Chapter 30 - Donnybrook

Mum walked in, and her eyes went wide suddenly as she noticed Joe sitting there, just talking to me, and as soon as her eyes had bulged, they went back to normal.

“May I ask what this is about?” She asked, blushing.

“We’re talking...?” I said, raising my hands as if I didn’t know the answer to something.

“I can see that, but why is he here in your room?” She asked.

“He came in through the door with me, and came up the stairs, and we sat here discussing wedding things. Am I grounded?” I asked, with innocent eyes – the one expression that has my Mum wrapped around my little finger every single time.


“No you’re not grounded – you’re a young adult now, and besides, if you were just talking, I suppose that’s okay…” She started.

“And we’re getting married in less than a month from now.” I added, which brought her back to thanking me for the invitation.

“Yes, precisely; I wanted to thank you for the invitation – both of you.” She said, addressing Joe for the first time since she had come in my room.

“It’s quite alright Mrs…?” He asked.

“Ms.” She corrected him. “Ms. Carter.”

“Why of course - my apologies.” He said, bowing his head as if in shame.

“It’s quite alright.” She said, and we were all laughing then, knowing that she had used Joe’s exact words.

We stopped laughing, and she nodded, thinking ‘awkward silence’, just like the rest of us.


She went downstairs and Joe started laughing.

“Told you so!” I laughed.

“Yeah, okay, okay.” He laughed, holding his hands up in surrender.


My Mum then started coming back up the stairs and came into my bedroom once again.

“Did you invite Sophie?” Mum asked, evidently meaning to the wedding.

“Yes Mum – it would have only been polite.” I replied.

“He wouldn’t have come if she had not been invited.” Joe said, smiling at my Mum.


“You need to get some sleep.” Mum said, trying to hint subtly, that Joe needed to leave.

“I’ll get going then.” Joe said, glumly.

“What a good idea – Beth, will you let him out?” Mum smiled.

“Yes Mum.” I said, and trudged down the stairs, with Joe following on behind me.


‘I’ll come back later tonight.’ He thought.

‘Come back the second she falls asleep.’ I thought back, and he gave me a peck on the lips, but his lips lingered for a few seconds...

“Bye.  See you tomorrow.” I said quietly, winking, but I said it loud enough for my Mum to hear, he turned around, and then walked out onto the pavement.


He came back again half an hour later, through my window, while Mum was asleep.

“She snores.” I giggled, as we were spying on her through the crack in the hallway wall that she didn’t know existed. Mind you, it was too tiny for human eyes to spot it.


We went out running and he tried to persuade me into hunting, but I wouldn’t hear of it.

We went back to his house, and I went to talk to Sally about not hunting; she was in the kitchen.

“Will my eyes go to a greenish colour like Joe’s?” I asked the question that had been bugging me since I had become a baby-vampire.

“Yes, but at first you might feel a burning sensation in your chest that may or may not be as painful as the pain from when you were created.” She said, and I shuddered at the memory of the pain.

“Will they go back in time for the wedding?” I asked.

“Yes, but you’ll have to stay away from your Mum, until then – you wouldn’t want her to get hurt, would you?” She asked, and I shook my head.


“Make up some reason why you have to go out of town until the wedding – it’s only three weeks now!” Freya said, dancing over to me, very delicately.

“Don’t remind me.” I shuddered.

“You can always back out, you know.” She reminded me.

“And break Joe’s heart; no way.” I said, forcing myself not to take the easy option.


My face suddenly creased up in agony, and I had to grip the counter to stop myself from falling over.

“What’s wrong?” Joe asked, looking worried.

“Nothing” I managed to say, through my teeth.

“There’s something wrong – tell me.” Joe growled.

Then the pain went away, and I relaxed, sliding down the counter to sit on the floor.

“Mum just had a nightmare - it was painful.” I said, slowly. Joe relaxed, and sat down beside me.

“You scared him for a minute then.” Freya said, brightly.

“Yeah, I know. He was imagining all sorts of things happening to me, and that only made my pain worse.” I said, sighing.

“Sorry.” Joe apologised, slowly, and sighing.


“Anyway, what on earth was that last thought?” I asked him.

“Erm... It could have happened.” Joe said, sheepishly.

“No it couldn’t. Behaving myself, remember?” I asked, prodding my chest.

“I suppose it couldn’t – but how was I supposed to know?” He asked, though if it were me I would have been blushing.


‘Why doesn’t Joe blush?’ I wondered.

‘Well, it could be because the blood has stopped running through my veins.’ He replied to my thoughts, at which I had forgotten about.

“Sorry.” He grimaced, realising that I had been thinking to myself.

“Some things that I think, you just need to pretend you didn’t hear, or ignore them, and vice versa.” I laughed.

“Okay, I can handle that.” Joe laughed.

“Can you? Can you really?” I laughed with him.


“Can you let us in on the joke please?” Finty asked, linking Charlie.

“Joe thought something impossible, and then I wondered why he didn’t blush and so on.” I said, making things sound really vague, so as not to give away too much information.

“Oh – what did Joe think?” She asked – the question I hoped she wouldn’t.

“I thought she could be-” he started but I cut him off.

“-having menstruation pains – impossible really.” I finished for him, though they weren’t the words he was planning on using.

Finty started laughing, and told him that I couldn’t possibly have those pains, because there was hardly any blood left in my body.


The rest of the night carried on with really random talk, and I was trying to dream up ways in which to escape living in my house for the time being, without my Mum being the least bit suspicious.

I had lots of ideas (I need to go visit Hayley and Danielle, I decided I got bored with home, I wanted to move in with Joe, I need to go sleep over at the dentists... etc.) but none of the excuses seemed rational.


“How about just telling her the truth?” Jordan asked, and Charlie hit him over the head.

“I can’t do that – Vamdeveri or no Vamdeveri - that would not be a good idea at all!” I exclaimed.

“Good point – I’m not going to forgive you for that. You’re going to get beaten up later by Finty!” Jordan said to Charlie, with an evil grin.

“Don’t bring me into your donnybrook!” Finty laughed.

Jordan mimicked her, and ended up being smacked around the head by Finty, Charlie and Emily.

The End

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