Chapter 19 - The Turn

“That’s fine. Where do I go?” I asked.

“Just follow me.” He said, and walked out the door. He said something to Zach, but I wasn’t sure what he said, though I should have guessed, as Zach swept me up into his arms and carried me into a small room.


The doctor put the cast on, and gave me a pair of crutches.

“You’ll have to hand these in when they take the cast off in a couple of month’s time.” He said, indicating to the crutches.

“Got it.” I said, hopped down off the table, and went out the door to sign out. Zach caught up with me, just as the two vampires came around the corner. When I saw them, I froze (out of habit) and couldn’t get my leg to work properly. I collapsed, as Zach caught me, and slipped into unconsciousness.


When I woke, I was propped up against the wall, on a corridor, and above us was the sign saying where the corridor led to: the psychiatric ward.

‘You have to be kidding me.’ I thought.

“Beth? Can you hear me?” Zach asked, looking worried.

“Unfortunately” I said, scowling at him.

“Thank goodness you’re okay, and back to normal.” He sighed, a breath of relief.

“Shouldn’t you be upset that I still hate you?” I asked, confused.

“Hate’s a passionate emotion, and besides, you don’t hold grudges.” He said, smiling, and he looked just like a little boy.

“Whatever. I need to get out of here.” I said, looking up at the sign.

“No, I brought you here on purpose.” He said.

“Why Zach? You know that there’s nothing wrong with my head.” He said.

“I don’t know. You’re always going on about unicorns, or something like that in your sleep. I just want to know that you’re okay.” He said. It was from then on that I found that I could never hate him again. He cared, he honestly did, and that was the only reason that I was in here.

“If I tell you the truth, no lies, will you please not make me go in that ward?” I pleaded.

“Yes. What is it? Is it about the unicorns?” He asked, sniggering slightly.

“It’s no joke.” I said, very serious.

“I’m listening.” He said.

“Unicorns are real. Don’t you think that in a world where vampires exist, that it might be possible for unicorns to exist too? He’s always going on about how terrible they are. Charlie went after one!” I whispered in his ear.

“Really, are you being serious?” He asked.

“Yes. Don’t you see how dangerous my life is? Don’t you see that if the ‘powerful ones’ don’t come and kill me, that the unicorns will?” I asked.

“Yeah, come on; let’s get you back to my place.” He said, helping me up.


I was silent, on the way back to Zach’s house, just going over in my mind what had happened, and trying to put things that Joe had told me in the past with what had happened today.

That’s when it hit me. Joe (I forced myself to think the name), had once said that even though the Vamdeveri were not ‘veggies’, they were still beautiful, and so were the two that I saw today, but also, to show that they were at the top of the hierarchy of vampires, they had violet coloured eyes.

I felt the colour drain from my face, and felt sick to my stomach.


We got out the car, when we got back to Zach’s place, I ran towards the gutter in the street, and threw up. I kept vomiting, though there was nothing left to throw up.

When the heaving ceased, Zach was there, and brought me the box of tissues.


“Would you please tell me what’s going on, before I go mental?” He asked.

“They came to look for me. They knew where I’d be. They always knew. You might as well call me a dead-girl-walking.” I said.

“They? Who are ‘they’?” He asked, confused.

“The Vamdeveri” I whispered, and as soon as I said it, the two vampires that I saw in the hospital appeared right before me.

“We were willing to let you live, as long as you kept us a secret, but you couldn’t do that, so now we must kill you.” They said.

“Wait up; I already knew that vampires exist.” Zach said, waving his hand in front of the small, slim woman’s face.

“Ah, but you didn’t know about us, therefore she must be punished. The same will go for you if you ever talk to anybody about this.” The other, podgier looking woman said.


 “‘And from the pit of hell doth the devil emerge.’” I quoted from that beloved Elizabethan play.

“What?” Zach asked.

“Stage directions: the devil appears, and the lovers die.” I said, and stepped forward to the Vamdeveri. “Let what must be done, be done.”

“Very cooperative. This is how it should be; everybody should be willing to lay their lives down like a carpet in front of us. You shall not be killed; you shall be rewarded.” They said and I was confused, and by the looks of it, so was Zach.

“How will you reward her?” Zach asked.

“With immortality.” They said simultaneously.

We came up with a plan to get myself to move far away, where there was plenty of wildlife and no humans, so that I could begin my new life. I told Mum that I was going to go and live with a friend.


I moved out, and said my farewells to everybody, and I locked myself in the cabin that was to be my new home.

“Do you want us to do it now?” They asked.

“Yes. Now is as good a time as any.” I replied.


They bit me, and I was writhing in agony for hours after hours, and then days, and finally, the five days was up.

When I woke up, I didn’t expect to feel quite ‘usual’ or as usual as is usual to me. I couldn’t believe it – if I felt normal (for me), would I look normal? I carefully stood up, and walked into the other room to see what I looked like.

 I looked at myself in the mirror, and what I saw was considerably different, but would be acceptable to say that plastic surgery were used to a human. I now had no spots, no scars, and my skin was cold, and pale. My eyes were a pale pink colour, and I smiled to myself, knowing that now, perhaps Joe would love me, as I was just like him.


A knock on the door made me jump, and I was wondering whether I should answer it or not. I decided not, in case I bit the poor innocent human, but they were there when I turned around, and to great relief, there were three very familiar vampires.

“Who did this to you?” Sally asked.

“The Vamdeveri” I said, closing my eyes.

“Thank goodness you are safe!” Dougie said.

“What do I do now?” I asked.

“You learn to survive on animal blood alone. I’ll teach you, and I’ll let you know when you are ready to move back in with your Mum, without wanting to kill her.” Jordan chuckled.

“Thank you. He still doesn’t love me does he?” I asked with sorrow in my eyes.

“We don’t know; we haven’t seen him for a month. He left straight after he left you.” Sally said.

The End

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