Chapter 34 - Bouncing Back

“Okay – I love you.” I whispered and closed my eyes.

‘I love you too.’ He thought.

“She’s scared of needles.” Joe explained.

“Okay – relax and I’ll make it as short and painless as I can.” She soothed me.

I let my body go limp, and relaxed, and the needle was in and out very quickly. I went very dizzy, started seeing double, then my vision went fuzzy, and then I blanked out.

I had these really weird dreams in my unconsciousness, and it was about my past, going back to when I was a little girl, and when I always had to make sure that my Dad wore a clean pair of socks everyday – the type of thing that your Mum would do. The memories were really faded, but they were still there, and that really confused me; it must be a vampire thing.

After I subconsciously decided that, everything went pitch black.


When I woke up, I was extremely disorientated, and at first I couldn’t work out where I was, but my memories gradually worked their way back to me.

“Are you alright?” Joe asked, looking concerned.

“Erm… yeah, I think so.” I said, sitting up.

“We’re getting married tomorrow.” He said gently, and I sat bolt upright.

“How long was I out?” I asked, shocked.

“Just about two and a half weeks – Sally had to keep putting anaesthetic into your system every hour; you were burning it off that quickly – at one point you started saying things, and I could have sworn that you were awake.” He smiled.

“Wow – I guess Emily will be down my throat today then, seeing as the wedding’s tomorrow, won’t she?” I asked him, laughing slightly.

“Over my dead body – you need time to come round.” Joe growled.

“Whoa, calm down boy.” I laughed, patting his chest. He whinnied just like a horse and we were both laughing then.


“Where to, you highness?” He asked, bowing.

“The bathroom – one does need it, when one has to hold it for two weeks, you know.” I said in a posh, highly English accent.

He scooped me up, and put me on his back.

He put me down on the bathroom floor and told me that he’d just be outside the door if I needed him. I crawled over to the marble toilet, did my ‘business’ (on the toilet!), washed my hands and face, and then attempted standing up.

I failed – at first, but kept having little tries, until eventually, about a quarter of an hour later, I managed it.

I walked out to Joe, and his face went from surprise to really happy – it was like a little boy getting his Christmas presents a day early.


“Well, you bounce back fast, don’t you?” He asked, and I laughed.

“Well, I need to; I’ve hardly had any practise walking in the death traps so far.” I commented, laughing slightly.

“You can wear whatever you want on your feet; it’s our special day. I couldn’t care less if you were wearing old jeans, socks, and a scruffy T-shirt.” He said, and we both laughed.


He still insisted on carrying me, even though he could see that I had fully come round, and was perfectly capable of walking.

“You are a slave-driver.” I teased.

“Hey, you’ve got the better side of the deal!” He teased, pretending to drop me.

“Have I? Have I really?” I asked, fluttering my eyelashes like they do on the television.

“Okay – fine, you win. I give up.” He said, running down the stairs at full speed, then gently stopping and setting me down on my feet.

I skipped around to show that I was perfectly fine, and he laughed.

“You bounce back faster now than when you were human.” He commented.

“Well done Captain State-the-obvious, and you’ve already said that.” I pointed out laughing.


The day passed, relatively quickly, and before I knew it, it was evening, and I was persuaded to hunt just that night as I didn’t want to get it into my head that the wedding guests were dinner – I’m sure I’d have a hard time getting myself out of that one.


I had a whole grizzly bear to myself, and as soon as I had got in, I rushed to a mirror to check my eyes; they were still a green colour, but they were a richer emerald than before, and looked healthier. If anybody asked, I could just say that I’d got contacts.


“Smile” Finty urged, and I gave her a big cheesy grin.

“I don’t see why.” I said, and she opened her eyes really wide, as if she were shocked at something.

“It’s your wedding day tomorrow!” She said, as if I’d forgotten it.

“Yeah… and?” I asked.

“Aren’t you the least bit excited?” She asked me.

“All of the attention won’t be that brilliant.” I reminded her, as I had nearly forgotten how accident-prone I am.

“Are you harassing Beth?” Charlie asked.

“Yes – why?” She asked him.

“I’m under strict orders from Joe that Beth not be agitated by any member of the family, and especially not by Emily. I don’t think I will tell him if Emily starts harassing her though, because I think he might bite her head off.” Charlie explained.

“Wise choice, my brother.” Finty said, and flitted away.


“Just you and me…” Charlie said to me, and grinned a Cheshire cat grin.

“Awkward…” I agreed.

“Hi.” Emily said, dancing over to me.

“Turn around and walk away.” Charlie growled at her.

“I’m coming to apologize.” She said, but didn’t look as if she were actually going to apologize.

“Okay; apology accepted, see you around!” I said, attempting to walk away, but as I predicted, she pulled me back.

“I’m not done with you yet.” She smiled sweetly – which is what made the smile evil.

“Honestly, what do you want?” I asked.

“All I want is to just to check on wedding details.” She said, holding her hands up in surrender. I groaned.

“Pretty please” She begged, doing puppy-dog eyes, the ones that she knows that I can’t resist.

“Ugh, go on then – I won’t think about it.” I said.

“Yippee!” She squealed, and dragged me away to the torture chamber that she likes to call her room.

The End

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