Chapter 37 - 'Glad I Crashed the Wedding'

I was almost finished with my reverie, when somebody coughed, as if to grab my attention.

“I’m not getting paid to just sit around, you know.” The chauffeur said.

“Just two more minutes” Joe promised and swept me up into his arms.

‘We’re going to go and invite everybody back to the McIvor residence, for something to eat and drink, and then there’ll be dancing.’ He thought, and I gulped at the thought of dancing (I was way overdue for some more bad luck).


Joe walked through the church doors, set me back on my feet, and shouted: “If you would all like to come back to my parents’ house, we shall be serving food and drinks.”

“If you don’t know where it is, follow the horse-and-cart.” I added, and everybody started gathering together their belongings.


As we walked outside, back to the horse-and-cart, we were showered with wedding confetti, and it made me feel like crying – with happiness, something that I had never done in my entire life.


Joe helped me up into the cart, then climbed up, and sat very close to me, putting one arm  around my waist, and it felt right – not like a teenage crush (I’d already experienced that!), but like a married couple (and my husband was my teenage crush). I might keep saying that to myself, as I quite like it, and the fact of knowing that I officially belong to him and only him is absolutely brilliant, marvellous, spectacular, fantastic, superb, exceptional… etc. You get the picture.


It took absolutely ages to get back to his place, and I knew that we were getting close because we had just passed the empty cottage that was about 500 yards down the road from his parents’ house.

I was really content with his arms around me, and with my head laid against his chest. If I could have fallen asleep I would have done, as I was that comfortable, but then again, I am glad that I can’t sleep because I wouldn’t want to waist a single second.


We arrived at the house a short while later, and the chauffeur unfastened Zach (the carriage had four wheels so we didn’t fall on the floor, but it was open topped).

Zach trotted off into the forest, and came back, dressed in a suit and tie, in his human form.


“I can talk to both of you a lot easier in my human form.” Zach explained.

“Makes sense” Joe agreed, lifting me out of the cart.

“Am I invited then?” Zach grinned, indicating that he was already dressed for it.

“Yeah – won’t you get in trouble though?” I asked, instantly thinking of the Vamdeveri.

“Nope – I don’t belong to a herd anymore. I cut my horn off, so I’m not technically a unicorn anymore – lots of changes, oh and I don’t have to abide by unicorn laws because I’m not a unicorn.” He grinned an impish grin.


What did you do?!” I asked, shocked.

“Walked out – oh yeah, they’re planning on attacking you; that’s why I walked out.” He said, more serious now.

“Way to crash the wedding.” I murmured.

“Sorry – what?” He asked, cupping his hand around his ear.

“Oh… Sorry.” He realised suddenly. Then his face lit up, and he started singing ‘I’m Glad I Crashed the Wedding’ by the since-split-up-band ‘Busted’.

“Not your fault; we needed to know, and besides, they wouldn’t have dared plant an attack on us while there are over two hundred humans here.” Joe smiled, partly because of the irony of the song.

“When?” I asked quietly, my voice hardly more than a whisper, yet I knew that they both had heard me.

“In two full moons – that’s all I know.” Zach replied, dismally.

“We’ll be ready.” Joe promised, and I started to panic, realising that it would be certain to turn into a fight.

‘Breathe.’ Joe thought.

‘Easier said than done.’ I thought back.

Joe rolled his eyes at me, and I stared into them, my breathing returning to normal – it was something about his eyes that made me able to breathe. I could swear that if I died and looked into his eyes, I’d be able to live again.


“I convinced my Mum to stay away from the wedding.” Zach changed the subject, breaking into my daydream.

“Thanks.” I said, winking at him.


We went inside, and I was amazed at how fast they had managed to transform the place; there were white silk drapes stretching across the ceiling, and the golden chandeliers had been changed to silver.

The floor had been cleared, and there was a disco ball hanging overhead. In the corner there was a sophisticated sound system, and two large speakers in all four corners of the huge room.


Where the dining room was, there was a huge long table, laden with all different sorts of meats, vegetables, salad, and then at one end, there was a four-tiered love-heart-shaped wedding cake.

Sally’s best china and cutlery were laid on the table, and the room was decorated very ornately, with white, clear, and silver balloons, with the inscription: ‘just married’.


We went to the door, and waited for a few people to start arriving – they had driven slowly, about a hundred yards away from the horse, so as not to startle it.

I was very surprised to find that every single person in my class at school that I had invited replied with a ‘yes’.

I hadn’t expected people to say yes, after my dark moods a few months ago. Surely human minds can’t forget that? But then again, humans are very forgiving – maybe I was forgiven… or maybe they were just curious to see the inside of Joe’s house? I will find out when they arrive – I can’t read minds from very far away.

The End

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