Chapter 26 - Birthday 'Do'

We were arguing about what game we would play and who would win. We never actually got around to playing a game, and so I had to interrupt their arguing to say that it was time for me to leave, unfortunately.


We ran at vampire speed towards my house, and as we approached the road, we slowed down to human speed, hand in hand.

I arrived home, bang on time, and noticed that there was no nasty smell, so Mum must have gotten rid of Amanda in time for me arriving home.

“Mum?” I yelled, searching for her.

“In the kitchen” She said.

“Are you all set then?” I grimaced, thinking of how the last time she’d done my hair I’d looked like a poodle, and the last time she did my make-up – it actually didn’t look that bad, but you get my point. Although, there was one time, when she made me look like Danielle’s grandmother – good times.

“Just let me get a drink of water.” She said.

I fetched a glass of water for her, and then demanded to know how she planned to do my hair.


“I think I’ll leave the style up to you.” She said, smiling at the memory of me as a poodle.

“Great – I’ll do yours for you first, so you see how I want it and how to do it.” I said, and took her upstairs to sit in front of my full-length mirror.

I picked up my straightners and plugged them in. I placed them on a wooden chopping board because I didn’t want to burn my carpet, and muttered ‘210˚C’ under my breath, as I normally do, and Mum’s face turned puce.

“Don’t worry Mum – it won’t hurt you. I’ve got some heat defence spray to protect your hair.” I said, holding up a spray bottle.

I got to work, and had straightened all of her hair, and then she tried to get up as she thought that I’d finished.

“Wait a minute Mum.” I said, and sectioned off part of her fringe, and turned it up into a quiff.

“Oh…” She said, and smiled.

“Now that wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked.

“No, but I think that maybe I should let you do your own hair – you’re more skilled at it than me.” She said and I nodded.

I did my own hair, and it only took about half an hour.


I picked out a nice turquoise dress for my Mum to wear that was mine, but looked really nice on her slim figure. She borrowed my flat turquoise sparkly ballerina shoes, and used her pale-blue shrug and handbag.

I got dressed into the purple things that Finty had given me.

Joe arrived at half past seven, and me and Mum climbed into the back seat. Finty was in the front, and looked smug when she saw me wearing the purple outfit. It looked like Freya, Emily, Jordan, Charlie, Dougie, and Sally were going with the other two cars.

Joe was complaining, internally, about having to keep to the speed limit.

“You’re very quiet, love.” Mum said.

“Still nervous about whether I overdressed or not.” I lied, though Mum believed me, as she had more pressing things on her mind, like what of my body I will hurt tonight.


We got to the Lobster Restaurant after twenty minutes of travelling, and Joe held the door out for me (sneakily making my Mum get out by herself), just like a chauffeur.

They had a table reserved, and it was a good job too, because the restaurant was completely packed; the waiter took us to a big circular table in the middle of the restaurant.

The other McIvor's were already there, and so was my Dad! And even more surprisingly, he was without Sophie!


I smiled at everybody, and we sat down, and ordered drinks, and then Emily announced that it was presents time; so a big bag of presents was passed down to my end (well, side) of the table, followed by two equally as large bags.

I unwrapped the first one, and it was a huge fluffy bear with a big ‘18’ embroidered onto its tummy. According to the label, it was from Jordan.

I thanked him and moved onto the next present. It was an iPhone, the latest model, from Sally and Dougie – I thanked them a lot, as I know that they’re not cheap. The next was a camcorder from Dad and Sophie. The next was a little pretty sort of toy unicorn from Charlie, at which I laughed at, and thanked him for; that must have been his own little bit of humour. The next present was a $50 iTunes voucher from Freya. The next was a big tub of wine gums from Emily, and the next was a pair of sparkly silver high heeled strappy sandals from Finty. The last present was from Mum and it was a little figurine made out of china that had a long flowing pink dress on.


“Thank you! They’re wonderful!” I told everybody.

“Your present from me is waiting outside.” Joe said, and he looked pleased with himself.

“Would you mind if I went to have a look?” I asked everybody and they all but kicked me out. Joe took my hand and led me round the back of the restaurant to where a black convertible Jaguar stood, with two parallel fuchsia racing strips running from the bonnet to the boot; the exact model of his, just with racing stripes.

“Wow; it’s beautiful!” I exclaimed, almost crying.

“Just like you.” He said, and we went back inside.


Joe passed a picture of my new car around the table and everybody nodded in approval.

A waitress handed out the menus, and everybody was deciding what to have.

‘What are you having, because I’ll have the same as you.’ Joe thought to me.

‘Crab and Prawn cocktail for my starter, and then Pain au Poisson. Basically it’s fish bread. It’s nice though, and not very filling.

‘I’ll have that then.’ He thought.

‘Are we off our rockers?” I thought. ‘We don’t eat!’

‘Still doesn’t mean to say that we can’t – we’ve been through this before!’ He thought.

The waitress came then with our drinks, and asked what we would like to eat, and we ordered. I joined in the conversation on the table, and Dad was talking about embarrassing things that I used to do when I was little; but it didn’t bother me that much, because Mum and Dad we talking like they were civilized human beings, not up-tight ex-husband and ex-wife!


The conversation then spun around to what Dad does when he sleeps (which I thought was a bit random but there you go). We had a bit of a laugh, and then our food came.

I watched Joe very carefully while he ate.

“Do you mind?” He asked, before putting his fork in his mouth again.

“Sorry. I just didn’t think you’d do it.” I whispered. I got on with my starter then, and when we’d finished our starters, our main meals came, and I was surprised that every single vampire on our table (me included), ate everything on their plates.

When everybody on our table had finished eating, Joe got up and took me by the hand and led me towards the platform at the front of the restaurant.

‘What are you doing?’ I thought.

‘You’ll see.’ He thought back.

‘Grrrrrr…’ I thought, and he laughed.

The End

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