Chapter 36 - Wedding Bells

‘Thank you.’ Emily thought, so only I could hear.

I nodded in her direction, but only just enough so that people thought that I was flexing my neck. I knew that she understood though, and that was all that mattered.


The time in which to get ready came around too soon, and as if it were the next second, Emily, Finty, Freya and Sally were shipping me off, up the stairs.

They took me into Sally’s room, where I had never gone before, and I noticed that absolutely everything was white – the carpet, the curtains, the furniture, the decorations… everything.


There was a large space in the middle of the room where four mirrors were angled around a small platform that was square, with rounded edges and ran about a metre across in each direction.

I realised that it must have been for me to stand on, to look at myself while they did the last-minute adjusting to the dress, but before we could even start to think about the dress, they were fussing over my hair.


“Why don’t we just let her decide how she wants her hair – it is her wedding day after all” Sally reasoned.

“Good idea. How do you want your hair?” Finty asked.

“I don’t mind – as long as you don’t make me look like a moose or a poodle.” I replied, remembering watching “The Princess Diaries 2”.

“Okay – straightened, with some loose ringlets?” Freya suggested.

“Sounds good to me.” I shrugged, and Emily led me over to a chair that stood next to a table crowded with hair equipment: straightners, curling tongs, different hair sprays, hair gels, detangling spray, heat protection spray, rollers, hair dryer... you name it; it was on that table – it was even better stocked than a hair salon!


So, they set to work on my hair, and when it was done, I almost cried, it was that nice. Okay, the word ‘nice’ doesn’t exactly fit the sentence, perhaps gorgeous, beautiful, stunning, dazzling… words like that don’t even begin to cover how it looked.


They then got on with my makeup, and we decided on pale-beige colours, as it would suit my complexion, and would match my outfit – well, dress and accessories.

My Mum had given me some pearls (dangly earrings, necklace and bracelet) that I was to wear on my wedding, as was tradition – starting today. Well – there have to be first times for everything, don’t there?

They did me beautifully, and they had remembered to apply waterproof mascara, as today was sure to be a tear-filled occasion.

I was nearly crying at how stunning they had made me look, and that was before I had gotten the dress on!

The helped me with the corset, which I had insisted on having, though I had lost over two stone in the course of two weeks, as was result of my stress and agony.

They then helped me into the wedding dress, which now curved in all the right places, and they also managed not to move a single hair on my head.


After that, I put on the death-traps, and found that I could walk perfectly in them – the only problem would be going down the stairs…

“You look wonderful.” Sally praised, and was on the verge of tears herself.

“Thank you.” I whispered with a lump in the back of my throat.

There was a knock at the door, which I recognized to be Joe’s own personal knock.

“Go away – you’re not allowed to see her until she’s walking down the aisle!” Sally shouted, and I giggled.

“But-” He started.

“But nothing. Go!” She urged, and Freya stepped outside the door to shoo him away.

“I am determined to see her!” He said, trying to push past Freya.

I imagined a flying pig, flapping its white feathered wings, and he laughed.


We had left getting me all finished up until the last minute, so there was no time to hang about.

As soon as we’d affixed the veil, and they were all suited with how I looked, and they had made sure that the males had left, they decided to let me downstairs to get to the waiting 1950-model white Rolls Royce with the wedding ribbons on the front.


I beamed at Sally, Emily, Finty and Freya, and then got in. They all got in, and then we were driving to the church.


I could hear the church bells ringing when I climbed out of the car, and it reminded me of when my Dad used to take me bell-ringing when I was little.

Emily adjusted my veil, and Finty and Freya a got hold of my train, and we walked up the churchyard.

My Dad was at the door, and I linked with him. The church doors opened just then, and I walked in measured steps down the aisle, in time to the wedding march.


When I got to the end, Dad placed my hands in Joe’s and went to sit by Sophie.

Jordan started the service and I struggled to keep a straight face.


Half way through, he got stuck on a word, and Joe had to whisper it in his ear. We said our vows and then Charlie came down the aisle bearing the rings.

We slid them onto each other’s fingers and were pronounced ‘man and wife’.


He said, reluctantly, “you may now kiss the bride”, and I managed to keep it to seven seconds, maximum.

I threw my bouquet out into the audience, and Sophie caught it. She then kissed my Dad, and to my own surprise, I felt really happy for him.


Joe and I progressed outside to where a horse-and-cart stood, which I hadn’t been informed about. The white horse reminded me very much of how Zach looked when he was a unicorn (he must have been the only white unicorn in the history of ever) – the only thing that was missing was the horn.


‘The horse reminds me of-’ I started thinking.

‘Talk to it.’ He thought back, interrupting my thought, and yet what he thought, confused me.


I went up to the horse with Joe holding my train above the ground to prevent it from getting dirty.

“Hello Mr. Horse.” I said to it, feeling like an idiot, though thankfully there was only Joe, myself, the horse, and the chauffeur there.

‘I’m not a horse, I’m a flippin’ unicorn!’ The horse thought.

“Zach?” I whispered, curiously, too quiet for Joe to hear, in the animal’s ear.

‘That’s right!’ The animal thought, though to me it felt as if he was shouting it, and it looked as though he was grinning at me. I beamed at Zach, and then turned to hug Joe tightly.

“Thank you.” I whispered in Joe’s ear.

“It wasn’t me.” He whispered back, laughing.

“Who was it then?” I asked.

“Emily” He whispered, and sounded really happy. Maybe it was just a high from the day – the way that I felt – or maybe the tension and feud had evaporated between the two siblings. I wonder…

‘You would wonder.’ Joe chuckled, thinking to me.

The End

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