Chapter 28 - Impossible Preparations

“No love, I believe you. I’m just being silly.” She smiled and I breathed a sigh of relief that her words were agreeing with her mind.


I went up to my bedroom, locked the door, closed the curtains, put my light on, and curled up against Joe’s chest.

“I thought that you were happy earlier.” He said, confused, rocking me.

“I was, but Mum started to believe-” I started but decided to play what had happened earlier in my mind and he soon understood what I meant.

He rocked me gentler now, and started humming my little lullaby so low that human ears wouldn’t be able to depict the noise.


We went hunting, and I made do with a badger. We went back to his place afterwards, and a few of Joe’s ‘cousins’ were there (they were just another coven of ‘veggie’ vampires). They, also, were very beautiful, the tall, blonde, thin one was called Joanna, the small brunette thin one was called Amy, and the third was slightly chubbier than the others, but nevertheless, just as beautiful, was called Matt, and he also had blonde hair. He reminded me of Jordan.

“Hey! I didn’t know you were visiting!” Joe exclaimed and hugged each of the strangers [to me] in turn.

“We came to give you our congratulations.” Joanna said, smiling.

“Yeah – so when’s the big day?” Matt asked.

“Well, we haven’t decided just yet.” Joe said.

“Decide soon! We want to be there!” Amy exclaimed.

“We only got engaged today!” Joe laughed, and invited them into the living room to sit down. Joanna sat cross-legged on the floor, facing me.


“Is he romantic?” She asked me.

“Yeah – he got me to stand up in front of everybody and proposed.” I replied, smiling as I remembered.

“Matt didn’t do that with me.” She sulked.

“Oh, are Matt and yourself together?” I asked.

“Yes – seventy years this time.” She smiled.

“Wow.” I said, lost for words. She laughed and we joined in the conversation.


‘When do you want to get married?’ Joe thought.

‘Erm… soon.’ I thought.

‘One month?’ He thought.

‘Sure. August the…?’ I thought.

‘First Saturday in August. The 7th I think. It’ll be a nice warm but cloudy day. No danger of sun.” He thought.

‘Right. Saturday 7th August it is.’ I thought.


I turned to join in the conversation again, just to notice that everybody was staring at me and Joe and the conversation had stopped.

Joe and I started laughing, yet they looked completely confused.

“We can read each other’s minds.” I explained.

“That sounds about right. What were you thinking about?” Matt asked, and Joanna hit him and told him to stop being nosy.

“Oh, just the date of the wedding.” I shrugged.

“Cool. When? We want to be there.” Amy smiled.

“August the 7th. It’s a Saturday.” Joe clarified.

“We’ll be there.” Matt winked.

“She’s gonna be wearing a nice dress.” Joe whispered excitedly to Matt, and I smacked his head.

“I don’t see why he doesn’t just tell me how things will happen and then just put the ring on my finger. He gets to witness it twice!” I complained to Joanna. She laughed and told me that it’ll be magical.

I looked at my watch, and it was six o’ clock.

“Can we carry this on at my house? Mum will be waking up in about ten minutes.” I said.

“Sure. You all know how to disappear quickly don’t you?” He asked them, and they nodded, smiling.


We ran to my house and went in through the window silently. We were talking for five minutes about how I became immortal, and they told me that I had been brave. I shrugged, and then disappeared to make Mum’s breakfast; I brought it into Mum’s room on a tray.

“Aww, thank you love.” Mum smiled, sitting up.

“It’s okay. I’m going to Joe’s house all day today – if that’s alright.” I thought I should tack that on the end, to show respect for my wonderful Mum.

“Sure. I’ll have Amanda over then, seeing as you’ll be out.” She smiled.

I went to get washed and changed, and then went out.


Joe and the other ‘veggie’ family were waiting outside for me.

“Ready?” Joe asked.

“Yep – let’s go!” I enthused. We were all running then, at vampire speed and arrived at Joe’s house within two minutes.


“Emily wants to talk to me.” I sighed as we went inside.

“I know. She’ll ambush you when you get to the top of the stairs.” He said, smiling.

“That’s kind of freaky, you know.” Matt said.

“Give up you – just because you can’t do anything useful!” Amy said, hitting Matt over the head.

“What can you do?” I asked, curiously.

“You don’t want to know.” Matt laughed.

“Yes I do; it can’t be as bad as morphing into a guinea pig!” I laughed, hearing Matt’s thoughts.

“Giant Venus fly traps have their uses!” He argued in his defence.


“At least if I get fed up of Joe you can eat him!” I joked, laughing, and Joe started tickling me.

“I’d better go and see what torture she’s going to put me through.” I laughed and headed up the huge staircase.

“Beth! Come in here a few minutes!” She called, from her brightly coloured room.

I walked in and she flung four magazines that were as heavy as telephone directories into my arms, which I almost dropped.


“What are all these?” I asked, indicating to the magazines.

“Wedding magazines!” She said excitedly, and as if it were completely obvious.

“But we’ve got ages yet!” I protested.

“One month is not ages. We’ll be lucky if the church isn’t booked, and you may have to buy a second-hand dress!” She exclaimed.

“Oh dear – we’ll have to call the whole thing off.” I made a face of mock-horror.

“Don’t be silly – we’ll hire the village hall if we have to, and Charlie or Jordan can get a clerical license off the internet. I can always do some shop-lifting…” She said, and I gave her a filthy look.

“Or I can make you something myself.” She corrected. I smiled and started flicking through the magazines.

“I like this one.” I said, pointing to a strapless, cream, flowing dress, with a lacy veil.

“Yep - I’ll ring up and see if it’s in stock.” She said.

“Joe will be watching the big-screen downstairs.” I warned Emily.


“Well, he’s already seen the dress on you, so there’s really no point in fussing.” She pointed out.

I calmed down and helped her decide what the bridesmaids’ dresses should be, and decided on white roses for the bouquet. She said that she was going to go out to get the dress, so I should go back to hang out with Joe and the other family.


“Joining us again then?” Jordan asked, I laughed and nodded.

“Enjoy the planning?” Charlie asked and I snorted.

“She wants to take over.” I sighed and sank down into an armchair.

“At least you don’t have to organise the whole thing yourself with a completely clueless almost-husband.” Joanna laughed, and we all turned our gaze towards Matt, who asked what we were looking at.


We started talking about other things then and we all relaxed.

Eventually, about half an hour later, Joe came over and sat me on his knee.

We were talking for about three hours when Emily came back in, carrying a large cardboard box, and four dresses in garment-bags.

She beckoned to me, and so I had to excuse myself and then reluctantly followed her.


“Well, try it on then!” Emily urged, handing me the largest garment bag.

“Well, don’t look.” I said shyly; she laughed and turned around, dramatically putting her hands over her eyes.

I got changed at full vampire speed, and then asked how I looked.

“Gorgeous.” She said and took me to a full length mirror.

I imagined it looking tarty on me, as it was very tight, but it didn’t! It actually looked nice, apart from a little flabby bit of belly.

“What do I do about this?!” I asked, poking my podge.

“Wear a corset.” She shrugged, and my jaw dropped to the floor.

She laughed and I took the dress off.

“What am I going to wear on my feet - white Converse trainers?” I asked.

“Can do – or these.” She said, pulling out a pair of death traps.

They were four-inch-high cream strappy shoes and were instant death for klutzes like me.

“Relax, they are easier to wear than they look.” She said, smiling at my expression.

The End

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