? Get over it? Smile? Or block you from my thoughts?” I asked, a lot calmer.

“All three, I guess, though I knew that you could smile already.” He shrugged, and I poked him in the chest, playfully.

“I am a woman and I can do whatever I put my mind to.” I said, sticking my nose in the air, and we both laughed.


The plane then started, gradually, descending, so we must be close to the surprise place that I wasn’t allowed to be informed of until we got there.

That’s when it came into full view: a small, heart-shaped island, no bigger than three football pitches, and was half-submerged under forest-palm trees. It was so beautiful, and the surrounding sea, looked equally as inviting.

He gently landed the plane, and as more of the island came into view, I saw, a few yards away from where we landed, a small shack, just big enough to fit a large bedroom, and a large bathroom (somewhere that I would have to pay plenty of visits to, after the nerve-wracking flight).


The sun was beating down, and I instantly realised, as soon as I stepped out of the plane, why Joe couldn’t stand being in the sun when he was around me – you couldn’t help but give yourself to your natural instincts; our natural instinct being to hunt, to feed, to kill... That thought instantly made me feel sick, as I realised how close I had come to death around him.

The adrenaline rush was quite enthralling, and I could soon get used to it. It was really difficult to describe, and it was all so overpowering, that a single, happy, tearless sob escaped my lips, before I could tame it, and before I could even go to hug Joe in thanks.

He came to me, and wrapped me up into a tight bear hug, and then he slung me over his shoulder, picked up the luggage, and marched us inside.


He put the luggage on the bed, swung me round into his arms, cradling me like a baby, and kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Am I allowed to know where I am now?” I asked, and he chuckled.

“Welcome to Amor Island.” He said, putting me back on my feet, but keeping hold of my hand, and he led me outside.


It was so beautiful, and open – I couldn’t get over how much space there was, but then, a patch of grass is like a meadow to a vampire (as we fellow vampires see things on a much smaller scale that humans do); this island may appear small to the human eye, but to me, this was absolutely huge and all Joe’s and mine, for a whole month!


We walked off the shrubbier part of the island, and onto the sandy part, east of the shack. I took off my converse trainers and socks, and let my feet sink into the warm, fine, white sand.

Joe kicked his sandals off, took his T-shirt off, and ran headlong into the ocean; I was tempted to do the same, and I caught myself staring after him and I have to admit, I was happy, selfishly so, that an angel (because he is an angel, though he is absolutely convinced that he is a beast) could look so beautiful, and belong to me.


He walked out further into the ocean, and then went under, for a brief second, and then rose again, hair dripping, torso glistening, khaki shorts clinging in all the right places, to face me.

“Come on in – the water’s lovely!” He shouted, and smiled my favourite smile.

“I don’t know – maybe I should get changed into something else; the jeans will stick and rub me, and my top is new!” I called back, ruffling some of the frills on my top.

“I’ll happily sort that out.” He winked, and in the next second was stood next to me, and in another, he had my jeans and top off, so I was just standing in my underwear.


“Makeshift bikini” He laughed, pointing at my matching red underwear.

“Makeshift swimming trunks” I laughed, pointing at his shorts.

He then took me by the hand, and walked me out towards the ocean, where we stood at the water’s edge, hand in hand, side by side, with the waves gently lapping over our toes.

“It’s beautiful.” I whispered, as we both gazed at the horizon.

“I agree – but it’s not the only thing out here that’s beautiful.” He smiled at me.

“Yes, the flowers are really pretty.” I commented, knowing that that was not what he meant, though the flowers were far more gorgeous than the ones back at home...

The End

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