Chapter 11 - Powers Unleashed

It’s not fair, because every single member of the McIvor family is so beautiful, and then there’s me, the one that throws everything out of place. I’m the only ugly one in the whole house. Even the gargoyles’ on the outside of the house are more beautiful than me, I thought.

“You’re beautiful in your own special way.” Joe whispered into my hair.

“This could get annoying, the whole reading my thoughts thing.” I laughed, knowing that I can do something along those lines, but careful not to think it.

“Don’t change the subject; you are very beautiful to me.” He said, earnestly.

“Of course, because everybody is beautiful with great big purple bruises on their face, and the other side of their face grazed!” I said sarcastically.

That was when he started kissing me, with his angelic lips, and it was him that broke away first, because of Emily making the ‘throwing up’ noises.

“Oh, and I forgot to mention that Emily can watch something happening and it will come up on the television downstairs.” Joe chuckled.

“Oh well that’s just brilliant. Why don’t we broadcast it to the whole wide world; us kissing, and they’ll all have seen it downstairs, oh how embarrassing!” I exclaimed.

“Ssh… it’s alright. I’ll personally beat up any of my siblings that take the Mickey out of it. I might be the youngest but I am entitled to have a serious relationship, if I want to have one.” He said in a hushed tone.


I relaxed a little bit then, and he put his arm around me, being careful not to hurt me, so I snuggled into him, and I fell asleep.

“Aww… look at her. Doesn’t she look sweet?” a voice said, in a whispered voice.

“Now look what you’ve done Freya, you’ve made her start waking up.” Another voice whispered.

My eyes fluttered open, and I sat upright, in a little bit of a daze.

“How long was I asleep?” I asked, peering up at the seven faces that were looking down at me, and then at Joe who was at the side of me.

“About three quarters of an hour.” Charlie said.


“I never knew that you could talk in your sleep. I knew that humans sleep, and I know that they snore, but I never knew that people talk.” Freya added.

“Was I talking? Oh how embarrassing. What did I say?” I asked.

“You kept saying ‘don’t hit me, don’t hit me’ and then you kept saying ‘Joe, my personal hero’.” Jordan sniggered.

I went bright red, and looked at Joe, who was just smiling – reading my thoughts, I imagined.

“Yes I am.” He said to me and we both laughed, though nobody else knew what we were laughing at.


“What time is it?” I asked, suddenly conscious of ringing my Mum to let her know that I was perfectly fine.

“Six pm. Why?” Charlie asked.

“Oh yeah, I just remembered, you must be hungry, mustn’t you? You haven’t eaten since twelve o’ clock.” Joe said.

“Well there is that, but also I’m thinking about ringing my Mum when she comes home from work so that she knows that I’m safe and well; she’s way overprotective, and I don’t think a note on the kitchen table is enough to persuade her that I’m fine.” I explained.

They nodded and must have thought that it made sense.


Joe phoned for a pizza for me, and I was grateful. I was fully prepared to pay for it, but they insisted. So I ate the pizza and then we were stuck for something to do, so Joe asked me if I liked chess, and I said that it was my favourite game.

So, that was that, we had a few games of chess (call me a geek if you must), and then it was time to ring my Mum.

She was happy that I was in good hands, and told me to take my time. She wanted me to get better in my own time, and to be looked after if anything did happen. She made it sound like I was in an old people’s home or something by the way that she was talking. I managed to get off the phone from her, and she told me to come back to the house because she had got me something, and I told her that she was making me really tired because she was talking to me for so long, and that it was way past my bedtime… etc.


I told Joe that she had left something for me at the house and could I perhaps call in tomorrow to pick it up, and he said sure, and then he let me get ready for bed on my own, and I curled up on this huge four-poster bed, and went to sleep.

I woke up early in the morning (five o’ clock according to my watch that was now working again, thanks to Dougie giving me another battery), and opened my eyes. My heart missed a beat when I realised that Joe was there, and had been watching me sleep all night.


“Morning sleeping beauty.” He said, smiling.

“But I’m not b-” I started.

“Yes you are, and if you want, you can think it’s just a figure of speech.” He said, holding a finger to my lips.

“What did I say in my sleep this time?” I asked, giving him something else to think about.

“Nothing; you just kept screaming, but you were in such a deep sleep that we couldn’t stop you from screaming by waking you up, or comforting you – it was like torture, having to watch you scream.” Joe said, shuddering at the thought.

Wow, I didn’t even know. I was trying to rack my brains, thinking of what on earth I was screaming at. I honestly couldn’t remember, and it was doing my head in.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not important, it’s just that it was awful for me having to watch you like that.” He replied to my thoughts.


He let me get dressed, and then I fell on the floor, because I tried to stand up on one foot, and so it wasn’t long before Joe came in the room to help me up. I was fully dressed, and I was just struggling getting my knickers on (I had already put my skirt on), which was embarrassing. My knickers were around my ankles, which Joe chuckled at, and lifted me onto the bed. I managed to pull my knickers up when he had walked out of the room.


I don’t even know what I send him out of the room for because I’m sure he sees it in my thoughts. I’m just glad that Emily wasn’t here to pull me up because I’m not sure that I’d like the thought of me having my knickers around my ankles on the big-screen television downstairs; that could be embarrassing.


I got my crutches and went outside the room after making the bed.

“You’ve got quite an imagination, you have.” He said chuckling at the thought of Emily broadcasting it to the house.

“It’s not my fault, and anyway you shouldn’t be looking at my thoughts, you might come across one that you don’t like.” I said giggling, knowing that he wouldn’t come across one that he didn’t like.


I was wondering what the rest of his siblings could do if he could tell the future, and Emily could broadcast what she sees to the living room television.

“Charlie can go invisible, Finty can make a grown man cry (she’s the strongest out of everybody, even though she looks the daintiest), Jordan can tell you all about a person’s past just by looking at them, and Freya can make everything turn into love. Basically, she can calm a room full of anxious people and turn hate to love. She was named after the goddess of love.” Joe said, answering my thoughts.

“The goddess Freya wasn’t only the goddess of love though. She was the goddess of beauty, surprise, and fertility.” I added, careful not to think that I sounded smart by saying that.


Joe slung me over his shoulder, and carried me and my crutches down the stairs. I started kicking and thumping his back (lightly though, so as not to hurt him), and he started laughing and ran down the stairs. I just screamed and let him get on with it.

The End

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