Chapter 35 - MORE Preparations

“Wedding dress” She said, looking at a list.

“Check.” I responded.



“Bridesmaid dresses”

“Only you would know.” I replied

“Oh, yeah; check, then. Church booked?” She asked.

“Yep” She answered herself.

“Vicar” I said, taking the list from her.


“Who is going to be the vicar?” I asked.

“Jordan” She replied, and we both giggled.

“How many have replied to say that they can come?” I asked, remembering that we sent over two hundred invites.

“They’ve all said they will come.” She said, thinking that I must be pretty popular.

“I’m not that popular.” I said, thinking how on earth over two hundred people can fit in a church.

“Don’t be modest.” She said.

“How big is the church?” I asked, and she laughed.

“It fits four hundred people easily inside. It’s the main one just beyond town.” She answered.

“Good.” I said, sighing.


It looked like we had got everything sorted; now all we had to do was sit around and wait for time to pass.

I went downstairs to Joe, and thought to him.

‘Go easy on Emily.’ I thought.

‘Why should I?’ He thought back, being as stubborn as ever.

‘Because a) she’s your sister, and b) she’s put a lot of effort into pulling this wedding together.’ I thought.

‘We could have just run away to Las Vegas.’ He thought, still stubborn.

‘Yeah, but we couldn’t – you proposed in public.’ I reminded him.

‘Good point; but that was only because I’d seen us getting married in a church.’ He said.

‘Yeah; because you’d already decided to propose – face it, if you hadn’t made that decision, we’d be married already, by a stranger in Las Vegas.’ I thought.

“Do you two mind? That telepathy thing is kind of creepy.” Jordan said, climbing in-between us to sit on the couch, and we punched him from both sides. He held his hands up in surrender, and went to sit on the foot-stool that was just across from Joe.

“Honestly Jordan, do you think that we actually want you eavesdropping on our conversation?” I asked.

“I probably don’t want to know.” He said, decidedly to himself.

“You’re going to look beautiful tomorrow.” Joe teased.

“You see? His ‘seeing the future’ thing is worse than the silent conversations!” I said to Jordan, laughing.

“You have a point there – when we were younger, he used to tell me that I was going to get turned into a frog the next day, and I would be wetting myself, I was that scared.” He laughed, and I giggled.

“Well, I bet you could drag up a load of embarrassing things that even she can’t remember from her past!” Joe teased, and all of a sudden I could feel Jordan picking at my brains. The memory that was so long distant that even I couldn’t remember doing what Jordan had found.


“When she was four she used to put worms down her friend’s pants!” Jordan sniggered.

“Anything worse?” Joe asked, and I gave him a playful shove.

“She once threw up in her Dad’s mouth!” Jordan laughed, and all of a sudden Joe was howling with laughter.

“It’s not that funny.” I said, and if I were able to blush, I would have done.


We spent the rest of the night in endless chatter, and the only time we paused was to take a deep breath.

As dawn started to peek out, over the hillside, I got a little bit fidgety.


“Calm down; breathe.” Freya instructed me, and I struggled to do what she said – my breathing was creeping towards hyperventilation.

“It’s going to be perfect – nothing bad is going to happen; I promise.” He whispered in my ear, tucking a lock of hair behind it (my ear). I instantly calmed down, and was really embarrassed, as I realised that my behaviour was silly, pointless, and inexcusable.

‘I’ll excuse you.’ Joe thought, jokingly, and I gave him daggers.

‘I’m making this more difficult than it needs to be; I’m sorry.’ I thought to him.

‘If you don’t want to do this, it’s okay.’ He thought squeezing my shoulder.

‘I feel like a horrible person.’ I thought.

‘You’re not – you agreed to do it in public; I don’t mind if you don’t want to follow through.’ He thought.

‘I’ll do it – I know you’ve already seen me walking down the aisle.’ I thought, he winked and kissed me on the cheek.


“Puke-factor” Jordan complained.

“Shut up and get a life.” Charlie sighed.

“What’s her name?” I asked Charlie.

“Whose name?” He asked, deciding to play dumb.

“I can read minds, idiot.” I tutted, searching through his brain.

“Okay, okay; stop it!” He laughed, pressing his fingers to his temples.

“Whose power is worse again?” Joe laughed.

“Hers!” Jordan and Charlie said simultaneously, pointing at me.


Joe started howling with laughter once again, and then Emily entered the room; Joe started giving her evils, but as soon as I noticed, I elbowed him in the ribs until he smiled at her, though I settled for a grimace from him, seeing as I didn’t think he would be capable of being nice to her for a while.

The End

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