Chapter 27 - Further Engagements

He pulled me up onto the platform, and got hold of the microphone.

“Excuse me, everybody, may I have your attention please?” He asked, into the microphone, and at once, the whole restaurant fell silent.

He then got down on one knee, and opened a box that showed a ring (there were lots of diamonds on it) and said “Bethany Carter, would you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” At that, everybody went ‘aww…’, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dad spray his beer from his mouth all over the table.

“Yes.” I whispered, nodding, and on the verge of tears. He slid the ring into place on my left hand, and then led me back to the table, while everybody clapped.


That was the most romantic thing that I had ever seen him do, and I knew that I was never going to forget that moment for the rest of my life.

I was a beetroot colour when we got back to our table, and I knew that Jordan was going to tease me (as usual) about my blushing, and that Dad was going to go mad at me for agreeing to get married at such a young age, yet the fact that he got married at my age didn’t matter, and that was probably the reason as he and my Mum had split up because of teenage love, and he won’t want me to get hurt – not that I will, of course because I know that Joe would never hurt me - again.


I sat down, smiled at everybody, and then fainted; the reason being that it was all just too much for me to take in.

When I came round, I was on the floor of somewhere unfamiliar, and it was dark, but that didn’t matter and could be due to the fact that there were lots of people crowding around me and blocking out the light.

When my eyes adjusted, I tried to search for the one familiar face that I longed to see, and there he was, kneeling down beside me, looking more ‘angel’ than ‘killer’. I tried to sit up, but he pushed me back down.

“W-w-w-what’s g-g-going on?” I asked, stuttering slightly.

“There’s an ambulance coming for you.” He replied.

“Where am I?” I asked, and he suddenly looked worried.

“You’re on the floor of the restaurant.” He replied.

“How did I get down here?” I asked.

“You fainted, and fell on the floor, which banged your head so you slipped deeper into unconsciousness.” He replied.

“Oh, I see.” I replied, trying to get up for the second time, and again, Joe pushed me back down.


“Why do you keep pushing me back down? I asked, trying to turn my head to look at him properly, but failed as it hurt too much.

“Mum thinks you might have broken your neck, and possibly shattered one of your vertebrae. That’s why we’re not allowed to move you. The ambulance men will have to move you.” He said, tucking my hair behind my ear, and kissing my forehead gently.

Just then, the ambulance came, and they put a support on my neck, rolled me over, then rolled me back again, onto a stretcher, then carried me out to the back of the ambulance, being careful not to jostle me.

I saw my Dad looking worried, but I smiled at him, and he seemed to relax slightly.


“Can you check her pulse, please?” One doctor asked. Sally checked my pulse and smiled.

“Her pulse is normal.” She said ‘for a vampire’ she added mentally. I giggled and one of the doctors game me ‘the look’.

“It tickled.” I lied.


Joe climbed in the back just then, and asked how I was doing.

“I’m fine, but they don’t want to accept that.” I told him.

“We want to make sure that you are; after all, this was my entire fault.” He said, not looking worried, but was looking at the sparkling ring that now sat on my left hand.

“I’m the one that fainted. Any normal girl would have cried a little and got over it. Not me – it was my fault and not yours. Do you understand me? Not your fault.” I said poking him in the chest. He laughed and rolled his eyes.

They took me to the hospital, and did an x-ray of my back, after Joe and Sally had ‘talked alone’ with me. Basically, Sally had healed me, and Joe told me that I was going to be fine.

The x-rays came up clear, and I didn’t have to stay in the hospital any longer. I signed out, and one of the ambulance drivers drove us back to the restaurant.

We said thank you and went back inside, where everybody was waiting. I held my hands up in surrender and said “I’m fine; nothing more than a scratch.”


I drove Mum home in my new Jaguar, and Joe drove a few of his family home in his. Lucky him; he got to drive above the speed limit, but I didn’t so I was in a mood.

“What did the doctors say?” Mum asked, breaking the silence.

“Nothing shattered, just a tiny scratch on my head underneath my hair, and that I’ll be perfectly fine.” I sighed.

“Oh, well that’s good.” She smiled.

“Do you mind if I drive a little bit faster?” I asked, though the speedometer showed that I was already approaching fifty miles-per-hour.

“Why?” She asked, slightly amused.

“I want to get home quicker – I’m tired.” I said, and only the second part was a lie.

She nodded but I slowed down to the legal limit again.

“Speed camera, then about a mile ahead there’s a speed trap.” I explained, answering her thoughts, though she didn’t know it.

“Are you telepathic, or something?” Mum asked.

“Both.” I muttered, but she didn’t hear me, and perhaps it’s a good thing.


“You probably just know the roads really well.” She decided, answering her own question.

“Yeah; I look my routes and everything up on the internet, just to be on the safe side.” I lied convincingly; Mum liked to think that I was safe. Her safety on the other hand had reached sub-zero level; being alone with a young vampire should definitely be off the agenda.

“Good idea. It’s nice to know that you’re a safe driver.” She said, and we both snorted.

I slowed right down until we were past all the speed cameras and everything, then put my foot down, and we got home in five minutes flat, which was partly due to my ‘maniac driving’ as my Mum so blatantly put it, and that was a quote.

“I’m going to bed; it’s been a very long day.” I declared, after getting washed, brushed, and changed.

“Okay; we’re going to see Amanda tomorrow, so an early start!” Mum said, enthusiastically.

“Oh, I just remembered – I told the boys that I’d help them to choose what type of suits to wear to the wedding.” I lied, knowing that it was about a couple of hours since I got engaged, and that it was far too early to be choosing outfits – or so I thought.


“You don’t like Amanda – that’s what this is all about; faking to be busy because you hold a grudge against my best friend!” Mum had sussed me out – or had she? I played along, telling her as much of the truth as I could.

“Yes Mum, we had a little argument yesterday over me not hanging out with Zach anymore.” I said, and for once it was the whole truth.

“Why, though? He must really be keen to see you, because she wouldn’t meddle with his business unless she really has to. Zach must have asked her to.” Mum said.

“He marked on me – that’s why he needs to stay away.” I muttered.

“What love?” She asked.

“Goodnight Mum.” I said, as if it was obvious that I had said ‘goodnight Mum’ before.

“One minute.” She said, sitting me down on the sofa.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, worried.

“I had a funny dream last night, about a – you’ll think me silly – a unicorn. What do you think? Do you think that it really is just a myth, or do you think that they really exist?” She asked.

“I think – and you can quote me on this - it’s just superstitious nonsense and you’re wasting your time thinking about it.” I said, drawing in a deep breath.

“Okay; it’s probably just something that I’ve been reading.” She said decidedly, though her mind was arguing yes and no.

“Seriously Mum, it’s just nonsense. If it helps I’ll do some research on the matter if you like.” I reasoned.

The End

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