Chapter 14 - Crushed Heart

“You are a dangerous woman.” He said laughing, and poking me in the ribs which made me squirm.

“And can you please attempt to control your thoughts please?” I asked him, my face more serious now.

‘What did I think this time?’ He thought to himself.

‘You know what’ I thought back.

‘Isn’t it possible then?’ Joe thought.

‘No; it’s much too scary.’ I thought.


Just then, Jordan came bustling into the room and started making throwing-up noises when he saw Joe’s hands cupped around my face, and us staring into each-other’s  eyes, (having an internal conversation, but he didn’t know that).

Joe stuck one finger up, as if to say ‘I’ll be one minute’, to his brother, and then tore his gaze away from mine to look at Jordan.


“Careful Jordan or I’ll get Freya to turn everything all lovey-dovey and you won’t like that.” Joe warned him.

“Yeah, well, I’ll get Dad to bite your ankles.” Jordan retorted, and all three of us burst out laughing. Dougie came in to see what the laughing was about, and we all came up with different excuses.

“Those two started tickling me!” Jordan said.

“Joe told a funny joke.” I said.

‘Oh come on, that was the lamest excuse ever.’ Joe thought.

“Coming Mum!” Joe yelled, and walked out of the room, as if Sally had called him.

‘CHICKEN’ I thought. I heard and exasperated sigh and then he marched back into the room, grabbed my hand and stalked back out of the room, pulling me along behind him.


We (well, Joe) ran up the stairs at vampire speed (me clinging onto him for dear life) up to his room where we landed on his leather sofa.

“What’s wrong? What was all that in aid of?” I asked, as he certainly wasn’t thinking it.

“The Vamdeveri know that you know our secret.” He told me with a worried expression.

“Is that a problem?” I asked.

“Yes – I well, we have a choice to make; I, or my family, have to either kill you or make you a vampire.” He said sadly.

“I guess I’ll have to make a noose then.” I joked.

“We could always make you into a vampire.” He said, stroking his chin as if he were in deep thought.

“Or we could go into hiding. Would they be able to find us?” I asked.

“Probably. Some of them can sniff a certain scent from a few thousand miles away.” He said.

“Oh.” I said, and that was my genius response, not.

“I have no problem with making you a vampire.” He said, smiling. I’m sure my Mum would have a problem with it though.


“What are the rules? You mentioned something about rules earlier.” I said.

“Oh; we’re not allowed to tell anybody, well humans, that we exist and we’re not allowed onto unicorn territory.” He said, biting his lip.

“How do you make me a vampire?” I asked, though I was sure that I already knew the answer.

“I have to bite you, but the transformation is incredibly painful and it takes five days to be complete.” He said.

“Maybe going into hiding is better.” I decided.

He shrugged but I knew that he was more than happy to make me one of them.

I decided to say no more on the subject, and eventually I fell asleep in his arms.


I woke up the next morning and found Joe curled up into a ball in a corner of his room. I walked over to where he was, and knelt down beside him.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, stroking the veins on his arms.

“The sunlight came in through the curtains. I almost killed you. I don’t trust myself anymore.” He said, sadly, shaking his head.

“No harm done though, see?” I asked, gesturing towards my body.

Joe started crying then, and I didn’t know what to do, so I wrapped my arms around him and rocked him gently until he had calmed down.


Sally came in then, and when she saw Joe like that, she asked me what had happened, with panic and worry in her eyes.

“He almost killed me, though I’m fine, and he is convinced that he’s a horrible and dangerous person.” I explained.

She nodded and then said something in his ear, but I couldn’t quite hear it, and at that he was instantly calm and told me that I had to go to school today.

“I sighed, a sigh of relief that he was back to normal and went to get washed and dressed in the bathroom.

I came down the huge staircase to where Joe was waiting to take me to school and help me put on my props, because that’s all the pots were now, just props.


We got into his Jaguar with the dark tint on the windscreen, and he sped, as fast as ever, down the single track lane towards the school.

It took fifteen minutes to get there, going as fast as he was (about one hundred and twenty mph), so it made me wonder how long it would take if you actually stuck to the speed limit.


I smiled at Joe as he helped me out of the car, and all of a sudden, we went from being just by his car, to being sat on a bench in a split second, and I knew, instantly, that he used his great vampire speed to take me there. He must be anxious to do something because human speed evidently wasn’t fast enough for him.

Then, he was holding me tightly against his chest and kissing me, but kissing doesn’t really cut it, it was more like crushing his lips against mine, and then he was kissing along my jawbone and then down my neck, where he stopped.


I didn’t like it, it was scary, and not like him at all.

He hardly spoke to me all through the day, and was preoccupying his brain with irrelevant things so I had no clue what was going on, which frustrated me. He didn’t speak to me until we got to his house. I knew something was definitely wrong, and I was determined to find out.

“Pack your things up.” He ordered me, and I did as he said. He carried my stuff out to his car and put them in the boot.

“Get in.” He said, and as soon as my was shut he was speeding down the single track road; he didn’t even give me time to put my seatbelt on!

“Get out.” He said, once we were outside my house.

“Go inside.” He said, with an empty expression.

“Right - I demand an explanation! What is going on?!” I yelled at him, and dramatically threw myself onto the leather sofa.

“I and my family are leaving.” He said, with a hurt expression.

“Why? Take me with you.” I said, timidly.

“Because… Because I don’t love you anymore; that’s why! I’m sick of pretending!” He yelled in my face.

I automatically started crying then, into the cushions, and he walked out without another word. I could hear the squeal of tires as he turned his car around and sped back up the road.

I was in hysterics by the time my Mum came home, and I had red blotches under my eyes and everything.


The End

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