Chapter 13 - Vamdeveri and my little secret

At that moment, Freya came bounding down the stairs crying and shouting things in a different language (Latin, I think) at Jordan. I wonder if they always have arguments in a different language, or if it was just for my benefit, so that I didn’t have to listen to the nasty things that were being said. I probably wouldn’t want to know anyway.


“So much for making things turn into love.” Joe said, knowing what I was thinking.

“Yeah, poor Freya.” I said, going over to her to give her a sympathetic hug.

“Infit colloquium qui ego necessarius procul facio amor deliciae on nation nationis quod nullus corpus corporis volo amor ego absque theim!” She sobbed, evidently still speaking Latin.

“English jucundas.” Joe said.

“Sorry, he said that I needed the love charms because nobody would love me without them!” She sobbed, translating what she had said.

“If it’s any consolation, I love you without them.”I said, at which she perked up a little bit, and a smile played around her lips.


Jordan came down and made fun of me as always, and I decided that I would go to get changed and take the pots off.

I came back down about five minutes later, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and some flip-flops.

“Very nice. I like it.” Joe said, and put his arm around my waist.

We chatted for a bit, then put the television on, and then they phoned for a pizza for me (I had my vegetables during the day) and then we chatted some more and I got washed, brushed my teeth, got changed and got into bed; just the same as I did every single night that I was staying at their house.


The rest of the week passed in vaguely the same fashion; we’d go to my house and get clean clothes (me faking my now healed injuries so as not to give away Sally’s special powers) and leave a note on the table for my Mum.

It was easier when we were actually inside the McIvor's house and I didn’t have to pretend. When we did get inside the McIvor's house, it was quiet, nothing much had changed there, but this was too quiet.


“I know; they aren’t it.” Joe told me, and his eyes turned a greenish-brown colour, a sign of stress.

‘Where on earth are they?’ I wondered.

“Nowhere – on earth. They’ve gone below.” Joe said, hearing my thoughts. I instantly wondered why.

“Charlie smelled unicorn and went completely wild; he’s only known the smell of unicorn for ten or twenty years, so he’s knew to the unicorn-hating instincts.” Joe said, answering my thoughts, again.

“But that doesn’t explain why they went below.” I replied.

“Oh, I forget you don’t know all of this. Sorry. He decided to enter unicorn territory, and basically just broke the main law for our state. They had to go see the Vamdeveri, who control which vampires live and which die, and they create the rules that we have to abide by.” He explained.

“So Charlie’s had to go find out if he’s allowed to live or not.” I said in horror, as it suddenly hit me.

“Yes, but don’t worry, the unicorns have come onto our land more than once in human form. The Vamdeveri are going to let him off with a warning.” He said smiling at my horrified expression.


He took my hand and led me into the living room where the television was playing.

“Her little talent comes in handy.” He said quietly, mostly to himself, I think. Then I realised that Emily was doing that so that we could see what was going on without actually being there.

The Vamdeveri were ugly creatures, and I thought that all vampires were beautiful beings.

“Only us ‘veggies’” Joe laughed, holding both my hands in his, and led me to the sofa.

Then we both started laughing and Joe pulled me against him so that my back was leaning against his chest. We both paid attention to what was going on then, and I realized that Freya was helping the situation with her uncanny love charms.


Then the screen went blank, and this worried Joe.

“Relax, they’re coming up the path to the house right this minute.” I said, rubbing his arms.

“But how did you know?” Joe asked, pulling me onto his lap so that I could face him.

“Emily thought it.” I answered, and then realised that I’d given myself away.

“Yeah, she thought it, but if she thought it then you must be turning into one of us.” He said. My face lit up and question came onto his face. I started having a giggling fit.

“I can read peoples minds.” I said once I’d calmed down a bit.

“Yeah, but why are you laughing?” He asked.

“Because you never guessed that I could, even though sometimes I think it!” I said. “And because it doesn’t mean anything. I’ve been able to read minds all along.”

The End

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