Chapter 25 - Don't Dwell on the Past

We went over to sit on the lawn, with Jordan and Charlie.

“Hey dude.” Jordan said, and touched fists with Joe.

“The zombie returns.” Charlie said to me, and I looked confused.

“I mean vampire; same difference.” Charlie shrugged.

“Happy birthday!” Jordan said.

“Ugh; don’t remind me. It’s been one extreme to the next.” I said, and Joe chuckled.

“What happened?” Charlie asked.

“Unicorn came to my house. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, I find that I’m drawn to his Mum’s blood like a smoker is to cigarettes.” I said, shaking my head.

“Poor you. Charlie knows all about the unicorns’ lack of self control.” Jordan said, shoving Charlie, so that he fell over.

“I was all set to fight him. She didn’t want me to though.” Joe said, sulking.

“He was my Mum’s best friend’s son; you have to see why I couldn’t let you fight him.” I argued, and then Joe smiled, sheepishly.

“Uh oh. No, don’t you dare. Nuh uh.” I said sliding away from Joe, but it was no use; he scooped me up into his arms, and ran into the garage with me.

“Put me down!” I squirmed.

“Don’t spoil my fun.” Joe protested.

“I don’t like heights.” I said, and he looked at me to see if I was joking. I wasn’t.

“Okay – I believe you. You’re going to have to get used to heights though – maybe next time.” He said, grinning sheepishly.


We ran back out to join Jordan and Charlie, but Charlie was nowhere to be seen and Jordan was laughing.

“Where’d Charlie go?” I asked.

“Boo!” Charlie said, becoming visible again, and laughing his head off.

“Hey! You nearly gave me a heart attack! Not easy to do.” I said, laughing, feeling my heart beating really fast.

“Your heart’s still beating?” Jordan asked confused; I was confused too.

“Your heart doesn’t stop straight away. It gets slower and slower until it stops. Usually takes about a week at the most.” Joe explained.

“I don’t remember.” Jordan said.

“You wouldn’t – you were in a coma all the way through your first two months.” Joe said, shoving him.

They got into an argument, so I decided to go and find the girls.


“Happy birthday Beth!” Freya cried, running down the stairs (at vampire speed) to join me, and I hugged her.

“Thanks; the boys are in an argument outside. Well, boys will be boys, huh?” I said, and we burst into a fit of giggles.

Finty and Emily arrived by my side a few seconds later.

“Happy birthday!” Emily said, coming over to give me a hug.

“Thanks Em.” I said, smiling.

“Where’s my hug?” Finty asked.

“Right here” I said, going over to hug her.

“Happy birthday” She said.

“Thanks. How’d you hear me? I was being as silent as possible, you know, so I could make you jump and all that. Suppose it’s not very smart, trying to make a vampire jump.” I shrugged, and we all burst into a fit of giggles.


We went upstairs to Emily’s room (of which I had never been in before) and it took me by surprise that it was bright orange.

“Wow; it’s bright in here.” I said my eyes wide in surprise.

“Yeah; it’s got a feeling of hominess.” Freya commented, laughing at my expression.

“Feel free to sit down anywhere: blow up chair, sitting chair, the sofa, giant bean bag, join me on the chaise longue. Whatever.” She said, and I sank down into a giant orange-red bean bag.


We chatted for a bit, and then Jordan walked in on us when we talking about bras (what type we like, what patterns are the best, and general sizes) and you should have seen his face! He looked like he was about to throw up.

“Can we help you Jordan?” Freya asked.

“Yeah – Joe was wondering where Beth was.” He said, and as soon as Jordan had walked out the door I said “No he wasn’t – Jordan wanted an excuse to know what girls talk about” and we all giggled.


Joe came in a few minutes later, and said that he wasn’t wondering where I was.

“Don’t you love me then?” I asked, pretending to cry on Finty’s shoulder.

“I do; with all my heart. Jordan wanted to see what you talk about.” He said, cringing, and trying to prise me off Finty to look me in the eye. I started giggling and couldn’t help it, and when I turned around to see his expression, it was between amused and bewildered. Not hurt, thankfully.


He made me give him a big hug, and refused to let go of me until we got back to my house.

“You know this could become awkward.”I said.

“I meant at least one-point-contact at all times, silly.” He said, answering my thoughts.

“Oh.” Was my (yet again) genius response.

“I think I’m gonna be sick.” Emily said.

“Ignore her; she’ll get over it.” Freya laughed.

“You can count on me doing that!” I laughed, and Emily eventually joined in the laughter.

“I just hope they had a good look at what she was seeing downstairs!” Joe chuckled.


“Is that the time already?” I asked, looking at my watch, as it had turned 13:15.

“Ten minutes, and then I promise that we’ll set off.” He said, and I nodded.

“Do you really want my Mum to kill you?” I laughed.

“She’d have a hard time.” He smiled.

“I wouldn’t put it past her. She sleeps with a crowbar you know.” I raised my eyebrows, and Joe just laughed, though I wasn’t kidding.


“What are we going to do then, seeing as we’ve only got ten minutes?” I asked them.

“We could play chess.” Emily offered.

“I suppose so.” I started.

“I win.” Joe said, smirking.

“Cheat.” I said, pushing him.

“No – I saw an opportunity and I seized it. How does that make me a cheat?” He asked, with puppy-dog-eyes.

“Whatever. Scrabble?” I suggested.

“Wait – before Joe says anything – he wins.” Charlie laughed.

“Actually – Beth wins, but never mind.” Joe smirked.

The End

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